TNA Impact results and live blog for March 7: Lockdown go-home show

The final countdown to TNA's Lockdown pay-per-view (PPV) event this coming Sunday (March 10) from San Antonio, TX, continues with the go home show from the IMPACT wrestling zone. Participate in our live blog & open thread, right here at 8/7c.

TNA Impact Wrestling comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Mar. 7, 2013) on SpikeTV, at 8/7c, from The Impact Wrestling Zone inside Orlando, Florida's Universal Studios. The final countdown to this Sunday's (Mar. 10) Lockdown 2013 pay-per-view (PPV) event continues, with only three days to go, tonight's go-home show features "the final battle before the war in the cage"!

In case you missed any of the the action last week, you can check out all the details at, or right here at Cageside Seats in our TNA Live Blog from Feb. 28 or in our Results and Reactions from last week's show. In case you forgot, or missed it, last week the card-based gang conveniently attacked Angle before he could reveal his findings to the Impact Zone.

So, we hope to discover how Kurt Angle is doing and precisely whom the former Olympian saw after infiltrating the Aces & 8s clubhouse and unmasking the gang's VP. (Hrmm, could it be Wes Brisco? No? How will we ever manage to wait and see?) This week we also get the results of TNA's Gut Check to reveal who the judges picked to join the Knockouts Roster. (The choice was between female newcomers Lei'd Tapa and Ivelisse Velez.)

Now that both of the "Lethal Lockdown Teams" are set, Team Sting, Team Icon, Team TNA and the Aces & 8s will be battling it out in a Best-Of-Three Series; whomever reigns victorious gains the advantage heading into the PPV this weekend.

Remember to check back right here at 8 p.m. ET tonight to follow along with the live blog as it all goes down.



C. J. Bradford at the helm for some IMPACT-ful times, Cagesiders!

Recap of all the glorious Aces & 8s garbage you may have missed last week.

Backstage with Kurt angle refusing to tell us who the leader of Aces & 8s is.



Austin Aries down to the ring!

He tells us that he is the common denominator of greatness.

He's not wrong.

Aries informs us that he has no idea where Bobby Roode is, but that's okay. Aries won last week with out his partner. Then afterwards, he took time out of his busy life to give both Bully Ray and Jeff Hardy words of confidence.

But neither of them took the time to appreciate it.

Bully told Aries last week that he would never be the World Heavyweight Champion again.

So Aries is calling out Hardy right now!

Jeff Hardy vs. Austin Aries

Aries jumps Hardy before the match can even begin. He tosses the fake belt aside and rolls Hardy into the ring.

Bell rings and Aries is in control. He's throwing lefts and rights before following it with an Irish Whip - Splash combo.

Only gets a two count.

Drops the knee to the neck, but again only gets two.

Kick to the gut, followed by a few more rights. Hardy is stumbling into the ropes. Aries takes the opportunity to choke him out a bit.

Goes for the cover, but again only gets two.

Hardy regains composure and the pair exchange blows. The chapion takes the upperhand and walks Aries into the corner. He goes for the whip, but Aries reverses.

Aries follows right behind. Hardy tries to get the legs up, but Aries catches them and tosses Hardy over the ropes and onto the ground below.

Now Aries mocks Hardy's little dance move.

We come back from commercial with Hardy getting the offense rolling. He goes for the sunset flip...

But Aries rolls throw and counters with the drop kick.

Only gets a two count.

Aries with a few 'bows to the head. Aries goes for the suplex...

But Hardy counters with an inside cradle!

Aries kicks out at two.

Aries quickly hits a fly clothesline!

Hardy kicks out at two.

Hardy hanging in the corner. Aries boxes the ears before delivering a stiff chop.

Hardy fights back with a kick. The pair flip position. The Champion goes for the splash...

And eats turnbuckle.

Aries to the second rope for the small frog splash.

He gets a long two count.

Aries no bitching at the ref. Hardy almost takes advantage with a rollup

Only gets a two count..

Hardy delivers a boot to the face before hitting a jawbreaker. Aries stumbles into the corner. Hardy follows with a splash.

Off the ropes Hardy goes, and he hits the flying clothesline. Aries is down. To the second rope we go, and Hardy with the small splash.

Only gets two.

Hardy goes for the Twist-O, but is pushed into the corner. Aries tries to follow, but Hardy gets the legs up and sends Aries flying to the outside.

Suicide dive by Hardy and Aries is out. Hardy rolls him back into the ring. To the top rope he goes...

But Aries is able to get up and land the right to knock Hardy off.

Aries goes for the suplex...

But Hardy counters with a Twist-O! And now a second!


Well that was unexpected.

Morgan sets up Hardy's face against to steel post. He's going for the Carbon Footprint!

But here comes Bully with his steel chain wallet to make the save!


Sting hyping up Team TNA. Then he starts screaming.

Oh Sting...


Backstage with Morgan saying that he knows what he wants and deserves. He warned Hogan that he would gut through the entire roster.

And he's just getting started.


Recap of Angle's long history with Aces & 8s.


Out comes Wes to sprout some nonsense. He says that his dad and uncle were some of the greatest wrestlers, and they both loved Kurt Angle. Wes wanted to be Kurt.

Then he wanted to beat Kurt.

Wes calls Kurt worthless, like the tin medals around his neck. This Sunday, he will use Kurt as a stepping stone.

Out comes Kurt to respond!

He tells Wes that if you don't respect Kurt, you don't respect the business.

Kurt flies into the ring. The pair drop to the ground and they exchange blows.

Al Snow and D'Lo come into the ring to break them up...

And D'Lo turns! He is a member of Aces & 8s!


Color me shocked.


Backstage with Aces & 8s celebrating.

Good for them.


Sting vs. Devon

Sting with the quick offense. A few chops and he sends Devon off the ropes...

Who comes flying back with a spear.

A hard right to the dome sends Sting into the corner. Devon follows up with half a dozen more.

Sting slow to get to his feet. And he's quickly knock down by a clothesline.

Only gets a two count.

Devon with the headlock. Stng tries to get to a standing base. He lands a few 'bows, but Devon is right there with a heavy right and neckbreaker.

Pin fall attempt gets two.

Devon choking Sting out on the ropes. He follows it up with a body slam.

To the top rope he goes...

And his face eats mat.

Sting gets his shine with a clothesline - clothesline - chop - clothesline over the top rope combo. He bounces Devon's skull off the barricade a few times.

Then a fan tosses a beer into Sting's face.

Devon rolls Sting into the ring...

And gets the three count.

What. The. Hell...

Sting is bleeding pretty bad. I don't know what was in the cup. I really hope this is a work.

On second look, it might just be make up running. So now I'm all confused.


Backstage with Velvet Sky loving her new Knockouts Championship.

Here come Gail Kim to claim her new title. She tells Sky that the champion is on notice.

And Sky smacks her across the face.


Gut Check judges debating on whether to keep Tappa and Veléz.

Tappa goes through! Veléz is gone!

C.J. don't care!


Chavo Guerrero, Hernandez, & Velvet Sky vs. Christopher Daniels, Kazarian, & Gail Kim

Hernandez and Kaz starting things up. Hernandez sends Kaz into the corner. The pair circle, and go right back at each other.

Kaz slams Hernandez face first into the turnbuckle and makes the tag. Daniels in to throw some forarms.

He goes for the body slam, but Hernandez reverses.

In comes Chavo with a drop kick. He tags Hernandez back in, who wraps up Daniels with the bear hug before tossing him across the ring.

Suplex attempt by Hernandez, but Kaz goes flying into the ring to break it up.

Hernandez drops them both with a double clothesline.

Chavo in with a drop kick. He tries to whip Daniels, but it's reversed. No matter, as he hits the head scissors takedown.

Daniels bitching to the Tarrell as Gail drops Chavo.

Daniels takes advantage and sends Chavo into the corner.

Kaz with the clothesline on the apron.

Tag into Kaz, who hits the swinging neckbreaker. He sends Chavo back into the corner. Tag to Danials, who against distract the ropes while Gail and Kaz choke out Chavo.

Tag to Kaz, who drops the leg on Chavo.

Cover attempt only gets two.

Chavo tries to get to his feet, but a huge shot by Kaz drops him back down.

Tag to Daniels. He lets off a quick stomp and goes for the cover.

Only gets two.

Chavo is able to drop Daniels to the mat. Both men crawling to their corners...

Gail gets the hot tag! Sky gets the hot tag! Everyone gets the hot tag!

Sky gets her shine with a series of clotheslines. A head scisors takedown is followed up by a spear.

She goes for the pin attempt, but Daniels in the ring to lift Sky up.

It looks like Daniels wants a kiss from the Knockouts Champion

But here comes "Super Mex" to send Daniels flying.

A drop kick by Kaz brings the big man down!

A shoulder tackle by Chavo sends both men tumbling out of the ring!

Kaz holds Chavo, keeping him still.

Daniels using the ropes to go flying...

Right into his partner.

Hernandez with a huge suicide dive!

That leaves Sky and Gail alone in the ring.

Gail with the Eat Defeat!

That gets the three count.


Recap of D'Lo's revealing himself as the leader of Aces & 8s.


Sting slamming his bat into the ground, screaming at his team about trust.

Magnus tells everyone that he will show everyone who he is.


AJ Styles' friend is looking for him. AJ slams his friend into a car. AJ's friend leaves.

...well then.


DOC & Eric Bischoff vs. Magnus & Samoa Joe

Joe and Eric starting things off. Joe with the arm hold to bring Eric to his knees. Eric tries to reverse, but that fails miserably.

Eric finally makes it to the ropes. Joe keeps the pressure on with a few hard rights.

Eric rakes the eyes to create some room

Joe with the shoulder tackle

tag to Magnus

Eric with another eye rake. Mangus sends Eric flying into the ropes. Eric manages to roll out of the ring. Mangus follows...

And DOC is right there to drop Magnus.

Back into the ring we go. The pair exchange blows, with Eric getting the upper hand. He chokes Magnus out on the top rope before tagging in DOC.

A tag team whip is followed by a big man splash. DOC lands lefts and rights to Magnus' midsection.

Pin attempt only gets 2.

DOC with the head lock. Magnus tries to fight back with a few elbows. He breaks free, runs the ropes...

And a double clothesline drops both men.

They slowly crawl to their corners...

Joe with the hot tag! Eric with the hot tag! Everyone gets a hot tag!

Joe with a series of clotheslines before hitting a suplex. He follows it up with inverted atomic drop, running drop kick, and running senton. He goes for the cover!

Breakup by Eric at two.

Magnus drops Eric with a clothesline.

Joe goes post to post with a splash and head kick. He drops DOC in the middle of the ring...

And Magnus is right there to drop the 'bow.

That gets the three count.


Kenny King backstage hyping himself up


Eric Young, ODB, and James Strom backstage. Sting walks up...

Dude face is covered in blood. He just does not look good.

Eric tells Sting that he may be a funny guy, but there's nothing funny about what he will do to Aces & 8s. He gives a passionate promo.

So Sting picks Storm, who didn't say a single word.


Gut Check judges Danny Davis, Bruce Prichard, and Al Snow to decide the fate of Tappa.

I guess they only allowed her to get to the next round of interviews.

Out comes Tappa to a round of boos.

They are hating her. I can't tell if it's real heat of X-Pac heat. But she got a damn reaction.

Davis gives her a yes.

Prichard gives a small moment to say we will all miss Paul Bearer.

He follows it up with a no.

Tappa with a 30-second promo.

Two years ago she started in pro wrestling. She came to the ring last week, and although she lost, she knows what she can do in the future. She knows she can dominate the Knockout Division.

She knows she can be great!

Snow gives her a yes.

That's two to one. Tappa is in.


Robbie E telling Rob Terry that he received just a taste of what will happen Sunday.

He does his best Taylor Swift impersonation, telling Rob Terry that he will "never, ever, ever be on the Bro List again."


James Strom vs. Mr. Anderson

Bell sounds and both men circle. Anderson charges, but Storm locks him up.

Into the ropes Storm goes, and sends Anderson flying with a hip toss.

Anderson comes flying out of the corner with a nasty clothesline.

Storm hanging in the corner. Anderson throws some rights before sending him post to post.

He goes for the cover, but Storm kicks out at one.

Anderson with a few forearms across the back before working on the arm. Storm comes back with an arm drag, but Anderson is right there with a shoulder tackle.

Only gets a one count.

Anderson back to the arm. The pair exchange rights before Storm drops Anderson with an atomic drop - bulldog combo. He follows it up with a kick to the back to the head and a mat slam.

Anderson manages to send Storm over the top rope. Storm skins the cat and comes flying back into the ring. Anderson goes for the neck breaker, but Storm counters into Closing Time.

And here comes Aces & 8s to mean mug outside the ring!

But here comes Team TNA to even things up!

And here is Mr. Anderson with a Mic Check for the three count.


Bully and Brooke make their way to the ring.

And Hardy is quick to follow!

Bully tells Hardy that they only have three days until they meet. The word on the street is that this will be the biggest TNA PPV of all time. These two will do what they do best.

And that is make professional wrestling history.

Bully tells Hardy that the fact he holds the belt is a big deal. But the fact that he has battled back from his personal demons is a bigger deal.

Bully tells Hardy he is proud of him

Guys...I think I'm tearing up a bit. I'm not even being snarky. This is really cool.

Hardy tells Bully that ever since he came to TNA, everyone has beaten him down.

But he remains the champion.

Hardy knows that Bully will beat the crap out of him on Sunday.

But no matter what happens at Lockdown, he's proud of Bullly.

Bully says that he is proud of his accomplishments and the history, but never of himself. Bully's never looked in the mirror and said he was proud of Bully.

The only way to do that is to win the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

Bully will not climb over the top of the cage. He will not walk through the front door. He will drop Hardy with his best move, pick up the pinfall.

And will become the NEW TNA World Heavyweight Champion

And here comes Hogan! On crutches.

Son of a...

He hypes up both men, and he says that this "good little company" is ready for greatness. TNA is looking for the next leader.

He goes on to build up Hardy and Bully.

The pair shake hands in the ring.

And here comes Aces & 8s!

And Team TNA!

And this is a cluster [explicit] to end the [explicit] show.

Son of a [explicit].


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