Daniel Bryan breaks kayfabe revealing Raw Active Twitter poll to be bogus

This is just funny. Daniel Bryan cares not for your kayfabe or your bogus Twitter polls.

Daniel Bryan cares not for WWE and its bogus Raw Active Twitter polls. We know this because he's taken to his account to break a big story on corruption within the company.

The results are bogus, folks. Devastating news, I know.

During last night's (Nov. 26, 2012) episode of Monday Night Raw, fans were asked to choose between Bryan or his Team Hell No tag partner, Kane. To make their selection, fans had to tweet either #WWEBryan or #WWEKane and whomever received the most votes would face WWE Champion CM Punk later in the evening.

It was revealed on the broadcast that Kane won with some 60-percent (or so) of the vote.

But Bryan has evidence to the contrary. From his Twitter:

The link goes to a website with the following graphic:


(Note: The numbers have grown since Bryan's tweet, obviously.)

According to the Observer, WWE has been working the polls for some time now. That much was obvious last night but if they're going to work the polls, why have someone actually bring that to light? Unless they plan on turning it into a storyline, in which case that might actually have some potential.

Wait and see on this one. In the meantime, laugh. We could use some of that today.


My colleague, Keith Harris, was working up a post on this without realizing I was doing the same. So I'm going to put his post right here to get his take on the situation:

Poor Daniel Bryan, just like Linda McMahon, his empirical polling data proved rather faulty and instead of winning in a predicted landslide, he lost 41-59% to his Hell No tag team partner Kane in last night's RAWactive social media voting to determine the opponent for CM Punk on Monday Night Raw. This must mean that more people like The Big Red Machine than The World's Toughest Vegan, right?

But a curmudgeonly troll like Bryan can't believe that he lost a WWE Universe fan vote fair and square. The bitter loser went on Twitter to whine about how the poll had been rigged:

Usually, I'd chalk this up to the simple explanation of heels lying, if he hadn't have included the hashtag battle link, though that could have been altered by a flood of late votes for Bryan, but that seems unlikely. Clearly, Bryan isn't dumb enough to complain about a worked WWE poll unless he was encouraged to do so for storyline purposes. Even Bryan's ex-lover AJ Lee chimed in with a note of Twitter sympathy, giving more credence to my hypothesis that this is going to soon become an onscreen plot:

So Bryan could definitely be onto something here within the fantasy wrestling world.

The strange thing is that news leaked a couple of weeks ago that WWE had started working their polls to ensure that they got the answers they wanted and had scripted. Indeed, Dave Meltzer noted in his review of the Nov. 12th edition of Monday Night Raw in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that:

"They announced the voting results for who would be on Team Foley at Survivor Series and who would team with Kane as Miz with 60%, [Zack] Ryder with 34% and [Santino] Marella with 6%. Given Miz was the only one on TV to push it, one would expect that. There is someone in the company who has told me that all these Raw polls are now a work and if this was real, Ryder would have won easily. In this case, even with prompting, this wouldn’t be a lock and Miz did have to win."

So the question becomes did WWE have someone within their company blab to Meltzer about their polls being fixed in preparation for a future angle about it or did they turn it into an angle when their con had been exposed in the wrestling media or is this just something Daniel Bryan is doing for his own amusement?

This is what the wrestling media has to deal with on a daily basis, deciphering whether something is: (A) a shoot, (B) a shoot that turned into a work, (C) a work that turned into a shoot, or (D) a work all along. I usually go with (D), my prior probability of being worked is so strong that it takes overwhelming evidence to think otherwise. If it's on a company approved Twitter page, then 9 times out of 10 whatever is said remains consistent to their character. Remember that and you can't go too far wrong, Cagesiders!

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