WWE 'Raw' Results and Live Blog for Feb. 18: Elimination Chamber fallout show


Complete results and the running live blog for tonight's (Feb. 18, 2013) WWE "Monday Night Raw - Elimination Chamber" fallout show; featuring The Rock, The Shield, Sheamus, Cena, Ryback, Punk, and more!

WWE Monday Night Raw comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Feb. 18, 2013) from the Lafayette Cajundome of Lafayette, LA, TN; featuring the fallout show for the Elimination Chamber.

Scheduled appearances may be had from The Justice League themselves, Shield members Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns, as well as Ryback, John Cena, Sheamus, Jack Swagger, Big E Langston, Dolph Ziggler and more!

On last night's pay-per-view (PPV) event our native Chicago Superstar fell short against The Rock for the second time this year, "barring any shenanigans" he has basically locked himself out of the title picture for the first time since Nov. 2011. WWE.com has warned the WWE Universe in regards to this, that:

"...given that this is CM Punk we're talking about, further shenanigans are likely to ensue. What trickery will the former WWE Champion pull off to facilitate his return to the mountaintop?"

They then link us to an Exclusive video of Heyman reacting to the Straight Edge Superstar's defeat.

We also saw Dolph Ziggler in an impromptu match booked on the fly by none-other-than Booker T himself. Ziggler was able to dispatch of Kofi Kingston and then allowed his bouncer Big E Langston to take a turn at him as well post-match. One thing that didn't occur, was Zigs cashing in his MitB briefcase just yet. Although many smarks thought Elimination Chamber would be the place for it to occur, this is what is now being teased about The Showoff over at WWE.com:

"...WrestleMania is quickly approaching, and there's no bigger show for Ziggler to steal. Will he look to redeem his free pass at the "Big Gold Title" before The Show of Shows? Or does he have a larger scheme in mind?

Come right back here to see how it all plays out at 8 p.m. ET when the Raw live blog kicks off once the show starts on the USA channel. It will be below this line here:



Rex here. Let's mark out with our snark out. See you tonight!


And we are live!

John Cena is kicking off the show tonight.

The road to Wrestlemania is heating up. Thanks for the note.

Reminds everyone that it will be Swagger-Del Rio and Cena-Rock 2.

He is doing it in third person.

CM Punk is on the scene now.

Punk tells Cena that that he is taking the easy way out.

Punk says the Rock beat him fair and square, if you want to ignore the count fact that Punk had him pinned for a 18 count and struck an official which should have been a DQ.

Cena has never beat Punk.

Cena says it doesn't matter because he won the Royal Rumble.

Punk is destroying the fact that Cena won the Rumble and that the match is just a re-run.

What do you want me to? -Cena

Punk says Cena should jsut walk away because he has something that doesn't belong to him.

Cena says that Punk has some merits is his criticisms. Cena challenges Punk and puts his title shot on the line right there and now.

Punk accepts but for next week, Cena agrees.

Cena says he will get the job done against Punk and then against the Rock.


Matthews is in the back with Sheamus. He tries to answer the question but Ryback keeps pacing back and forth in front of him. Sheamus tries to give him a motivational speech.

They almost come to blows and Jericho breaks them up. Jericho mentions they are like nWo and Nexus but on a whole different level. Jericho is providing a rallying cry against the Shield.

He says that he will get Vickie to make it happen tonight.


Mark Henry vs Sin Cara

Sin Cara opens up with some leg kick buts eats a head butt for his trouble.

Henry just ragdolls him into the corner and just steps on him.

Sin Cara with a kick that temporarily stops Henry.

Henry responds with a running power slam and World's Strongest Slam.

Henry wins by pinfall.

After the match, Henry sits on Sin Cara and begins to choke him with his hands.

Henry goes to hit World's Strongest Slam again but Khali's music hits and he staggers to the ring.

Khali gets in the ring but Henry bails because Khali isn't worth his trouble and he starts mocking Khali's dancing. This is great.

"If I wanted to dance, I'd get a date"


Antonio Cesaro vs Miz in a No Disqualification Match

Miz comes out like a rapid animal and knocks Cesaro over the top rope.

Miz on the apron and hits a double axe handle.

Miz tries to throw Cesaro into the barrier but Cesaro counters throws him into the ring post.

He tosses Miz back in and gets two chairs and a kendo stick into the ring.

Hits Miz in the should with the kendo stick and sets up a chair in the corner.

Tries to drive Miz into the chair but Miz counters with a roll up but only gets a one ocunt.

Cesaro sets up the other chair and uses it in a a shoulder lock.

Cesaro tries for a shoulder breaker but Miz counters, only to get countered himself and thrown into the chair in the corner.

Cesaro misses with a knee in the corner and hits his knee on the chair. Miz than takes Cesaro down into the other chair and gets the figure four in for the win.

Miz wins by submission.


We now cut to a video of Colter and Swagger in a shed somewhere with a Gadsen Flah.

Colter starts to rail against illegal immigration.

He says if they want a hand out, Colter and Swagger will give them one. A one way ticket back to wherever they are from.


Bryan walking in the back and he is upset with Kane. Bryan requested a singles match with Swagger and he doesn't want Kane coming out with him.

Kane says he will do the same. Kane says he doesn't snakes. Cue Randy Orton.

Orton says Kane isn't intimidating anymore. Calls him Barney the Dinosaur. Bryan laughs at it.

Kane is just speechless.


Vickie is on the phone in the back and Heyman interrupts her.

Vickie taunts Heyman about his stipulations not working last night and says there are more surprises tonight.


Alberto Del Rio vs Dolph Ziggler

Ziggler opens up with a drop kick and some punches to a downed Del Rio.

Del Rio fights back and tosses Ziggler onto the apron. He hits an enziguiri as we cut to break already. Really? That soon?

Back from break and we are back in the middle of the ring with Ziggler in control.

Ziggler hits a big drop kick on Del Rio and goes for the pin. Two Count.

Ziggler uses the rope to strangle Del Rio. The ref warns him for this and while the ref is distracted Big E punches Del Rio.

Colter and Swagger are watching the match in the back as Del Rio starts to make a comeback. Knee to the stomach ends the comeback and Ziggler hits a leg lariat for the nearfall.

Ziggler goes up top but Del Rio stops him and then hits a reverse suplex that causes Ziggler to land face first.

They both recover and are exchanging punches and kicks. Del Rio takes control with some clothesline and hits a tilt a whirl backbreaker and then a superkick. Only gets a two count.

Ziggler counters Del Rio's attempt to get the arm bar with a swinging neck breaker.

Del Rio gets Ziggler caught up in the ropes and hits him with forearms to the back and a back stabber for hte nearfall.

Langston tries to climb in the but gets his legs taken out by Del Rio.

Ziggler goes for the DDT but gets countered into the arm bar.

Del Rio wins by submission.

Big E takes out Del Rio after the match.

Ziggler makes a bee line for his Money in the Bank Briefcase.

He tries to hand it to the ref and Ricardo grabs it and runs to the back with Big E in pursuit.

AJ gets control of it and hands it to Ziggler but Del Rio has recovered and hit the enziguiri. No cash in.


Wade Barrett in the ring and he introduces a trailer for his new movie.

Movie does look good.

Sheamus on the Titantron now. He says that the movie is good because of his good friend Collin Ferrell.

Sheamus says we are out of time so Barrett can't respond. Apparently Sheamus runs the production now.


Clay and Tensai make their way to the ring but their entrance is interupted by Primo and Epico. Apparently this will be a mixed tag match.

Clay/Tensai/Naomi vs Primo/Epico/Rosa

Rosa and Naomi starting things off. Naomi takes early control and does a springboard cross body to Rosa.

Epico tries to interfere but eats a hurricarana from Naomi.

Rosa tags in Primo, so Tensai is in now.

Delivers some offense before tagging in Clay and they hit the double splash on Primo for the win.

Clay/Tensai/Naomi win by pinfall.


Recap of the press conference earlier today that announced WM30's location as New Orleans.


Zeb Colter and Jack Swagger are giving a State of the Union Address.

Del Rio and Ricardo watching from the back.

Swagger says tonight is about him but about the country. He says that Colter is the only man who is brave and wise enough to do so.

Colter on the mic now. He thanks the founding fathers for Constitution and the right to say what he has to say.

He says that America is in pathetic shape because of illegal immigrants.

Real Americans need to take charge and that is what Swagger is doing.

Says his program with Del Rio is shaping up to be about the soul of America.

Colter let's us know that Swagger will retake the title and reclaim America.

Swagger starts chanting We the People as Bryan's music hits and we head to break.


Jack Swagger vs Daniel Bryan

We come back from break and apparently the match has already started.

Cole says Swagger was dominating during the back.

Bryan tries for a roll up and then the surfboard stretch but Swagger kicks him off.

Bryan his a running drop kick to Swagger's leg.

Bryan works over the arm of Swagger. Swagger though clotheslines Bryan over the top rope.

On the outside and Bryan is able to throw Swagger and into the post.

Swagger ducks under Bryan's attempt at a running knee from the apron. He picks him up and drives him into the barrier and tosses him back in the ring.

Swagger with knees in the corner and then picks Bryan up and throws him over his shoulder.

Swagger hits a splash in the corner.

Bryan fights back with kicks and is able to retake control.

Swagger goes for a big clothesline but Bryan pulls down the rope and Swagger goes tumbling to the outside. He follows it up with a suicide dive.

They make it back to the ring and Bryan hits a dropkick off the turnbuckle for a two count.

Bryan with kicks to the chest of a kneeling Swagger.

Bryan locks in the No Lock but Swagger is able to get to the rope for the break.

Swagger hits a gut wrench power bomb on Bryan and locks in the Patriot Act for the win.

Swagger wins by submission


Back from break and Vickie is in the ring with Paul Heyman for her major announcement.

Vickie announces that the new assistant to the Managing Supervisor of Raw is Brad Maddox!

Maddox says that he is being rewarded for his loyalty to WWE.

Brad thinks he is the Assisting Managing Supervisor of Raw but Vickie corrects him.

Heyman interrupts and says he is getting out of here because it has nothing to do with him.

Vince McMahon pops up on the titantron via satellite to stop Heyman.

Vince says he doesn't have a heart, and if he did it would be black and cold.

Vince says that firing is too kind for Heyman and challenges Heyman to a fight next week. Seriously?

Oh lord....


The Shield vs Jericho/Sheamus/Ryback

Ryback and Rollins start things off tonight.

Ryback goes right after him and delivers about twenty should to Rollins gut in the corner.

Amrbose and Jericho tagged in.

Jericho with a chop and suplex. Punches in the corner by Jericho and a dopkick.

Jericho with a cross body to Ambrose after eating a knee.

Sheamus and Reigns get tagged in. Time for a HOSS FIGHT!

Sheamus and Reigns trading a flurry of punches.

Sheamus with some axe handles and a big knee.

Sheamus hits White Noise on Reigns.

He preps the Brogue Kick put Rollins pulls Reigns out of the ring and Sheamus decides to Brogue Kick Ambrose as we head to break.

Back from break and Shield is in control. Cole tells us that they have kept Sheamus isolated.

Rollins is working a headlock on Sheamus and then some kicks in the corner.

He tags in Reigns but Sheamus fights back out and get a tag into Ryback who begins to clear house.

Rollins was tagged in again and is the legal man.

Ryback goes for Shellshock but Ambrose distracts the ref and Reigns hits a huge spear on Ryback.

Rollins gets the tag into Ambrose and he is working over Ryback in the corner.

Tag into Reigns and he gives a big headbutt to Ryback.

Ambrose gets a cheap shot in and Rollins tags in.

He keeps stomping on Ryback everytime he tries to get up.

Ambrose tags in and gets some quick offense in before Reigns tags back in.

Reigns goes for a big boot in the corner but Ryback dodges and eventually gets the tag in to Jericho.

Ambrose tags in.

Jericho hits the running bulldog and lionsault for a two count.

Jericho goes for the Walls but gets rolled up for a two count. Reigns and Ryback are brawling outside the ring.

Back in the ring and Jericho gets the Walls of Jericho locked in.

Reigns tries to break it up but Sheamus get in the way and is brawling with Reigns on the outside. While that is happening, Rollins goes off the top rope with a big flying knee and gets Jericho to break the hold.

Ambrose takes advantage and pins Jericho for the win.

Shield wins by pinfall.

Excellent match and finish


Sandow out to the ring. He is putting over his ancestors as advisers to previous presidents. Sandow is great.

Sandow attacks Kingston before the match can be started while his robe is on and all.

Finally strips off the robe and throws Kingston into the post.

He has Kingston over the apron and is giving huge knees to Kingston in the head.

R-Truth returns!

Truth makes the save and gives Sandow his comeuppance.

Never officially had a match.


The go to two of Rock's co-stars in the audience and they show a trailer for the new GI Joe movie


Randy Orton vs Kane

Kane opens up with a whip into should block.

Orton fires back with some kicks and a big boot in the corner.

Orton sitting on the turnbuckle with Kane in his grasp and is punching him repeatedly.

Kane breaks free and knocks Orton to the outside as we head to break.

Back from break and we are back in the ring.

Orton eats a big boot from Kane for the two count.

Orton takes back control and gets in a chin lock.

He starts stomping on the ankles and wrists of Kane.

He goes for a clothesline and eats an uppercut from Kane and then a knee.

Orton recovers and is able to hit his scoop slam. He tries to follow it up but Kane counters with the sidewalk slam.

Kane goes up top but Orton dodges and maneuvers Kane for the draping DDT. Kane fights out though and takes control.

Daniel Bryan comes down to the ring and distracts Kane long enough for Orton to hit the RKO for the pin.

Orton wins by pinfall.


Time for the Rock's celebration and out comes some university's marching band to line the ramp for his entrance.

Rock enters and after a few minutes of him posing with the belt he finally gets on the mic.

Calls out Punk for spitting in his face, but it doesn't matter because the Rock has won back-to-back against Punk.

Goes through the finally bit.

Rock starts trashing the look of the current title and there is something under the table.

Rock hands off the spinner belt to a production guy so it can be retired.

He unveils the new title and of course is has two bulls on the side flanking a WWE Logo in the middle with some diamonds. It's got that black background. It looks like a high school class ring!

Rock starts to talk about his opponents for WM and Cena's music hits and here he comes.

Cena goes to say something but gets attacked from behind by Punk with the spinner belt.

He just tosses the belt at Cena and points to the Rock saying "I want that one"

He then walks out and we fade to black as Rock is pacing in the ring and Cena is struggling to get up.

No over run tonight folks. See you next week.



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