WWE Raw results and live blog for Aug. 26: CM Punk vs. Curtis Axel

Complete results and a running live blog for tonight's (Aug. 26, 2013) episode of "Monday Night Raw" from Phoenix, Arizona, featuring CM Punk vs. Curtis Axel.

WWE Monday Night Raw comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Aug. 26, 2013) from the US Airways Center in Phoenix, Arizona, featuring CM Punk taking on Curtis Axel, although it is unclear if the Intercontinental championship is on the line. Probably not, but does it matter?

Also set for the show is the continuation of the Daniel Bryan vs. The Machine storyline with Randy Orton hanging around as WWE champion just three weeks out from their scheduled clash at Night of Champions.

Come right back here at 8 p.m. ET when the Raw live blog kicks off once the show starts on USA. It will be below this line here.



Rex here. Time to mark out with out snark out.


We open up with the Shield standing guard by the ring.  It's not long before HHH makes his way out to the ring.

HHH takes us through some recaps of the events of SummerSlam and last week's Raw.

He says that he is doing what is best for the business and reiterates that Orton is the new face of the WWE while bringing up ratings.

Out comes Orton and HHH wants to congratulate him for breathing new life into the WWE and the WWE Championship.

HHH got Orton a gift from his own pocket and it turns out to be a Cadillac Escalade.

As Orton goes to check out the car, our boy D-Bry comes out to an enthusiastic reaction from the crowd.

Bryan says he has his own thanks to give out.  First to the fans that have loved and supported him.  They respond with a big Thank You chant.

Bryan thanks John Cena for giving him the opportunity to wrestle in the main event of SS for the title.

He then goes after HHH for being a corporate shill after being the leather jacket wearing rebel for so long.

Bryan says he will rearrange the face of the WWE when he gets his rematch.

HHH taunts him and starts singing the Disney wish upon a star song.  Its pretty great.

HHH says he isn't an A player.

HHH sets up a gauntlet match of Bryan vs the Shield.  YES! YES! YES!


Fandango vs Cody Rhodes

Sandow is on commentary.

Fandango is in control of the match but his music hits and out comes Miz dressed as Fandango and dancing with Rosa Mendes.

The distraction allows Rhodes to get the roll up for the win.

Fandango starts to attack Rhodes.  Rhodes gets the upper hand but Sandow interferes.

Miz then gets involved in the brawl.

Maddox breaks up the brawl and calls for a tag match after we get back from break.

Fandango and Sandow vs Miz and Rhodes

The match was short, so there wasn't any momentum built up.  The action was good for the time and saw the faces get the victory as Fandango bailed on Sandow.

After the faces got the win, Fandango reiterated his name on the mic.


Orton and Christian talk some smack to each other.

They will be facing off later apparently.


Quick promo from Punk and then Heyman in the back with Axel.

Heyman is upset at the vote aspect.


CM Punk vs Curtis Axel

The vote result is that if Punk wins, Heyman has to step into the ring with Punk.

Early on in the match, Punk ran out the ring and tried to get a hold of Heyman.  Axel was able to get him back into the ring.

In a fun back and forth, Punk secured the victory.

Heyman tried to bail but some refs and security delivered him into the hands of Punk.

Just as Punk is ready to start beating on Heyman, Axel recovers and hits the low blow.

Axel takes a hold of Punk and Heyman starts to slap him.

Punk escapes and gets a few blows in before Axel overwhelms him again.

Axel holds onto Punk as Heyman goes to town with a kendo stick.

Axel then slams Punk into the announcers table and hits a few haymakers to end the beatdown.


Jojo is the special ring announcer for the next match.

Natalya vs Brie Bella

Super short match that saw Brie get the victory due to interference from Nikki and Eva Marie.

AJ makes her way out now.

She cuts a good promo that pretty much destroys Total Divas and the state of the division.

I don't like AJ the performer, but that a was a damn fine promo.  Even with all of the irony.



In a decent match, RVD took the victory thanks to interference from Ricardo Rodriguez.

With the victory, RVD gets a shot at ADR's title at Night of Champions.


Ryback bullies Josh Matthews in the back.


Renee Young with Heyman and Axel.

Heyman looks like he has been crying and is trying to hold back even more tears.

He cuts an impassioned and extremely emotional promo that is making me experience so many emotions.


Randy Orton vs Christian

Orton and Christian put on an absolute show as Orton took the victory thanks to an eye poke before the RKO.

Orton and Christian wrestled a very fast paced and varied match which saw a spot or two that looked like Christian could have died from.

After the match, Bryan appears on the titantron and asks if beating Orton at NoC makes him the new face of the WWE.

His answer is spray painted all over Chekhov's Cadillac.  YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES!


Maddox with HHH and Orton looking on at the car.

Maddox informs him that everyone was laughing and cheering in the back.

HHH says that the car and the title are his personal property and Orton is just holding it for him.

HHH is turning up his heeling to eleven and it is wonderful.


Titus O'Neil vs Jack Swagger

Coulter cuts a promo as usual before the match.

O'Neil snatched victory from Swagger in a short but entertaining match.  Surprising considering the far lesser of both teams were involved.




Punk with Maddox and he demands a match that Heyman can't escape.

Maddox makes a handicap elimination match for NoC between Punk and Heyman/Axel.

If Heyman tries to get out of the match, we will never see him again according to Maddox.


The entire roster is on the stage.  Renee Young tries to interview Show, Ziggler, and Miz but they remain largely silent.

Daniel Bryan vs Shield Gauntlet match

Bryan and Rollins put on an absolute clinic.  They got pretty much all of the time though as Ambrose's match is short.  He got put in the Yes Lock and Reigns broke it up to get the DQ.  Reigns just trucks Bryan quickly and gets the pin.  Shield hits the Triple Powerbomb post match.

HHH comes out and is quickly followed by Orton.  The Shield hold up a downed Bryan as Orton gives him an RKO.  Fans chant for Big Show but nothing happens.


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