WWE stars react to Daniel Bryan joining The Wyatt Family on Raw (Video)

Daniel Bryan joined The Wyatt Family on "Monday Night Raw" in Richmond last night (Dec. 30, 2013) and WWE has released its "Backstage Fallout" video featuring reactions from CM Punk, Brodus Clay, Curtis Axel, and Big E. Langston.

After months of fighting against the machine and consistently losing, Daniel Bryan turned his back on the fans chanting his name and joined the dark side when he aligned himself with The Wyatt Family on last night's (Dec. 30, 2013) episode of Monday Night Raw in Richmond, Virginia.

On the latest episode of Backstage Fallout, a select few WWE stars react to it. Watch the video above to see, and view the text below to read:

CM Punk

"You know, I've had a couple of minutes to think about it and if anybody's curious as to what my opinion is, they're probably as curious as to why I maybe didn't run out to try to help Daniel Bryan, or why The Usos didn't run out to try to help Daniel Bryan, or, hell, why The Usos don't run out to try to help me when it's 3-on-1 against The Shield. The WWE locker room can be a family at times but when we're out in the ring we handle business ourselves. I handle my business with The Shield the way I see fit, Daniel Bryan handles his business with The Wyatts the way he sees fit. I've tagged with him in the past against the Wyatts; we won some, they won some. What he's going through right now he has to go through by himself. He's a man, he can stand on his own two feet. Now whether he's joining the Wyatts or whether today was just a bad day, I'm not sure. But I know in my heart that deep down inside he's a dragon and a fighter and he can overcome this, and I just want to make sure the WWE Universe knows that and not to give up on him, not to stop chanting 'YES', regardless of what he's going through and the decisions he's making. I'm positive he's going to come out of this on top."

Brodus Clay

"I guess it's been a bad night all the way around for everybody tonight. After what happened to me tonight in my match, which should have been a easy victory for me against R-Truth, Xavier Woods and the Funkadactycls once again got in my business, but I'll deal with that, much like the way the Wyatt Family dealt with their business with Daniel Bryan. They beat him into submission, and I kind of dig that and I respect that. They beat him so bad that he joined them. You know the old saying: 'If you can't beat them, join them.' And that was true tonight. My hat's off to the Wyatt Family and hopefully I can do the same family orientation like they did."

Curtis Axel

"Okay, so, every single week Daniel Bryan gets jumped by the Wyatt Family and oh yeah, he joins them tonight? Why do I care? Why would I care about that? Why do I care about that circus freak family? All I care about is myself and what I need to do. I have problems of my own. I don't care about the Wyatts. Does that answer your question?"

Big E. Langston

"How many times do you want to see Daniel Bryan against three barbarians? How many times do you want to see Daniel Bryan left laying at the end of a Raw or SmackDown? To be honest, I don't blame him, you know? It looks like Mama Wyatt's got another beard to comb."

Read more on Bryan joining the Wyatt Family here, and for complete results and reactions from Raw last night click here and here.

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