TNA Impact results, live updates for March 13, 2014: Lockdown fallout show

Complete results and live updates for tonight's (March 13, 2014) episode of TNA "Impact" from Orlando, Florida, featuring the fallout show from this past Sunday night's "Lockdown" event in Miami.

TNA Impact comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (March 13, 2014) from Orlando, Florida, with a live show featuring the fallout episode from the Lockdown pay-per-view (PPV) that went down this past Sunday night in Miami.

Scheduled for the show: A special "Thank you Dixie" tribute hosted by Rockstar Spud, MVP is now in control, Abyss returned to help Mangus retain the title and an update on that is promised, Bully Ray will explain his actions from the PPV, and more!

To follow along as it all goes down come right back here at 9 p.m. ET to hang out with all your favorite folks from this neck of the woods when the show airs on Spike. Hanging out here is guaranteed to enhance your viewing experience.

Enjoy the evening, Cagesiders!



- Team Dixie entered the building upset about what happened at Lockdown. All of them blamed Bobby Roode, who told them to blame Dixie and her insurance policy, Bully Ray. Carter isn't there, but Bully is so they should kick his ass the minute they get the chance.

- MVP was all smiles as the first man in the ring for this show. He told us Dixieland is officially closed and it's time to move forward without her. He addressed Bully Ray, saying he won't speak for him but regardless of his past he'll be treated like everyone else going forward, given an equal opportunity to compete just the same as the rest of the roster. As to how he'll direct wrestling operations, it's simple: Motivate, validate, and participate. He'll motivate everyone and if someone has a beef, he'll give them the chance to come out and settle things. And if there are still issues, he'll get involved himself. Cue Magnus. He threw Dixie under the bus and brought out his new associate, Abyss, who was rocking a new mask. It looks awful. Magnus put him over and claimed to understand him like Jim Mitchell and Eric Young never did. MVP got around to saying Samoa Joe was kicking Magnus' ass at Lockdown, so in the interest of fairness he booked Magnus vs. Joe for the title next week in a rematch. Then he made Abyss vs. Joe immediately.

- Abyss def. Samoa Joe via disqualification when Eric Young came down and hit a missile dropkick after Abyss went under the ring and got the board with nails in it. Big pop for Young's run-in. Joe just rolled out of the ring and bailed. Not a bad match, good heat from the crowd.

- Jeremy Borash was backstage awaiting the arrival of Bully Ray. Then, out of nowhere, Angelina Love walked up and asked: "Hey, JB, did you miss me?" So she's the returning former Knockouts champion.

- Another backstage spot with Borash waiting on Ray after a commercial. Before he could finish speaking, Willow showed up talking about how we love and we hate and then he screamed that piercing wail and oh god this is an awful gimmick.

- Brittany's debut ended up being a match with Gail Kim. It was short and mostly harmless. The finish saw her avoid a splash in the corner from Lei'D Tapa, who hit Kim. Brittany rolled Kim up right after, and got the pin. After the match, Kim got pissed at Tapa and attacked. This led to an extended beat down when Tapa laid into Kim.

- Bully Ray was attacked by Dixie's goons when he arrived. Ethan Carter 3 cut a promo on him before Rockstar Spud choked him with his own chain. Bobby Roode is the new leader of this crew and he put Ray out with a random sign. "You don't screw with me. You don't screw with Bobby Roode. You understand?"

- They showed a pre-tape of Sanada talking to Great Muta about coming to America and representing both Wrestle-1 and all of Japan as the new X Division champion.

- Sanada & Tigre Uno def. BroMans in a short but entertaining non-title tag team match. It didn't get a lot of time but it was pretty damn fun.

- Velvet Sky and Madison Rayne yukked it up backstage. Madison asked about Angelina being back and Velvet looked shocked.

- Bro Mans were pissed off backstage complaining about losing to Sanada and Tigre Uno. As they were consoling themselves with the fact that they're still tag champs, Bully Ray showed up and laid waste to the both of them. He also gave Zema Ion one hell of a wedgie.

- Samuel Shaw was backstage telling someone off camera thanks for interfering in his match at Lockdown and believing in him despite everyone else calling him a creepy bastard. He's not that, he's an "artist". Then he said "Christy", as though that's who he was talking to, and vowed to end Mr. Anderson tonight. He caught the camera guy hanging out around the corner and repeatedly asked if he had a problem while looking like an insane person.

- Willow was shown just hanging out in rafters.

- Samoa Joe found Eric Young backstage and got in his face. He said he understood Young wanting to get after Abyss but it was crossing over into his business and that's a problem. Young said he didn't care and he created the situation, so now he has to be the one to fix it. Next week, he'll be chained to Abyss during Joe's title match with Magnus. "Terrible idea, I know, but I've got to fix this."

- Rockstar Spud and EC3 came out to pay tribute to Dixie Carter. They brought a gigantic cardboard cutout picture of her with them and set it up in the corner of the ring. Spud was trying to hold back tears throughout. The crowed chanted "boring" at him and EC3 took the mic to say, "the more you chant, the more it makes him want to cry". That was glorious. Spud later called EC3 "beautiful, supple Ethan" and he responded with the best "what the fuck" look and furrow of his brow. Spud couldn't hold it together talking about Dixie making him into the man he is today. They ran a tribute video package, and it was also awesome. "MVP, you can take the Dixie Carter out of our wrestling operations but you can't take the Dixie Carter out of our hearts." They hit a home run with this. Then, MVP interrupted and said they had to stop this. He told Spud they don't need him in his position anymore, they need him to be a wrestler. He said he couldn't because he's too small, even smaller than some of the Knockouts. MVP motivated him, though, and booked him against Willow tonight. EC3 laughed, then MVP booked him against Bobby Lashley next week. EC3 claimed Lashley isn't on the roster, so they couldn't have a match. MVP revealed he signed Bobby. This caused Spud to melt down and repeatedly stick his finger in Lashley's chest. That led to Lashley dropping him with Dixie's cardboard cutout, which Spud responded to by hugging and caressing against the ropes.

- They did an interview with Borash and EC3 right after they went through the curtain. EC3 claimed he would tear Lashley's leg up just like he did Kurt Angle. Then, Bully Ray showed up and laid him out.

- Samuel Shaw came out for his match with a mannequin dressed up like Hemme. The mannequin was cut in half, so it had nothing from the waist down. He put it in the corner of the ring and gave it a kiss. I shit you not, this is what they did. Then during the match, Shaw would lay out Mr. Anderson and while he was walking over to him, make kissy faces at the mannequin. This is so batshit crazy, I might be turning the corner on it. Anderson used basic psychology to win the match, threatening to beat up the mannequin before tossing it and using the opening to hit the Mic Check for the pin. After the match, he did his Anderson ... Anderson schtick but delivered the second Anderson right in the mannequin's face while Shaw was selling. Glorious.

- Backstage, Angelina Love said she was back for one "special reason and one special person". They cut to commercial to build suspense.

- They showed Willow walking up somewhere and just staring at the camera.

- Angelina Love made her way to the ring. She said it's great to be back home in TNA. Her life has changed a lot since her departure and she's definitely grown wiser. She passed along some advice her old man gave her, that you don't really know what you've got until it's gone. That's both for wrestling and anything else in life, including past friendships. So she called out Velvet Sky, her former partner in Beautiful People. Velvet did a full entrance, including letting the pigeons loose. They hugged once she got in the ring. Love put over the fact that her career took off when they created the Beautiful People. Angelina said she thinks it's time to put the girl band back together. Velvet said she was caught off guard by all this and a lot has changed since Angelina left, including Sky finding herself. She said there will never be a bond as strong as the Beautiful People had but she's ready to move forward. Love said sometimes you have to take a step backwards to take one forward. She campaigned for a reunion even harder and Velvet continued to resist. Velvet said she loves Angelina, she just needs more time to think.

- The announcers were openly speaking of Willow being Jeff Hardy. He was disqualified after going under the ring and getting an umbrella to attack Rockstar Spud with, who was set up in the corner. Willow dances and acts insane as part of the gimmick. It's beyond stupid. They worked a spot where Spud was scared shitless coming face to face with Willow in that mask. After getting DQ'd, Willow grabbed a ladder and set it up in the ring. He also put Spud's leg in a chair and stomped it. Spud sold this like he had his leg snapped in half. Willow did a splash off the ladder and the slowly bailed while acting tormented. The crowd chanted "we want more" after this. Before leaving, Bully Ray's music hit and he shared a stare with Willow.

- Ray came out and said he was going to explain himself but then he got to the arena and things got physical. So he had to handle business. He said if Bobby Roode would have won that match, he would have just turned into another Dixie Carter and the last thing the wrestling business needs is another Dixie Carter. "I don't want to talk anymore, Bobby. I've taken out every single one of your guys. You know what I want to do? I want to do what I do best. I want to fight right now." Roode then came out and they engaged. Ray was working his old school babyface offense. He grabbed a table and set it up but got hit with a spinebuster before he could use it. Ray hit a one-man 3D before putting Roode through the table with a powerbomb. Looked like Roode smacked his head on the mat. The show closed with Ray standing over him.

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