TNA's Bound for Glory Series has been an unorganized disaster this year

Like all things TNA, this year's Bound for Glory Series has been an unorganized disaster.

In theory, the Bound for Glory Series should be one of the most simple aspects of writing television for TNA on Impact each week. It's a round robin tournament consisting of 12 competitors who each square off against one another until everyone has matched up against everyone and a points system determines a Final Four heading into the No Surrender show to determine the winner, who goes on to challenge for the heavyweight title at Bound for Glory, the biggest pay-per-view (PPV) of the year.

Simple enough, right?

Except this year, TNA has done nothing but screw it up. Instead of simple one-on-one matches, they've done multiple gimmick bouts like four-way ladder matches with 20 points up for grabs. Or street fights, or battle royals, or tables matches, or any other gimmick you can think of.

Not only that, the booking got so messed up along the way that, as the Wrestling Observer points out, each guy is nowhere near having competed against everyone else in the tournament and most aren't even halfway there. That's with just a couple weeks to go until No Surrender, which is scheduled for Sept. 12 on Spike TV. That's where the Final Four will meet to determine the winner of the Series.

So what's the solution TNA came up with for this? If you guessed "another gimmick show" then congratulations, you win nothing. And you deserve it.

This coming Thursday night's episode of Impact will feature a show aptly entitled "MUST WIN THURSDAY" featuring three matches that will determine the final standings. They are:

AJ Styles vs. Bobby Roode
Austin Aries vs. Christopher Daniels
Hernandez vs. Kazarian

This means Jay Bradley, who shouldn't even be on the roster let alone in the BFG Series, will finish with a grand total of zero points. His 0 will never go, folks. Joseph Park and Hernandez are also on the outside looking in, having clearly established they're lack of worth in this entire process.

Meanwhile, Samoa Joe and Mr. Anderson get to just kind of hang out and hope for the best, like someone slipping up and getting disqualified to lose points so they somehow end up in the top four. Jeff Hardy, though he has as many points as Anderson, isn't mentioned in the TNA breakdown of the standings and possibilities on the company website.

Take that for whatever it's worth.

And don't forget about Magnus, who jumped out to a huge lead only to squander that via getting screwed in one match and then totally forgetting that he was even involved in the Series to begin with.

Really, the entire thing has been a disaster and the focus of the creative direction has been on Aces and 8's, the Main Event Mafia, Bully Ray and his saga with the Hogan family, and Bellator imports Rampage Jackson and Tito Ortiz.

So, a disaster all around. But hey, tune in Thursday to see who advances to the Final Four, Cagesiders!

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