TNA Impact results and live blog for Aug. 1: #August1Warning

TNA returns to Spike TV tonight (Aug. 1, 2013) with its latest episode of "Impact" from Wichita Falls, Texas, featuring the big reveal of who is behind the #August1Warning videos. Results and the live blog are right here.

TNA Impact comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Aug. 1, 2013) from Wichita Falls, Texas, featuring the big reveal behind the mysterious #August1Warning videos, the continuation of the Bound for Glory Series, a champion vs. champion match, and the war between the Main Event Mafia and Aces and 8's dragging on.

Scheduled matches tonight: Chris Sabin vs. Manik, Austin Aries vs. AJ Styles, Joseph Park vs. Jay Bradley, Hernandez vs. Bobby Roode.

To follow along with the live blog as it all goes down come right back here at 9 p.m. ET to check for updates from the show set to air on Spike TV.



Geno here.

Broadcast is live.

I get the program on as Taz is apparently bailing out. God, I hope he's not the mystery man for tonight.

To the ring and we get Austin Aries in with a microphone and he's putting over the world heavyweight championship, Chris Sabin winning it, and the Bound for Glory Series. He also promotes his match tonight against AJ Styles, namely hammering on the point that this is the first time it's ever happened on free TV like this.

That can't be true, can it?

He finishes up but before he bails out, Bobby Roode interrupts. TNA has such generic entrance music but Roode's theme is great.

He brings up talking about dreams and nightmares and says he's been having a shit year since Aries beat him for the title last year. Everyone has forgotten what Roode is capable of doing inside the ring.

He was the longest reigning, most dominant world champion in the history of TNA. He became the leader of the selfish generation and damn it, he is the IT FACTOR of professional wrestling.

And starting here, tonight, the game is going to change. Bobby Roode is going to go back to what got him to the dance the first time. Bobby Roode is going to do the things that made him a world champion the first time. Tonight he proves once again that it pays to be rude.

Aries takes over and agrees with everything he said. "You're the IT FACTOR or the SPIT FACTOR, since you keep spitting in my face."

He goes on to say he hopes Roode makes the finals of the BFG Series so they can meet again.

Suddenly, Hernandez's music hits and he comes rolling out for their match.


Hernandez vs. Bobby Roode

Roode gets the jump on Hernandez by attacking him while he's still on the ramp coming to the ring. They work a longer match, Roode in control for almost all of it before Hernandez makes his comeback with the Air Mexico that Roode sells beautifully.

Still, Roode counters, runs some heel misdirection with a chair distracting the referee long enough to hit Hernandez with a beer bottle to get the pinfall.

That's seven points for the former champ, his first of the series.


Pre-tape of the Main Event Mafia showing up. They don't have much of anything to say other than they're going to make a deal with Aces and 8's tonight and we should be looking forward to it.

A lot of smiles, a lot of suits, but will there be a swerve?


Joseph Park skit backstage with Eric Young. They're finally playing up Park losing his head during matches and Young has the answer for it.

Park is hesitant but doesn't want to lose his head, so he's going along with it.


Chris Sabin backstage and he finds Manik to say congratulations for winning the X Division title.

Manik, who isn't wearing his mask, brings up being T.J. Perkins for 15 years and not accomplishing anything. Then he found the mask and it represented a rebirth for him. Now he's a champion.

Sabin agrees that they both had to bust hump to get to where they are but now they're both champions, and Sabin wanted his first match to be against Manik.

So they both get all excited and then that's that.


I went out briefly and apparently I missed Joseph Park vs. Jay Bradley.

Park won and earned himself some points in the BFG Series.


There was a pre-tape with the Main Event Mafia discussing something backstage but the sound was awful and I could hardly make out what they were talking about.

Rampage said something about wanting a fight and slammed his chain down on the table in front of him. Sting said something about Bull Ray and showtime and whatever and what not.


Chris Sabin vs. Manik

Lot of chain wrestling early. They spent the first three minutes of the match with their hands interlocked and exchanging moves.

The crowd applauds once they reset, having fully shown that they can indeed choreograph that many maneuvers in a row and not botch anything.

The match went about 13 minutes and was pretty good, all things considered. A bit too choreographed for my tastes, or at least it looked too obvious what each guy was doing before they did it.

Sabin went over, of course.

While a replay is running, Bully Ray shows up in the ring and starts beating on Sabin. Manik helps distract Ray long enough for Sabin to recover and make his comeback but his offense looks god awful in the process and his head kick only hits Bully in the arm, though Ray did a front face bump going flat that looked great.

He rolled out right after and bailed up the ramp, selling huge.


Pre-tape cuts back to Taz walking up to the limo that has the mystery man to be revealed tonight. He's all pissed off about no one letting him in the building to be with his brothers and sisters in Aces and 8s.

He's so pissed, in fact, that he's going to spoil the big reveal for the #August1Warning and open the door to the limo.

He does just that and acts incredulous at what he sees inside. He laughs and can't believe it. Finally, he shows us what's inside and it's completely empty save for a laptop playing one of the hype videos.



Pre-tape backstage shows an interview with Bad Influence. They're not happy about Impact Wrestling having an agenda against them since day one. They also think it's stupid that the company would let the fans decide the BFG Series matches next week.

They don't like it, of course, because they're paired off against each other.

This leads to a brief confrontation, with Kazarian saying he's going to take the points from Christopher Daniels and when he does, Daniels better be at his best.

Then he spills Daniels' Appletini and bails out.


Gail Kim vs. ODB

The women in TNA typically wear glorified lingerie but ODB's ass is hanging out of her ring gear. She also keeps grabbing her tits for reasons I've never fully understood.

The match was physical and ended in a no contest when the two started brawling really heavy to the outside and simply wouldn't stop, prompting several referees to come down to try to stop them.


AJ Styles cuts a promo saying the same thing he's been saying for months now. He no longer cares about anyone and it's silly to have dreams because there simply isn't any room for them, just like heroes.

Instead, it's all about the money and winning the BFG Series.

So tonight he runs through Aries on his way to doing just that.


Pre-tape of the Aces and 8s meeting and Ray saying he's got business to take care of. He wants to focus on Sabin and getting him inside the cage at Hardcore Justice in two weeks.

He tries to leave but Brooke Hogan shows up and says he needs to grant her the divorce she wants because she's in a position to mess with his contract for the rematch against Sabin.

Conveniently enough, next week features a contract signing for that match.

Ray is flustered but Brooke leaves in a position of power and control.


Time for the main event.

AJ Styles vs. Austin Aries

Really good headlining match. Both guys worked hard to get it over and after a hard fought bout, traded finishers and near falls at the end to give it that epic feel.

Aries had the Last Chancery countered into the Calf Killer. Not long after, Aries hit the Brainbuster but couldn't get the full three count off it. They went to the outside and Aries countered the Styles Clash into a sickening back body drop off the side of the ramp on the outside.


Aries followed up with a suicide dive but Styles sidestepped and Aries went crashing into the steps. They went back inside and traded some hard offense until the finish, where both Aries and Styles had their shoulders down and the referee counted as much but Aries got his up at the very last second.

So he wins and gets the 7 points.

After such a good match, that finish felt bad.


Out come the Main Event Mafia for the show closing segment. Rampage continues to absolutely refuse wearing a suit.

Mike Tenay tells us we're still going to figure out the identity of #August1Warning tonight. So that pretty much gives away that it's Tito Ortiz, right?

Anyway, Sting's got the microphone and he says they're going to give the Aces and 8's an offer that they can't refuse. Kurt Angle gets the mic and he's wearing those ridiculous U.S.A. sunglasses. Before he can speak, here comes the Aces and 8's led by Mr. Anderson, who already has a mic in hand.

Anderson continually asks if the MEM wants to fight dirty. Well, if they do, they're not backing down.

Angle speaks now, and he brings up a 5-on-5 match at Hardcore Justice. But there's an added stipulation: Whatever wrestler gets pinned to end the match, that wrestler has to leave the industry for good.

And that begins the process of elimination of Aces and 8s.

Samoa Joe says this isn't a negotiation and a big brawl breaks out. The babyfaces clear the ring of all the heels and Anderson grabs the microphone to accept the stipulation right after.

Suddenly it gets real quiet, the lights go out, and Tito Ortiz comes walking down the ramp.

There's your big reveal.

Every wrestler in the building gets a terrified expression on their face while Tito just stares at Rampage with a goofy half grin/half scowl on his face.

This is how they cross promote with Bellator, I guess.


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