WWE Raw: Previews

WWE Raw preview for July 28, 2014

Will serious Cena or jokey John retort to Paul Heyman's promise of Brock Lesnar violence against the champ? See what lead into whatever might happen in Houston tonight, and read our immediate plans...

WWE Raw preview for July 21, 2014


Not much changed in the main event scene at 'Battleground', so we look to Raw for forward progress. This preview fantasy books Roman Reigns exit from the title scene (for now), while looking...

WWE Raw preview for July 14, 2014


A big six man main event that encompasses two 'Battleground' matches, and returns (confirmed and rumored) make up a big go home show. All that, and fantasy booking an NXT call-up and worries about...

WWE Raw preview for July 7, 2014


Chris Jericho makes his in-ring return against The Miz in Montreal. Find out everything else that's been going on, and that might happen tonight, in WWE. We'll wonder why folks want a Zeb Colter...

WWE Raw preview for June 30, 2014


As a familar face assumes the WWE throne, what's next for the men who fell short? We look at what happened, what to look out for tonight and brainstorm a plan for a cult leader who has had a rough...

WWE Raw preview for June 23, 2014


We've got a crazy idea for filling out the second ladder match at this Sunday's PPV. Read on to find out what it is, and get caught up on everything that's lead into and is expected of tonight's...

WWE Raw preview for June 16, 2014


Two spots remain for the ladder match that will decide the next WWE World Heavyweight Champ. Who will claim them? Can Dean Ambrose get his hands on Seth Rollins? Plus, the only way they can pair...

WWE Raw preview for June 9, 2014


Seth Rollins isn't talking, will his former 'brothers' have anything to say to him? How's the WWE World Heavyweight Champ? Who will be contending for his belt if he can't go? We discuss all that,...

WWE Raw preview for June 2, 2014


Two big feuds looked like they were blown off last night at Payback, and the WWE World Heavyweight Champ is still on the shelf. We look at the situation, and particularly where to go now with the...

WWE Raw preview for May 26, 2014


The whole roster is back stateside and all in one place fora show that's supposed to sell you on this Sunday's 'Payback'. Will we get anything new, or just more of the same Wyatt/Cena, Steph/Bryan...

WWE Raw preview for May 19, 2014


Tape delay from London! Will they strip the champ? (They should) Will they let Zeb Colter tear into some non-Real Americans? (We hope so) Find out what else we think you should know heading into...

WWE Raw preview for May 12, 2014


WWE will attempt to get on track as they reset a bunch of feuds and try to get us excited in a couple of recent call-ups. We're still trying to figure out why they ignored Kane and Bryan's past in...

WWE Raw preview for May 5, 2014


Last night's special event played out more or less like many of us thought...how will tonight flip the script? If Adam Rose isn't enought to get you excited, read on for thoughts on writing off...

WWE Raw preview for Apr. 28, 2014


Tournament finals! Tag title match! Daniel Bryan! Ric Flair! Wolverine! That's what Raw has to offer on our way to Extreme Rules. We offer up advice on how to use some those elements to fix Wyatt...

WWE Raw preview for Apr. 21, 2014


Daniel Bryan is back, and hopefully good things follow. Find out what those might (can a tournament produce a title match and rejuvenate the mid-card?) or might not (do they really think they can...

WWE Raw preview for Apr. 14, 2014


While we excitedly await The Authority's response to the Bryan/Shield alliance, the continued push of Cesaro: Heyman Guy, an actual women's match and a ten-bell salute to a recent Hall of Famer, we...

WWE Raw preview for Apr. 7, 2014


It's a cliche, but last night changed everything. See where tonight might take new champ Daniel Bryan, Streak-breaker Brock Lesnar...and a plan for how booking them together might make both of...

WWE Raw preview for Mar. 31, 2014


All the big angles are in play as WWE brings you Raw (and tapes Smackdown) for the last time before 'Mania. But because we're greedy marks, we spend as much time on what's next for favorites like...

WWE Raw preview for Mar. 24, 2014


What do a former Governor, a mystery solving mutt, a former UFC Heavyweight champ & a man who's never lost at WrestleMania have in common? They'll all be in Brooklyn tonight! All that, with a...

WWE Raw preview for Mar. 17, 2014


All the fallout from last week's occupation and the booking of Daniel Bryan's big night at WrestleMania 30. How do you follow up a moment like that? We've got some ideas, and a plea to reward the...

WWE Raw preview for Mar. 10, 2014


Undertaker and Hogan return as the road winds ever closer to WrestleMania. Get everything you need to be ready for tonight's show, plus fantasy booking of The Shield's face turn. Believe that.

WWE Raw preview for Mar. 3, 2014


So much drama in the 773...The Shield vs The Wyatts II! Heel vs Heel for the WWE WHC? Paul Heyman addresses The Undertaker! Will Triple H respond to Daniel Bryan? And there's one other thing I know...

WWE Raw preview for Feb. 24, 2014


Hulk Hogan ushers in a new era, The Network is here, and CM Punk is not. We get you ready for tonight, partially by trying to tie together a big loose end that might make things involving The...

Preview: WWE Raw for February 17, 2014


Randy Orton's gauntlet ends in Celtic territory, a crucial time for the tag division and WWE is doing a little whitewashing of Black History Month. But everybody still wants to talk about CM Punk....

Preview: WWE Raw for February 10, 2014


The WWE isn't talking about Batista and no one is talking about CM Punk, so we talk about two guys from Cleveland and senior citizen in this week's Monday preview.

Preview: WWE Raw for February 3, 2014


Whatever else WWE wants to do tonight or in the coming months, it all hinges on how they address CM Punk's walkout tonight. We've got a few suggestions for handling that delicate situation, and a...

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