WWE Raw results and live blog for Sept. 23: Building to Battleground

Complete results and a running live blog for tonight's (Sept. 23, 2013) episode of "Monday Night Raw" from Chicago, Illinois, featuring all the latest build to the upcoming "Battleground" pay-per-view (PPV) early next month.

WWE Monday Night Raw comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Sept. 23, 2013) from the Allstate Arena in Chicago, Illinois, featuring all the latest build to the Battleground pay-per-view (PPV) scheduled for early next month in Buffalo.

Announced for the evening is the return of CM Punk -- in his hometown, no less -- and Triple H figuring out how he wants to deal with the superstars who assisted Daniel Bryan on last week's show.

Come right back here at 8 p.m. ET when the Raw live blog kicks off once the show starts on USA. It will be below this line here.



Rex here. Time to mark out with out snark out.


The resistance against the regime is out on the stage as HHH and Stephanie (who was announced as the owner of WWE) enter the ring.  The Shield is providing security.

HHH and Stephanie congratulate them, but say they weren't fighting for Daniel Bryan.

RVD gets on the mic and says they were in fact fighting for Daniel Bryan.

HHH says they don't fight for the WWE Champion, they fight to gain that championship.

HHH and Stephanie start to call them out and ask why they couldn't be the man holding that oppurtunity.

They say the Shield is the reason they don't have any oppurtunity because the Shield has run roughshod over them.

HHH says that they retaliated because of frustration against the Shield.

HHH sets up a handicap elimination match for the resistance against the Shield with Daniel Bryan as their partner.

One of them (determined by app vote) will also get a shot against Randy Orton.


Alberto Del Rio vs Kofi Kingston

In a decent, but largely unspectacular match.  ADR defeated Kingston via arm bar.


Renee Young with Miz and he rants about the administration.


Wyatt Family vs PTP

In a quick but fun little match, Harper and Rowan got the victory over the PTP.

As Young was checking on his partner, Wyatt attacked him and hit Sister Abigail on him.


Miz tv as Miz does a Larry King impression as his super serious mode.

He invites the Big Show out and confronts him about being a tool for Stephanie.  He needs to stand up with the resistance.

Stephanie makes her way out now as the Miz begins to insult her.

She states that Miz is bordering on slander and Miz says that vague legal threats mean nothing to him.

Stephanie says that Miz is a cul-de-sac of mediocrity and just a ultility player.  He is who they use for the early morning interviews and a fill in when a body is needed.  Despite the opportunities he has been given, he hasn't succeeded.

She tells Big Show to knock him out and him does it without hesitation.


RVD won the APP vote so we get

Randy Orton vs RVD

They two had a pretty good match that ended in double count out. Orton then proceeded to pulverize and dismantle him bit by bit.

Ruthless Orton is a damn good Orton.


Bellas in the back and Orton asks them if he sees what he did out there?

She said he doesn't care and Orton says she should because that is what he is going to do to her boyfriend.

He then talks about if Brie ever wants a real man, she should come to him.


Stephanie in the back and she is watching footage of her wedding from the HHH dvd.

AJ comes in and Stephanie offers her the footage.

AJ complains about being put in a tag match later involving the Total Divas.

Stephanie slaps her down and makes threats to AJ that she might not be Divas champion for long.


Fandango vs Santino

In a short but entertaining little match, Fandango gets the victory over Santino.



CM Punk is out to the hometown crowd and he panders a bit before stating that he was doubting himself.

Punk says that the the crowd has helped picked him up and then compares himself to the Blackhawks (of which he is wearing their jersey)

He swears a bunch as he continues to talk about him as the Blackhawks.

Heyman comes out with the scooter for the interuption.

Punk says things will be different because this is Chicago and he has 18,000 that will bail him out of jail.

Heyman responds that it doesn't matter because he can walk the earth knowing that he has beat CM Punk.

Punk says that he will be getting Paul and asks him if his two goons can get to him faster than he can get to Heyman.

Heyman then taunts Punk some more about beating him and tries to leave but the scooter has broken down.

Punk goes to attack Heyman but Ryback and Axel attack him from the sides.

Punk tries to rally but Axel quickly regains control.

Axel tries to whip Punk into the stage screens but Punk reverses and does it himself!

Punk then flies off the stage into Ryback and throws him into a screen.

Axel attacks from behind but eats a kick.

Ryback recovers and takes control over Punk and throws him into the screen himself.

Ryback slams Punk onto some equipment boxes and the presses Punk onto some other equipment.


Punk starting to gingerly walk to the back as he refuses medical help when we come back from commercial.

As he does this we get a Divas ten woman tag match.

Total Divas vs Not Total Divas

Super quick. Like blink and you miss it.

Natalya and Alicia did some stuff and then Brie got the win over AJ.


Shield hand camera promo.  They say that their backs are against the wall but that is when they do their best work.

Good promo, as is always the case when they get the chance to talk.


Daniel Bryan out to cut a promo.

Bryan says that it is absurd to think he was working with Scott Armstrong.

He says he well head into Battleground and end up chanting with the crowd YES! YES! YES! after he beats Orton for the title.

The Shield make their way out and CODY AND GOLDUST emerge and start to beat on the Shield!

Security swarms the scene to pull the Rhodes brothers away from the Shield and out of the building as we head to break.


The Shield vs The Resistance in a 3 vs 11 Handicap Elimination Tag Match

Just an absolutely fun and fantastic match.

Ambrose with an elimination of RVD by headlock driver.

Reigns speared a bunch of people in a row to eliminate them before being eliminated by great cooperation by the Usos.

Ambrose with another elimination before being taken out by Ziggler which left it as 5 v 1 against Rollins.

Rollins got an elimination in and then was swarmed by Bryan, Ziggler, and Usos.

The other members of the Shield tried to save him but they were fought off as Bryan got the pinfall for the win.




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