Daniel Bryan may have had legitimate heat with Triple H for match stoppage on Raw

Well this story just got a lot more interesting, assuming, of course, that we can believe anonymous sources in the pro wrestling industry. It appears Daniel Bryan had legitimate heat with Triple H for stopping his match on Monday Night Raw this week.

In pro wrestling, it's sometimes impossible to distinguish what is reality, what is a work but is masquerading as reality, and what is a downright shoot. Sometimes all three mingle together and when that happens, typically no one knows what to believe but everyone will act like they know what they're talking about.

And the truth isn't always somewhere in the middle. It can be as far out as deep left center.

All that is to lead into the situation with Daniel Bryan from Monday Night Raw this week (June 17, 2013), which has become a source of great fascination for the information that has come to light. First, we learned that the injury he suffered that caused his match to be stopped was legitimate and not part of an angle. The stoppage of the match was also a shoot, as Triple H made the call to have the doctors/referees inform both Bryan and Randy Orton that they were done and it was time to head to the back.

Now, we're learning that that sequence of events led to a very pissed off Bryan confronting Triple H at the gorilla position just as soon as he got back behind the curtain.

PWInsider.com has the details on what actually occurred:

When Bryan returned to the back, he was "irate" according to a source and complained to Triple H that the match should not have been stopped. The two got into a loud argument over it. The argument went down in the gorilla position with a lot of eyeballs on it and people were shocked because Bryan is generally soft spoken and good-natured and he was standing up to one of the most powerful men in the company.

The reason Bryan was so pissed off, apparently, is that he was supposed to get a clean win over Orton that would have helped establish him even further as he heads into the biggest run of his career, one that will culminate in a main event program with John Cena feuding over the WWE championship.

Obviously, that's a big deal, and learning that his match was stopped over a stinger he felt he could work through in a situation like that would obviously lead him to think any number of things, none of them good.

Where it gets murky is the fact that WWE is now playing this confrontation up to the fullest, turning it into a storyline for television. This isn't he first time this has happened and it most certainly won't be the last. The following are comments used to benefit a story but are both coming from a very real place.

Here's Bryan, from a video you can watch here, giving his side:

"Well, I mean, obviously I'm upset. I've never had a match stopped on me in my entire career. I've been wrestling over 13 years. But I understand where he's coming from; they're trying to protect their talent. We're both passionate guys, we both get heated. I get angry, people have seen it on TV. Triple H gets angry, you can see that on TV too. I just love this business, love this industry, and we just have conflicting ideas about what should have happened. And that's that. We've settled our differences now and we're on good terms. Can't say anything more than that."

And Triple H, from a video you can watch here, giving his side:

"So Daniel Bryan got injured, I did make the decision to call the match off. Whether anybody likes it or not, it's my job as COO of this company. I made that call. And I made the call that Daniel Bryan's health was important and I called the match. He came up to gorilla and I admire his passion. But anybody that knows me knows that I'm very passionate as well about this. I don't need to really elaborate further on that. Everything is fine now, he's apologized to me, I've apologized to him, but here's the thing: I'm the COO of this company; when it comes to the health and welfare of our talent I will make the right call every single time, whether anybody likes it or doesn't like it. Bottom line."

Bryan ended up working the SmackDown taping the very next night (read full spoilers here) but his match with Orton didn't go the way it was supposed to on Raw. However, it doesn't appear his recent push will be affected by any of this and, if anything, it likely helped it.

After all, no one cares about THIS BUSINESS more than Triple H ... except maybe Daniel Bryan.

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