What's going on with Hulk Hogan and TNA?


With TNA's financial situation so bad Brooke Hogan was axed, and Hulk Hogan making sporadic appearances, apparently to save even more money, what does the future hold for the two sides?

Although TNA finally got some good press when it smartly shot and released footage of TJ Perkins, who works under the name Manik, signing a new contract with the company, the sledding is still quite rough for the number two pro wrestling promotion in the United States.

The cuts, which started months ago, are still coming, with a whole gang of wrestlers leaving and even high end executives being forced to look for work elsewhere. Even Brooke Hogan wasn't exempt from the bloodletting, and that's led to obvious questions surrounding her father, current on-screen General Manager of Impact, Hulk Hogan.

He's been absent from television for weeks now, and according to multiple reports, his considerable contract comes up in just a few months.


Here's more from Dave Meltzer in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter:

As for Hulk Hogan, I think it would be pretty obvious this changes things for him although they are giving the public face that everything was fine with it and that Brooke was happy to move on, but his making the deal with 2K to appear in the new WWE 2K14 video game many took as a slap in the face of TNA. Hulk hasn't been on TNA television the past four weeks, and wasn't at the last two tapings but he is scheduled to return on 8/29 in Cleveland. It's a significant cost savings for TNA every time Hulk doesn't appear on television. We don't know this for certain, but the word in wrestling is that Hulk's TNA deal expires in a few months and at this point the way the booking is going with Bully Ray as the world champion and the BFG series set to determine a top contender, the Hulk vs. Bully idea at BFG seems less likely, and that would have been the perfect time for Brooke to turn on him. The thing is, from a Spike TV standpoint, Eric Bischoff has been the liaison and he speaks their language and at least has the reputation for being part of one major pro wrestling success on television, while Hogan is still Hulk Hogan. From the Spike standpoint, those two are major parts of the equation.

Based on the storyline direction, the original idea was for Brooke to turn heel on her dad and align herself with Bully Ray for the big angle at the Bound for Glory pay-per-view (PPV), which is TNA's answer to WWE's WrestleMania. Once Brooke went public with her engagement to Dallas Cowboys' Center Phil Costa, everything changed and she was quickly written off television.

Then her dad just sort of disappeared.

There were rumblings earlier this year that Ray vs. Hogan was being considered for the main event at Bound for Glory in October, with "The Hulkster" himself telling reporters he hoped to win the heavyweight title one more time before finally hanging the boots up for good.

Now, all that could be changing in favor of something no one thought would happen again: Hogan returning to WWE.

It doesn't sound all that likely now, but speculation is already running rampant thanks to WWE doing feature photo galleries on him on the front page of the company website as recently as yesterday. That's on top of his striking a deal with 2K to appear in the next video game that will hit shelves domestically on Oct. 29.

That's just nine days after Bound for Glory.

One wacky idea thrown out is that he could become a player in the McMahon family power struggle storyline that is reportedly coming and will be leading to a big money match at WrestleMania XXX. That's not to say Hogan will work that event as a wrestler, but he could very well be used in a role similar to Donald Trump back at WrestleMania 23.

It sounds crazy, all things considered, but this is professional wrestling, after all.

Never say never and all that.

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