WWE Raw results and live blog for March 25: The Rock returns, WrestleMania 29 hype continues


Complete results and the running live blog for tonight's (March 25, 2013) episode of WWE Monday Night Raw, featuring the return of The Rock to once again square off with John Cena and all the continued hype for WrestleMania 29.

WWE Monday Night Raw comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (March 25, 2013) from the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, featuring the return of The Rock to once again square off with John Cena after two weeks away promoting his movies.

Plus, Undertaker and CM Punk continue their feud while Brock Lesnar has the week off -- we think -- so Triple H can make an appearance to cut another promo in his absence. Maybe Paul Heyman gets stripped and beaten again?

All that and more.

Come right back here at 8 p.m. ET when the Raw live blog kicks off once the show starts on USA. It will be below this line here.



Rex here. Let's mark out with our snark out.


CM Punk and Heyman (with the urn) out to the ring to kick things off tonight.

Heyman tosses the urn to Punk and he plays with it some more.

Punk sets the urn down in the ring and is on the mic.

Punk is talking about a metaphorical "they" who keep saying things about the urn.

He says that the Undertaker's career should have ended last year at 20-0 with him "skipping out of here with Michaels and HHH".

Random ECW chants bust out and Punk whispers to Heyman (partially off mic) "Speaking of a deadman".

Punk says the urn means nothing to him and just drops it casually.

Punk looking up at the Mania sign and lets us know that there is no man better than him and he is "the one in 20-1"

"Undertaker at Wrestlemania, you and your perfect record will rest in peace" GONG! GONG!

Lights go out with the gong and when they come back on Taker is in the ring and starts beating on Punk.

Heyman bolts to the back with the urn and Punk is able to get to the stage.

Heyman comes back out to give Punk the urn and he taunts Taker with the urn.

Undertaker chants breakout from the crowd.



He has the mic and he is getting some good heat. He starts to say his name but Jericho interupts.

Jericho bolts down to the ring and starts beating on Fandango. Jericho is bringing it.

Jericho wasn't supposed to be his opponent tonight apparently.

Fandango bails to the back as Jericho huffs and puffs in the ring.


Apparently Jericho and Ziggler will be having a match.

Dolph Ziggler vs Chris Jericho

Jericho gets an early takedown and then hits a suplex.

Kicks to a downed Ziggler.

Irish whip leads to a Ziggler counter with a kick.

Crowd is hot for Jericho.

Jericho tries for the walks but Ziggler kicks him off.

Jericho up top and hits a cross body and celebrates as we head to break.

Back from break and Ziggler has a chinlock in. Apparently during the break Big E got a cheap shot in.

Ziggler with a backbreaker and nearfall.

Chops from Ziggler leads to an abdominal stretch.

Jericho fights out and hits a double axe handle from the top rope.

Running bulldog from Jericho and springboard drop kick to Big E when he tries to interfere.

Ziggler takes advantage and hits a big DDT for a two count.

Ziggler and Jericho keep countering submission attempts.

It ends with the Liontamer and Ziggler taps!

Chris Jericho wins by submission.

Big E attacks Jericho from behind, drops his straps, and hits his finisher.

Fandango now enters the scene.

He starts dancing with his partner around Jericho.

Fandango then starts pounding on Jericho. He is going to town with punches and yelling at Jericho to say his name.

You can't wrestle chants break out.

Jericho tries to fight back with a chop but gets dropped by a superkick.

Fandango goes up top and hits a big leg drop from the top.

He has the mic now.


He drops the mic and heads to the back.


Striker in the back with Sheamus.

They show a recap of events from Smackdown.

He starts talking about working with Big Show and Shield jumps him.

After a beatdown, Orton comes in with a chair but the Shield overcomes him.

Big Show comes in and the Shield retreats.


Mark Henry vs the Usos

He is tossing around one of the Usos and he ends up getting a tag in.

Delivers some punches and whips him which leads to a blind tag.

Three superkicks drop Henry and he gets hit with a splash from the top rope for a two count.

Henry recovers and starts splitting wigs.

World's Strongest Slam to one of the Usos for the pin. They never identified which one it was.

Mark Henry wins by pinfall.

After the match Henry starts giving some more World Strongest Slams to both of them and some knee drops.



Alberto Del Rio vs Antonio Cesaro

Ricardo out on crutches. "My legs are weak but my voice is strong"

He tries to get through the introduction but slips due to his crutches.

Early arm lock from Cesaro as the match begins.

Big uppercut from Cesaro.

Reverse chinlock from Cesaro that Del Rio fights out of.

Clotheslines and tilt a whirl backbreaker from Del Rio.

Colter on to the stage and Del Rio is distracted.

Cesaro takes advantage and starts to beat down Del Rio.

Headbutt from Cesaro and he goes up top but Del Rio counters.

Del Rio with a superplex.

Swagger comes out from the crowd and attack Ricardo as both men are down in the ring.

Swagger starts slamming Ricardo's ankle into the barrier.

Del Rio recovers and goes after Swagger.

Starts beating him down and hits a superkick that chases Swagger away.

Del Rio counted out though.

Antonio Cesaro wins by count out.

Cesaro with a knee slide to celebrate. Awesome.

After checking on Ricardo, Del Rio goes into the ring and starts to assault the celebrating Cesaro and throws in the armbar.


Hell No vs Prime Time Players

Kane and Titus starting things off.

Kane takes control and works over Titus in the corner before tagging in Bryan.

Bryan with some kicks and tags in Kane.

They work some team moves and get a two count.

Titus fights out and gets a tag in to Young.

Kane able to get a tag into Bryan.

Ziggler, Big E, and AJ makes their way to the stage as Bryan kicks Young.

Young with a belly to belly suplex and tags in Titus.

After trading some blows, both men get tags into their partners.

Kane with some punches and a sidewalk slam for a nearfall due to Titus interference.

Bryan and Kane work together to take out Titus.

Kane with a chokeslam on Young for the win.

Hell No wins by pinfall.

After the match Kane and Bryan taunt Zigler and co.


It's time to play the twenty minute HHH promo the game.

After five minutes of entrance, HHH reminds us that the match is for his career and Lesnar is a "destroyer".

More of his typical I fought every night like my life depended on it stuff.

He wants Lesnar to fight likes its for his life.

"I am not coming to Mania to wrestle, I am coming to kick your ass."

HHH starts to walk out and Barrett makes his way out.

Quick stare down and HHH kicks Barrett in the family jewels.

He keeps walking and takes breaks to stare at the Mania sign


Wade Barrett vs Miz

Barrett still recovering from the shot he took from HHH.

Miz with an inverted atomic drop on Barrett, who rolls to the outside.

Another inverted atomic drop and Barett gets out of the ring again.

Miz with a shoulder to the gut and tries to head up top but Barrett knocks him down with a kick.

Barrett with a knee to the gut and an elbow drop.

Barrett goes for a slam but Miz reverses into a roll up.

Miz with a backbreaker but Barrett counters the neck breaker attempt.

Barrett gets sent to the outside and Miz hits a double axe handle off the apron.

Tosses Barrett back into the ring and covers him for a two count as we head to break.

Back from break and Barrett is in control.

Miz tied up in the ropes and eats a huge boot from Barrett.

Barrett tackles him into the apron and throws him back into the ring for the nearfall.

Miz recovers and takes back control with some knees and a boot.

Miz with a flying clothesling in the corner.

He goes up top and hits a double axe hangle for the two count.

Barrett counters a Miz attempt and Skull Crushing Finale and hits Winds of Change for a two count.

Miz goes for figure four but Barrett turns it into a roll up for a nearfall.

Miz tries again and gets tossed shoulder first into the post.

Barrett readies for the bullhammer elbow.

Miz counters it into a roll up for a two count.

Barrett goes for a big boot but gets hung up on the top rope.

Miz locks in the figure four and Barrett taps out.

Miz wins by submission.


Kane and Bryan in the back. They are arguing over strategy and who gets flustered at AJ the most.

Kaitlyn starts to lecture them as AJ sneaks in and listens in.

Kaitlyn starts trashing her and AJ goes into attack mode.

Bryan and Kane finally pull her off.


Shield vs Zack Ryder, Great Khali, and Justin Gabriel


Rollins and Khali starting things off.

Khali takes early control and is giving him chops in the corner before tagging in Ryder.

Rollins dodges a splash attempt from Ryder and starts to deliver a bunch of punches.

Tags in Ambrose.

Ambrose with some forearms and ties up Ryder in the ropes. Hits a big running drop kick and tags in Reigns.

Reigns is rag dolling Reigns.

Ryder gets a tag into Ryder, while Reigns tags in Ambrose.

Ambrose takes out Gabriel while Reigns takes out the remaining partners in the corner.

Ambrose tags in Rollins and ties up Gabriel in a death lock bow and arrow.

Rollins comes off the top rope with a knee to Gabriel's throat for the win.

Shield wins by pinfall.

Khali attacks the Shield but they quickly overwhelm him and hit the triple powerbomb on him.

Sheamus makes his way to the stage and Ambrose rolls his eyes. He is so money.

Orton to the stage now.

They make their way to the ring and Big Show comes out from the crowd to surrond the Shield.

They start brawling in the ring.

The faces clear the ring of Ambrose and Reigns while Rollins gets hit with a back body drop from Big Show.

Ambrose and Reigns pull their partner out of the ring and retreat to the crowd.


Shot of Jericho leaving Vickie's office and Josh Matthews captures him for an interview.

Jericho says he has a bullseye because of his history as a wrestler.

Jericho says that Fandango "kicking his ass twice means nothing", but Fandango will get his chance.

Fandango vs Jericho as Wrestlemania.


Rhodes Scholars out to the stage.

"Here we are in the city of brotherly love. A city known for greasy sandwiches and having a stadium with an actual jail in it. SILENCE!"

They bring out the Bella Twins as a gift to Philly.

They will have a match when we get back from break.


Rhodes Scholars vs Clay and Tensai

Clay and Sandow starting things off.

Clay gets a whip in and tags in Tensai for a double team move.

Tensai with a shoulder block but misses with a back drop.

Sandow gets a tag in and Rhodes hit a neckbreaker on Tensai.

Tag into Sandow who hits some forearms and an armlock before tagging back in Rhodes.

Rhodes with an abdominal stretch.

Tensai gets a tag in and Clay starts to take control.

The funkadactyls get into it with the Bellas.

Sandow gets a cheap shot in and Rhodes hits the disaster kick for the win.

Rhodes Scholars win by pinfall.


Ryback vs 3MB

Slater starts things off for 3MB.

Ryback chases the other two off the apron and Slater takes advantage.

Ryback with a quick counter and starts slamming Slater.

Slater tags in McIntyre.

Ryback throws McIntyre into the corner and goes after Mahal and Slater.

McIntyre with a huge kick to Ryback.

Tags in Mahal who gets some offense in and then tags in Slater.

Slater working a front headlock and Ryback just picks him up and drops him.

Slater tags in McIntyre who works an armlock on Ryback.

Ryback fights out and hits a side slam.

McIntyre with a tag to Mahal who hits a big high knee.

After some stomps, he tags in Slater who goes for a splash but Ryback dodges.

Ryback throws Mahal into McIntyre and hits a huge shoulder block and spinbuster on Slater.

Spinebuster to Mahal.

He stacks up Slater and Mahal for a Double Shellshock for the win.

Ryback wins by pinfall.


AJ Lee vs Kaitlyn

Kaitlyn whips AJ into the corner a few times.

Kaitlyn using the ropes to strangle AJ.

AJ responds with some slaps.

Kaitlyn with a big clotheslines on AJ.

Kaitlyn hits her finisher and AJ rolls out of the ring.

Kaitlyn goes for the spear on the outside and AJ dodges. Kaitlyn goes careening into the barrier.

AJ gets back in the ring and Kaitlyn can't get back into the ring in time.

AJ wins by countout.


Jerry Lawler is hosting the HoF Q&A session with Cena and Rock.

The panel consists of Booker T, Mick Foley (who is in a suit), Dusty Rhodes, and Bret Hart.

We head to break after the Hall of Famers make their entrances.

Back from break and the Rock makes his entrance.

Cena makes his entrance to a chorus of boos.

Each Legend gets a question.

Foley recounts the story of losing Wrestlemania XX and then says he does get a lot of flack for being a Cena fan.

"John, are you prepared to live with the regret that might occur at this year's Mania?" -Foley

Cena says he is prepared to lose the match and keeps mentioning McNabb twice. The Philly fans don't like it. He says he was the statistically best player for the Eagles and they boo him because he couldn't win the big one. He says the Rock knows nothing of failure but he will soon.

Rock says he knows about failure because of his early flop and starting off broke with a used motel mattress. Goes into his final shtick. He talks about an early loss to Stone Cold and he bounced back with determination.

"I was disappointed to see you guys get taken over by bad blood last year. It seems to this year has changed. What happened? What changed?" -Bret Hart

Rock says Cena took his loss like a man and he respects that. It was just a hard fought victory.

Cena says it all started with an old interview with Cena asking Rock to prove how much his loves WWE. Cena thought their match last year was it for them and the Rock but he came out on Raw the next day and said he will become the champion. He respects the Rock and appreciates Rock's kind words.

"John, why are you going to beat the Rock at Wrestlemania?" -Booker T

Cena says it's because he has to. That's it.

Cena seems to be tearing up.

Rock calls him out for his answer. He wants to know the truth. "Tell the truth. Open up!"

"Because you didn't beat me and cannot beat me! I beat me! One bad decision. I come out weekly and and not everyone likes me. (takes in the boos). Every week with some people love me and some people hate me and it never bothered me until you clouded my judgement. I got cocky and what's better than beating Rock in his hometown with his own move. YOU WANT A REASON! I KNOW AM BETTER THAN THE ROCK AND MORE IMPORTANTLY THE ROCK KNOWS I AM BETTER THAN THE ROCK!"

Rock says if Cena had him beat, he would have beaten him. Rock says Cena can't beat the man because he isn't the man.

"Wrestlemania ain't about respect or redemption. It's about winning or losing. There aren't any guarantees in this business. What do you really want on April 7th?" -Dusty Rhodes

Cena says he really wants to win the big win and wants to dominate the Rock. He wants Rock looking up at the sky and realizing that Cena is better than the Rock. He wants to do what the Rock did to him and haunt him with a loss at Mania.

Rock says that it will be a repeat of last year with the Rock on top. Rock says Cena should prove him wrong right now.

Cena takes off his dog tags, shirt, and hat. He gets in Rock's with the you can't see me and Rock shoves him.

Cena goes for the AA but Rock counters and hits a Rock Bottom.

Rock grabs the belt and heads to the back as we fade to black.


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