Video: AJ Lee resigns as General Manager with bizarre speech on Monday Night Raw

Here's the video of the bizarre segment on Monday Night Raw last night (Oct. 22, 2012) in New Jersey that saw AJ Lee resign as General Manager before delivering a shoot style promo on her life with a bizarre twist by the time it was all over.

I still don't get it.

I've watched Monday Night Raw, I've seen the angles, I've heard the promos, I've had read reactions from writers all across the Internet, and I still just don't get it.

Here's the video of AJ Lee resigning as General Manager of Raw over allegations that she was fraternizing with a wrestler:

As many of you have already pointed out, none of this really makes any sense. She was accused of fraternizing with a wrestler -- or having an affair, really -- by Vickie Guerrero and that led to her meeting with the Board of Directors. Apparently, they didn't actually take action against her but she made the decision to resign herself because she didn't want to drag the guy's name through the mud who she was accused of having the affair with.

That guy being John Cena.

This comes about because of Cena hitting on AJ on a recent episode of Raw, asking her to dinner and exchanging text messages. Now, that dinner has taken place, though Cena repeatedly called it "a business dinner" and both parties deny anything is going on.

The part that really bothers me -- and all of you, based on your reactions -- is that Guerrero was the one appointed to take AJ's place. This is the same Vickie Guerrero who was involved in multiple angles during her time as head of Raw and SmackDown where she was, quite literally, having affairs with wrestlers like Edge and Big Show.

Plus, she's actually a manager of a current wrestler, Dolph Ziggler. How is that not a major conflict of interest?

Again, none of this makes any sense outside of Vince McMahon believing he needed to do something like this to aid in the ratings with Raw going up some extremely tough competition.

Plus, this was a major area of focus on the Hell in a Cell go home show and none of this actually had anything to do with Hell in a Cell.

At one point during the evening, Dolph Ziggler made comments on the situation, saying he felt it was a shame AJ went after Cena. This has lead many to believe there is a program coming between the two with AJ caught in the middle and Guerrero, in her new position of power, also getting in the mix.

Maybe that's the plan, and that's fine. But this felt really forced, really rushed, out of nowhere, and totally nonsensical.

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