WWE Raw results and live blog for Aug. 19: SummerSlam fallout


Complete results and a running live blog for tonight's (Aug. 19, 2013) episode of "Monday Night Raw" from Sacramento, California, featuring the fallout show from the "SummerSlam" pay-per-view (PPV) that went down just last night in Los Angeles.

WWE Monday Night Raw comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Aug. 19, 2013) from the Honda Center in Anaheim, California, featuring the fallout show from the SummerSlam pay-per-view (PPV) that went down just last night in Los Angeles.

Triple H turned heel, Randy Orton is the new WWE champion after cashing in on Daniel Bryan, who had just defeated John Cena to win the title. Brock Lesnar took care of business against CM Punk. Alberto Del Rio is still the world heavyweight champion.

There's a lot to get to, folks.

Come right back here at 8 p.m. ET when the Raw live blog kicks off once the show starts on USA. It will be below this line here.



Rex here. Time to mark out with out snark out.


John Cena starts things off and says that he too is disgusted by what happened last night.

Not a warm reception for him and he acknowledges it.

He says that Daniel Bryan earned the WWE Championship.

Cena says that his elbow almost prevented the match and he points out the shiner from Bryan as he expresses his disgust at Orton's action.

Cena says he is taking four to six months off and the stadium cheers.  He just smiles at it and says he will miss even that.

Cena brings out Daniel Bryan and he just leaves as he passes the mic/torch.  Before Bryan can speak, Stephanie McMahon makes her way to the ring.

Stephanie says that HHH was just doing what was best for business.

Daniel Bryan points out the crowd reaction and says that there is a disagreement on that.

Bryan says he expected it from Stephanie and Vince but not HHH.  He says that laying with trash must have left some stink on HHH.

Bryan says he isn't afraid to get fired and because of that he isn't afraid of being fired.

Stephanie proceeds to insult Bryan for his height, weight, looks, and calls him a B+ Superstar.

Bryan says he won't be relegated to B+ status.

Stephanie tries to respond but he knocks the mic out of her hand.  She gets another mic and has security escort him out.

As they escort him out, Bryan leads the crowd in a No! chant.


Cody Rhodes vs Damien Sandow

In a good but short match, Rhodes once again earned a victory against Sandow.  These two really need to be given more time then they are getting.


Maddox backstage and he cuts a promo on some comments Ziggler made to wwe.com.  Ziggler is now in the sight picture of the Raw GM.  He books the Shield against Ziggler in a 3 on 1.


Paul Heyman is out to the ring and he is pondering where we go from here.

Heyman says that he has been more of a father to Punk then his real father.

Heyman says that he forgives Punk for his insolence and when Punk apologizes him- he can come back into the fold.

Brilliant stuff from Heyman here.


Funkadactyls vs AJ and Layla

In a mercifully short match, the Funkadactyls emerge victorious.

Naomi was awesome and AJ was good at selling but her offense is just so terrible.


The Shield vs Dolph Ziggler

In an absolutely entertaining match, The Shield triumphs over Ziggler.  Everyone was bouncing around like pinballs and the match ended with a spear that Ziggler sold like absolute death.  The Shield sold Ziggler's offense nearly as well during his attempted come back.

After the match, Shield triple powerbombed Ziggler.


Sin Cara vs Alberto Del Rio

Shortly into the match, Sin Cara is injured and the match is called quickly.  Not sure if real or not.  His fingers did look messed up.

So ummmmm.........

ADR starts to cut a promo about being a Latino hero again and out comes Ricardo!

Ricardo is representing a new client and its RVD!  Didn't see that coming.

ADR and RVD start to brawl.  RVD gets the advantage and ADR bails to the back.


Real Americans vs PTP

Colter cut a typical promo before the match.

PTP picked up the victory after Young hit the Gut Check on Antonio Cesaro.  It was a solid match as both teams showed excellent chemistry and team work together.

As a side note: no mention was made of Young's sexual orientation.


Renee Young with Big Show and he says that he will be teaming up with Henry to go for the Tag Titles.

Maddox comes in and says that Big Show must be in a 3 on 1 vs the Shield.  Only this time the Shield gets to be in there all at once.


Ryback in the back and he is bullying some random jobber.

He makes him retreive his own bag and then forces the guy to turn the shower on and get his clothes all drenched.

Ryback's gimmick is being Bill Demott.


The Shield vs Big Show

In yet another entertaining bout from the Shield, they toppled the giant.  Big Show looked strong throughout the match as the Shield slowly wore him down and Rollins continued to sell his knee like crazy.  The swarming Shield finally took down the Big Show and all three men covered him up for the pin.


CM Punk out to the ring.

A man booes him and Punk turns right to him to berate him.  He says that he bought a ticket so he has the right to boo, but he should step into the ring with Punk if he has the balls.  He just continues to berate the call and tells the guy to be a man or sit down and shut his mouth like a bitch.

Punk calls for Heyman and Axel to come out.  They do and Punk says the doctor says he shouldn't be competing. He says he is sorry for taking his eyes off of Lesnar for a moment and he is sorry for not demolishing Heyman even more.

He wants Heyman to come down now and fight him, while mentioning the random fan yet again.

Heyman responds by telling Axel to get ready for a fight and he threatens Punk if he isn't gone by the time we get back from commercial break.

Back from break and Axel makes his way down to the ring.

Punk goes after Axel with some knees from the clinch and then takes him out with a chair.

To the outside and Axel gets in some licks of his own.

The men continue to trade some stiff shots on the outside.

Punk is able to bring Axel down and starts to head for Heyman.  He changes his mind and runs over Axel before hitting him with some suitcase and the ring bell.

They make it back to the ring and Axel works over the leg of Punk.

"You were the prodigal son and you broke my heart......BREAK HIS LEG!" -Heyman

Axel wedges Punk's leg into a ladder and goes for a double stomp off the second rope but Punk rolls out of the way.

Punk takes hold of the chair and just beats Axel down with it.

On the outside, Punk repeatedly throws Axel into the stairs!



Bray Wyatt vs R-Truth

Wyatt quickly dispatches Truth without the help of the family.

After the match, the entire clan stands over Truth in celebration of the victory.


Usos vs 3MB (Slater and Mahal)

In a match that saw 3MB get a surprising amount of offense, the Usos picked up the victory.  It was a fun little match that continues the build of the Usos.


The Miz vs Wade Barrett

Wade Barrett won by disqualification thanks to Fandango.  As Miz had Barrett in the Figure Four, Fandango came flying off the top rope and hit Miz with a leg drop.

After the interference, Fandango and Summer Rae danced around the prone Miz.


In the back, Maddox informs Stephanie that Bryan has somehow made it back into the building.


Vince, HHH, and Stephanie are in the ring when we come back from commercial.  Shield is protecting them on the outside.  Everyone is lined up on the stage.

Vince hugs HHH and says he is proud that HHH saw the light.

HHH said he did it for all of us and the entire McMahon family tree so that the business will thrive in the future.  Our children's children will get to enjoy the WWE because of HHH.

HHH says that he thinks Bryan is a nice little technician but he was overachieving and shouldn't be the top dog.  HHH says he didn't like doing it against Bryan or for Orton.  He buried his personal feeling to give us what was right.

HHH is killing it with this promo.

HHH brings out what he is calling the future of the WWE- Randy Orton.

Orton takes the mic and says something about being the Apex Predator and being on top once again.  He then thanks HHH for the assist last night and shakes his hand.

HHH gets back on the mic and asks Daniel Bryan to come back out so he can get everything off his chest.

He asks the Shield guys to move off to the side and tells them not to touch him.

HHH gets a Yes! chant started to "make Daniel Bryan feel at home" and has his music played.

Bryan finally makes his way out.  As he starts to climb in the ring, The Shield jumps him but Bryan is able to get the advantage on the Shield.

HHH says he should get his feelings out, as he heads towards HHH- Reigns hits the spear and the Shield just stomps him.  As they ready the triple powerbomb, HHH stops them.

HHH urges Bryan to enter the ring and as he does- Orton hits the RKO!

Orton and the McMahons celebrate in the ring as it fades to black.


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