Report: TNA could be taking Impact off the road again

Should it come to pass, it's a move that would surprise no one: According to a report, TNA could be taking "Impact" off the road to a single location once again.

After all the many reports that TNA is in dire straits financially, this should come as no real surprise. According to a report from, the company is considering taking Impact off the road again and back to a single location thereby greatly reducing costs of running tapings for its weekly television show on Spike TV.

If done, it could happen as early as the beginning of next year and one of the possible locations is the city the promotion made its home for so many years: Orlando, Florida.

Again, this isn't surprising news. The company has been cutting some of its top talent, renegotiating contracts, or simply letting them run out and playing it by ear. No one has been spared the horns of the mighty cutback bull, including Brooke Hogan, daughter of on-screen General Manager and do-no-wronger Hulk Hogan.

Despite a continued commitment from Spike TV and Viacom, ratings have remained mostly stagnant with the occasional bump thanks to running old pay-per-view (PPV) events as free TV shows made to feel more important than regular episodes of Impact. It's a strategy that has worked in the short term, relatively speaking, but may not be viable as time goes on.

Either way, it's clear TNA needs something, anything, to help get out of the hole its created.

In a recent interview with The LAW, part-time WWE superstar Chris Jericho said what most everyone is thinking regarding the issues the company faces and what the problems are:

"TNA has to do something different. I think the worst move they've made was Hogan and Bischoff and Sting. Nothing against those guys, but we've seen it so many times. It's the third go-around for those guys now in the last 15 years. There's people out there, revolutionary people, that can take it in a different direction. They've gotta get some different minds and some different faces and start working from within. That's just my opinion. I think that they're happy doing what they're doing. They never get any bigger, they never get any smaller. If that's what you're into, that's fine, but for me, I always want to take things to the next level and take some chances. If you don't, and you're just doing the same thing over and over again, then it gets boring. Good luck to them. I hope they do survive."

They are getting smaller, actually, with no signs of slowing down. Then again, Hogan thinks the two things that would fix all of their problems -- and this is after he was proven wrong when he previously stated the two things the promotion needed to do was go live and on the road, two decisions that have nearly killed the company -- is if they could get an endless supply of money and Eric Bischoff be allowed to run the show as he sees fit.


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