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WWE officially announces Fergal Devitt signing

Following on the heels of the Kenta signing, WWE officially bring European and Japanese sensation Prince Devitt into the fold. He'll join his fellow international star in Florida to prove himself...

NXT recap, reactions: No filler, but not killer

Charlotte retains her Women's title in a mediocre match that the crowd destroyed, while the tag and main championship scenes are refreshed with a couple of listless matches each. Not the...

NXT results, open thread: Battle of the Blondes

Charlotte defends her Women's (yes WOMEN'S) title for the first time against Summer Rae. Kalisto will bring a mystery partner to his showdown with The Vaudevillains. Enjoy that, and whatever...


Kenta is coming to WWE to 'KICK YOUR ASS'

So says the man himself in his first interview released by WWE online this weekend. The company's big Japanese signing spoke to Renee Young on the NXT set. So far, so good...

Not for Mass Consumption


It's undeniable many recent NXT character call-ups haven't exactly set the WWE Universe on fire. There may be a very simple reason for it. We examine the why's of the recent problems and explain...

NXT stars develop their PR skills


Adrian Neville, Charlotte, Tyler Breeze and Sami Zayn got the nod to represent their employer at a Be A STAR anti-bullying rally in Florida this week. See video interviews with Breeze and Neville,...

Ice Cream...Sweeter than a Cinnabon


Don't be sawft...have a taste. If you want to know who smarky NXT watchers like me will be telling you who the next big thing will be from now until their call-up to Raw, watch Enzo Amore and Colin "Big Cass" Cassady in this quick interview from backstage during the episode that aired last night. How you doin?

NXT recap, reactions: Who's the boss?


The show is treading water a bit, but still keeps its head comfortable dry with the help of another strong main event featuring Tyson Kidd and Sami Zayn, and the impressive work of The Boss, Sasha...

Kenta is here


From Triple H's Instagram account: "From Japan to @WWENXT to the world...help me welcome Kenta to #WWE." He may have to work his way up starting from the bottom -- "prove himself" as Triple H put it -- but he's here and ready to do just that. Excited?

NXT results, open thread: Rise above


Charlotte has a new #1 contender for her Women's title in Summer Rae, while The Ascension badly need a challenger for their tag belts. Might someone RISE to the occassion tonight, or will the...

KENTA will have to 'prove himself' in NXT


"There’s a massive amount of talent I’d love to see him work with down there. The obvious guys are Sami Zayn and NXT Champion Adrian Neville, but there are ton of guys down there like Tyson Kidd, Justin Gabriel and anybody in that class. NXT is the proving ground to get to WWE, and that’s where Kenta’s gonna have to prove himself. He’s gotta prove that he belongs in WWE. He just signed with us. I was there when he had his tryout at the Performance Center and I met with him there. We’ve been working on this for a while. His training will start when he gets here. The thing is, you can be a big star anyplace else in the world. That gets you in the door. What you do once you get here is a whole different ballgame. He’s no different than anybody else once he walks through the door of the Performance Center."

Triple H tells WWE.com that while KENTA is a big time international star, he's still going to have to prove himself down in NXT. Click through for the full interview, which includes comments from Daniel Bryan and Seth Rollins.

It's official! WWE signs Japanese star Kenta

An in-ring announcement at Saturday's Osaka show brings the puro legend into the sports entertainment fold. Find out what was said and what he'll be doing first when he reports to the States as a...

NXT recap, reactions: Didn't have to be like this


A #1 contender's match for the Women's title and a big tag team main event featuring NXT champ Adrian Neville probably should have felt more exciting than this, especially as part of WWE Network's...

NXT results, open thread: Free for all


The best show WWE produces gets even better, because you can watch Bayley vs. Summer Rae and NXT champ Adrian Neville teaming with Sami Zayn against Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel for free during...

What Lance Storm and Cagesiders have in common


The Hart Dungeon graduate was catching up on his favorite pro wrestling show this weekend, and took to Twitter to explain why he loves WWE NXT. If you don't already watch, see why an ECW, WCW and...

NXT recap and reactions: Tyson's ratchet


A strong women's tag and Justin Gabriel doing things you didn't know WWE even allowed in his match with Sami Zayn are the highlights. Even CJ Parker is watchable. Can we leave Tyson Kidd's...

NXT results, open thread: Badly Fractured Friends


Complete results and open thread for tonight's (July 1, 2014) episode of WWE "NXT" from Full Sail Live in Florida, at 9PM Eastern on WWE Network.

Chris Hero's clearly not returning to WWE soon

Unflattering pictures of Chris Hero's gut suggests that he's completely given up on WWE ever offering him a second chance and is vindication for those responsible for the decision to fire him.

This Week in Promos: Paige, SAWFT, Stephanie Owns

Welcome to a new feature on Cageside Seats where we bring you the best and the worst promos of the past week, complete with video and transcription for viewing and reading pleasure. Let's do THISSSSS.

NXT recap & reactions: You can't teach this


Another solid show, with two strong debuts (one expected, one not so much), a long-awaited return (howudoin) and a visit from a main roster star for a main event with the champ. See where we...

NXT results, open thread: Mr. Thursday Night


Complete results and open thread for tonight's (June 26, 2014) episode of WWE "NXT" from Full Sail Live in Florida, at 9PM Eastern on WWE Network.

Steen all but confirms WWE signing at ROH PPV

His match and promo at 'Best in the World' last night provided all kinds of hints and swerves in the 'when will Kevin Steen show up on NXT?' game. See exactly what went down, and what we think it...

WWE names top 10 matches in NXT history


NXT may be just a few years old but the WWE developmental promotion has consistently delivered top notch wrestling entertainment for the entirety of its existence. With that in mind, here are the...

NXT recap & reactions: That's entertainment


The Vaudevillains debut while the BFFs melt down. Tyler Breeze works a different style of match with Kalisto, but not in the way you'd expect. And the Tyson Kidd heel turn continues, pulling Sami...

NXT results, open thread: Couples therapy


Complete results and open thread for tonight's (June 19, 2014) episode of WWE "NXT" from Full Sail Live in Florida, at 9PM Eastern on WWE Network.

WWE cutting NXT's budget, firings coming soon


Sadly NXT won't escape WWE's cuts with production savings already being implemented and developmental firings coming soon. At least Wall Street seems to be happy with the news. That's all that...

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