TNA Impact spoilers for Sept. 5: Bound for Glory Series finishes

Get complete spoilers for the episode of TNA "Impact" that is set to air on Sept. 5, 2013, from Cleveland, Ohio, that was taped last night after the live show on Spike TV.

Now that TNA has taken Impact on the road, the schedule calls for one live show immediately followed by a taping for the show set to air the very next week on Spike TV. Well, the promotion was live in Cleveland, Ohio, last night (Aug. 29, 2013) with a mostly mediocre two hours before taping next week's show.

Here are spoilers:

- Mickie James promo on how she's upset at not getting invited to the MTV Video Music Awards. But that's okay because she's got some of her own, which is all just a roundabout way to get to ODB coming out and the two brawling a bit.

- Aces and 8's promo sees Bully Ray play nice with everyone in the crew while booking their matches for the evening. Knux vs. Chris Sabin, Mr. Anderson is in the BFG Series Gauntlet match, Wes Briscoe & Garrett Bischoff vs. James Storm & Gunner. Ray sits ringside for all this.

- Knux def. Chris Sabin via disqualification thanks to general incompetence from the Aces and 8's. Ray tried to throw in a hammer for his buddy but Sabin got it and used it instead.

- AJ Styles won the Gauntlet match to earn 20 points and get into the Final Four in the BFG Series standings. So stupid how they killed their own gimmick. This is the worst. Interesting note: Jay Bradley told Hernandez they should take someone out because they weren't going to win anyway and they had an offer for a lot of money to do so.

- Briscoe & Bischoff def. Storm & Gunner after a chain was used.

- The match-ups for the BFG Series Final Four are announced: AJ Styles vs. Austin Aries and Magnus vs. Bobby Roode.

- Main event sees Sting def. Bully Ray. The match was made NO DQ by Hulk Hogan, though it was explained that it was, of course, non-title due to the stipulation from their prior match at Slammiversary. So, really, Hogan just messed up during his promo last night. Anyway, the finish saw a big brawl between the Aces and 8's and Main Event Mafia but Mr. Anderson hang back to give Bully a hammer to get out of the Scorpion Death Lock. Except he didn't give it to him, and Ray was forced to tap because of it. Anderson then climbed in the ring and completed his babyface turn by claiming he was getting a title shot against Bully at No Surrender.

Thoughts on the show, Cagesiders?

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