WWE Raw results and live blog for Nov. 26: Ambrose, Rollins and Reigns speak


Complete results and the running live blog for tonight's (Nov. 26, 2012) episode of WWE Monday Night Raw, featuring the first interview with Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns since they started their attacks.

WWE Monday Night Raw comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Nov. 26, 2012) from the Lafayette Cajundome in Lafayette, Louisiana, featuring the very first interview with the NX-3, Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns.


There are other issues that will surely get their attention, like John Cena and his affair with AJ Lee, Dolph Ziggler getting a bigger role now that he's feuding with Cena, CM Punk being champion for a super long time and Big Show and Sheamus hoss fighting it up.

All that and more.

Come right back here at 8 p.m. ET when the Raw live blog kicks off once the show starts on USA. It will be below this line here.



Nolan in.

Broadcast is live after a video recap.


Ryback vs. Titus O'Neil

Titus using speed to put Ryback in the corner and land strikes. Ryback turns it around and starts slugging. Ryback sends Titus into the opposite corner, but runs into a kick. Titus gets a shoulder tackle, but Ryback no-sells him. Clothesline by Titus puts him down once again. Stomps and punches. Titus off the ropes, but Ryback with a Lou Thesz press. He picks Titus up and plants his face on the mat.

Titus goes outside to regroup with Darren Young. Titus gets nailed with a clothesline.

Back inside and Titus lands the Clash of Titus for a nearfall.

Ryback is mad and manhandles Titus, sending him into Young on the apron. Ryback hits the spinebuster. Meat Hook Clothesline follows.

Shell Shocked lands and Ryback wins it.


Ryback on the mic and says that if it is Punk or three outsiders dressed in black, he wants to take them all on.


Chants take us to break.


We are back and Ryback is still chanting.

Security is sent to the ring to throw Ryback out.

Ryback tosses one of them out before Vickie Guerrero comes out. She says she knows that Ryback is mad and embarrassed, but she wants Ryback to leave the ring without confrontation. She says that she has no choice, but Ryback cuts her off, telling her that she wants Punk at TLC.

Vickie says that if Ryback leaves, she will give him the match. Ryback tells her to shut up and tells her that he wants him in a TLC match.

Go figure.

She relents, but tells Ryback to leave the ring.

Ryback fakes the security out and leaves the ring super excited.


Rosa Mendes backstage with Hornswaggle.

Hornswoggle saying that no one would want to kiss Rosa, so Alberto Del Rio comes up and says he will take on Hornswoggle. Khali comes up and tells him to leave Hornswoggle alone.

Alright then.


Alberto Del Rio vs. The Great Khali

Oh joy, we join this garbage in progress.

Khali chopping Del Rio in each corner, slapping his back on the last one. Khali tries a clothesline, but Del Rio tags the legs out from Khali.

And trust me, it don't take that much, folks.

Del Rio with a few kicks and locks in an armbar. Khali out, but ADR with a sidekick to the face. ADR stomps on Khali for a nearfall.

ADR puts a kimura in on the bottom rope on Khali. Del Rio wants the step-up enzuigiri, but Khali puts him down. He nails the chop, but Ricardo Rodriguez gets on the apron. Hornswoggle bites his butt as soon as he gets off the apron.

ADR in the ring takes advantage of a distracted Khali and downs him.

Cross Armbreaker in for the win as Khali taps. ADR is your winner.


CM Punk and Paul Heyman confronting Vickie Guerrero.

Punk tells Vickie that he is 2-0 over Ryback and he should be moving on. Punk says that he is being put in danger by this.

Heyman says he understands the politics of it all, but Vickie says that she gave Ryback the shot as he has been screwed in the past two PPVs. She then says that Punk will take on Daniel Bryan or Kane tonight, depending on who wins the Raw Interactive poll.

Punk is livid and Heyman works him out of the office to prevent further trouble.


Cole's interview with Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, and Roman Reigns.

Cole skirting around the issue and Ambrose just tells him to start asking questions.

Cole asks if the group is working directly for CM Punk, to which Ambrose replies negatively. Cole asks why they are here. Rollins says that they sat in NXT and have come to claim their territory. They are a shield from injustice.

Cole wants Reigns to comment, but he says he will talk when he wants.

Ambrose said that where there is no honor, they will be there to restore it. They are a shield against injustice. And Ambrose drops the new name of the group.

The Shield. Wow...

Anywho, Reigns says he is done with the interview.


Alicia Fox vs. Tamina Snuka

Fox lighting up Snuka with strikes and kicks. Fox working Snuka in the corner. She charges, but Tamina drops her onto the top rope. Snuka working her in the corner now. Clothesline by Snuka. Uppercut follows. She grabs Fox and clotheslines her on the back of her head. Fox rolls up Snuka for a nearfall.

Snuka doesn't take kindly to this and gets a Samoan drop. She drags Fox by her hair and goes up top. Superfly Splash gets Tamina the win.


John Cena will address the AJ situation next.


Cena here.

Cena says that he has been here for ten years, but he has never been questioned like he has been this week.

Vickie joins us and wants to be excused by the crowd. Vickie says that the kiss Cena and AJ shared last week only proves that they are having an affair. Vickie Guerrero has a gift for the couple, trying to present them his and her bath robes.

Guerrero says that the world of AJ and Cena will soon implode because of the person AJ Lee is. She cites her costing Bryan at WrestleMania, her proposal to Punk, etc.

AJ comes out to voice her thoughts. She says that she realizes her past issues and she is trying to become a better person. She thanks Vickie for relieving her of GM duties so she can date whoever she wants.

She then gets all flirty with Cena. She says that Vickie is the only female dog in the ring right now and the two get standoffish.

Ziggler comes in. He says that they are missing the point that Ziggler beat Cena down last week on Raw. Ziggler says that Cena attacked him from behind on SmackDown with a cheap shot. He wonders why Cena would resort to cowardly tactics, but Ziggler knows why. He says AJ was thinking about him the whole time she was kissing him.

Cena says that he is gonna come down there and kick his ass, but Vickie nixes it.

She makes the match official for later tonight.


Wade Barrett joins commentary.


Kofi Kingston vs. Tensai

Tensai working Kofi in the corner and knocks him down with a right hand. Kofi goes up top and lands a kick, but gets caught off the jump. Tensai nails a shoulder block. Headbutt and elbow drop earn Tensai a nearfall.

Chin lock in for Tensai. Kofi fights out with torso shot, but Tensai turns it around into an arm breaker. Tensai working a shoulder lock on Kofi's right arm. Kofi getting back up, but Tensai clubs his back. Kofi runs up top to get a flying attack. Tensai wobbled and Kofi working. He downs him with the running forearm. Boom Drop lands. Kofi goes for the Trouble in Paradise, but Tensai blocks. Kofi sent into the corner, but Tensai catches his pendulum kick. Elbow drop gets Tensai a nearfall.

Tensai sends Kofi outside and follows, but Kofi gets the pendulum kick from the floor. Kofi with the springboard crossbody.

Kingston wins.

Barrett in the ring and he casually hands Kofi his IC belt.


Bryan telling Kane that he will win the poll and he has evidence.

Bryan shows him a map of the US, showing the entire country voted for Bryan. Bryan then shows the world map, again all Bryan's blue color. Bryan says that they don't have voting in Hell, but Kane says he will be sending him there.

Josh Mathews here to introduce the results. Kane wins and laughs in Bryan's face.

Mathews informs us Bryan will have a match next.


Daniel Bryan vs. Rey Mysterio

The two with half-hearted lockups. Bryan gets an arm drag on Mysterio and proclaims, "NO!" Another lockup, but Mysterio opens up with leg kicks. Arm wrench by Mysterio, but Bryan bridges and flips to get one of his own. Mysterio kicking the legs. Rope running and Mysterio with a monkey flip. He tries again, but Mysterio brings him outside with a headscissors.

Rey on the apron and tries a diving attack, but Bryan ducks and leaps to the apron himself. Flying knee by Bryan before we move inside.

Bryan using an interesting arm lock to pin Mysterio to the mat for a nearfall.

Bryan still working the lock, but Mysterio gets out with a bulldog. Bryan charges at Mysterio, but Rey hits the drop toehold to the turnbuckle. Bryan tries to send Mysterio outside and charge, but Mysterio runs back in as Bryan goes out.

Bryan frustrated as we break.

back and Bryan sends Mysterio into the corner. Bryan gets reversed and Mysterio charges him, only to get bodydropped to the apron. Mysterio stifles Bryan and goes up top, but Bryan crotches him. Mysterio in the Tree of Woe and Bryan stomping a mudhole and walking it dry. Bryan fishhooks the nose of Mysterio, then gets an elbow drop to the kidneys. Bryan tosses Mysterio to the outside.

Bryan sends Rey into the pole on the outside.

Bryan goes back inside and gets a nearfall.

Bryan locks in the armbar on Mysterio, but Rey is able to fight out. Bryan with a headbutt to drop Rey. He puts him up top and lands a punch. Bryan goes up top, but Mysterio puts him down with a headbutt. Seated senton and headscissors. Bryan goes for a rolllup, but Bryan gets kicked in the face by Rey. Nearfall by Rey.

Bryan gets set up for the 619. Bryan ducks out and locks Rey in the "NO!" Lock. Bryan tries to lock it up, but Mysterio gets to the ropes. Bryan unloading with kicks to the chest of Rey. Rey counters a Bryan submission attempt with a slingshot into the second turnbuckle. Rey on the apron and does the 619 around the ring post.

Rey up top and wins with the splash.


Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez backstage.

Rosa Mendes comes up to thank ADR for defending her against the little menace, to which Del Rio tells her that if she ever needs anything, he's ready for her.

A wink from Del Rio sends us elsewhere.


Josh Mathews with Ziggler backstage.

He says he can't wait to see AJ's face after what he does to her boyfriend tonight.


Recap of this Ziggler/AJ/Cena/Guerrero saga.


Dolph Ziggler vs. John Cena

Lockup by Ziggler and it leads to rope running. Hip toss and arm drag by Cena. Armbar in for Cena, but Ziggler gets the rope break. Cena locks in the side headlock and rope running leads to Cena getting another hip toss and a headlock takeover. Cena holding the side headlock. Cena in control until Ziggler gets a jawbreaker.

Both men down as we break.

Back from break and Ziggler sent Cena into the steel steps during the break.

In the ring, Ziggler doing some situps on Cena, to which Cena rolls over to grab a nearfall.

Ziggler drops Cena with a clothesline. Ziggler dropping the ten elbows, but he misses the jumping one. Cena with the shoulder blocks and setting up for the Five Knuckle Shuffle, but Ziggler with the kick to the face. Flying DDT by Ziggler to Cena gets a nearfall.

Ziggler tries to charge Cena with a splash, but he lands in the corner. STF attempt by Cena is unsuccessful. Dolph gets the sleeper hold in and Cena fading. Cena back to his feet and breaks the hold by ramming Ziggler into the corner. Cena uses this to lock in the STF. Ziggler struggling, but he inches his way over to the ropes. Cena coming back to put more offense together, but Ziggler clobbers him with a dropkick. He goes up top and Cena catches him and rolls through. AA attempt, but Ziggler grabs the shorts and gets a Zig Zag for a nearfall.

The two exchanging punches in the middle of the ring. Ziggler ends it with a rollup attempt and a handful of tights.

Cena with a side suplex and wants the Five Knuckle Shuffle. His knee gives out as he goes to the outside.

Inside, Ziggler tries to undo the turnbuckle cover. AJ comes out to prevent this, with Vickie on her heels to pull her down from the apron. Ziggler tries to use the MITB briefcase, but Cena ducks and hits the AA.

Surprise, guys, Cena actually wins. Shocker.

Him and AJ kiss in the ring because Cena has to have it all.


Sheamus vs. Antonio Cesaro will be next.


Sheamus vs. Antonio Cesaro

Lockup and Sheamus in control. He gets a side headlock takeover and holds it. Cesaro pushes him into the corner. The two exchange strikes, but Sheamus gets back in control. Cesaro takes control by whipping Sheamus into the corner, but Sheamus with the forearm out of the corner. Suplex by Sheamus gets a nearfall.

Sheamus working an arm lock, but Cesaro claws the face to put him into the corner. Headbutt and knee from Cesaro. Sheamus fights out of the corner with strikes. Cesaro gets a back bodydrop on Sheamus, but Sheamus lands on the apron. Sheamus with the backbreaker over the top. Cesaro kicks Sheamus off the apron and the action goes outside.

Cesaro sent into the barricade by Sheamus. Sheamus trying to unload more offense, but Cesaro counters and slams Sheamus' knee into the steel steps.

Cesaro in control as we break.

Back and both men exchanging strikes. Sheamus gets the running axhandles and goes for the knee lift, but Cesaro pops him with a clothesline for a nearfall.

Cesaro with the Karelin throw on Sheamus for the nearfall.

Cesaro has Sheamus on the apron and he is unloading strikes. Sheamus works the body and regains control. Sheamus with the ten forearms to the chest and hits a shoulder tackle. Irish Curse gets Sheamus a nearfall.

Sheamus goes for White Noise on Cesaro, but he wiggles out. Tilt-a-whirl slam by Sheamus earns him another nearfall.

Sheamus goes for the Texas Cloverleaf, but Cesaro gets to the bottom rope. He kicks Sheamus away. Sheamus charges Cesaro, but Cesaro picks him up for a torture rack and slams him. Nearfall.

Sheamus down in the corner, but he kicks Cesaro away. Sheamus going for the battering ram, but he eats a European uppercut. Cesaro going for the Gotch Neutralizer, but Sheamus with the back bodydrop. Brogue Kick sends Cesaro outside.

Big Show enters.

Referee counts out Cesaro, giving Sheamus a count out win.

Big Show walks out with chair in hand. Sheamus calls him back and tells him that at TLC, he'll hit him with as many chair shots as he needs to put him into retirement. Show starts tearing the chair apart and slings the carcass of it away.

Both men look fierce as we move away.


Damien Sandow here with the mic.

He says that his only job is to rescue us from the doldrums of our ignorance. Sandow says that we must be silent while he speaks. Sandow says that he will take care of his mouth breathing opponent tonight.


Damien Sandow vs. Zack Ryder

Ryder pushes Sandow into the corner. Sandow tells the ref to do his job. Action moves back to the middle and Sandow gets the side headlock. Shoulder block sends Ryder down. Rope running and Ryder gets an arm drag. Sandow moves to the outside.

Ryder chasing him on the outside, but the two ending up on the ring. Sandow with the shoulder to the gut from the apron. Sandow working Ryder on the apron before he comes inside. Sandow dropping the knee into the torso of Ryder. Sandow with a sleeper and Ryder gets up from it. Sandow with the knee drop to the face of Ryder. Knees to the stomach in the clinch by Sandow. Russian leg sweep and the Elbow of Disdain for a nearfall.

Sandow with the chin lock in. Ryder working his way out, but Sandow still keeps him grounded. Sandow sends Ryder into the ropes, but Ryder slams his face into the mat. Back elbow by Ryder. Sandow runs into the knees of Ryder in the corner. Missile dropkick lands and Sandow in the corner. Forearm shiver in the corner and Broski Boot time.

Sandow moves outside and Ryder kicks him through the ropes. Ryder brings him back inside and goes up top, but Sandow crotches him on the top.

Sandow brings him down and hits Terminus.

Sandow is your victor.


Paul Heyman outside of CM Punk's locker room.

Josh Mathews comes up to Heyman, but Heyman takes control, saying that Mathews is asking about CM Punk being subjected to the whim of the WWE Universe. He talks about injustices and Punk passing Randy Savage before Mathews backs off.


Recap of the interview with The Shield.


CM Punk vs. Kane

Punk trying to work Kane in the corner. He hits a chop, but Kane doesn't seem to be hurt. Punk with leg kicks and forearms. Chops in the corner follow, but Kane pushes him into the corner and lands an uppercut. Kane stomping a mudhole into Punk. Punk locks in a wrist lock. Kane sends him off to the ropes for a back bodydrop, but Punk with kicks to the face. Forearms follow and Punk goes for a DDT, but Kane puts him on the apron.

Big boot from Kane sends Punk flying into the barricade outside. We move to break with Kane in control.

Back and Punk is working to keep Kane grounded. Punk trying to work the leg, but Kane shoves him off to the outside and Punk's leg is hurt.

Punk hobbles to the ring and hits a hangman's neckbreaker on Kane. Punk with a suicide dive to the outside on Kane. Both men down and Punk still hobbling.

Inside and Punk stomping on the leg of Kane in the corner. Flying knee lands for Punk. And he follows up with another. He goes for it again, but eats an uppercut. Kane shoves him into the corner and lands a clothesline. Splash follows and he hits the sidewalk slam for a nearfall.

Kane going up top. Flying clothesline lands. Chokeslam time for Kane. Punk ducks under to get a swinging neckbreaker for a nearfall.

Punk goes up top, but lands on a Chokeslam.

And Heyman drags the leg of Punk over to the bottom rope.

Kane has had enough. Tombstone time. Punk gets out.

The Shield members wait behind the barricade to view the match.

Punk hits the GTS on Kane to take home the victory.

The Shield going inside the ring and have their eyes set on Punk.

And they turn to Kane and start beating him down. Bryan comes out to help, but the group overwhelms him as well. Kane and Bryan are getting mugged by the group.

Ryback is here.

Punk goes through the audience.

Ryback getting the boots put to him, but Ryback overpowers the group. Each member being taken out. Punk comes in for a cheap shot, but Ryback tries a powerbomb on Punk. Reigns crushes him with the spear. The group hoists Ryback onto their shoulders and lands the slam.

The group stares at Punk while everyone is wondering what injustice was committed on Punk.

The group leaves through the audience as Punk stand atop Ryback with belt in hand.

Fade to black.


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