TNA Impact results and live blog for March 28: LIVE from Jonesboro

Tonight's Impact episode comes to you LIVE! from Jonesboro, AR for the first time in over a decade, with Hulk Hogan and The Icon Sting. Be sure to participate in our live blog & open thread, right here at 8/7c.

Tonight (Mar. 28), TNA Impact will be on SpikeTV with a LIVE episode from Jonesboro, AR at the ASU Convocation Center at 8/7 central. This will be the first time Jonesboro has hosted a LIVE TV taping in more than a decade.

TNA describes the event as featuring the appearances of "THE IMMORTAL" HULK HOGAN and "THE ICON", all of your favorite IMPACT WRESTLING Superstars will be on IMPACT LIVE on SpikeTV!

In case you missed any of this the action last weekend, you can check out all the details at, or right here at Cageside Seats in our Impact Live Blog from Mar. 21. Additional places to visit include our PPV Coverage Section and our TNA IMPACT Wrestling Section.

Remember to check back right here at 8 p.m. ET tonight to follow along with the live blog as it all goes down.



C. J. Bradford at the helm for some IMPACT-ful times TONIGHT, Cagesiders!

Recap of Bully Ray revealing himself to be the leader of Aces & 8s, and Jeff Hardy winning the #1 Contendership.

Out comes Hardy to start the show!

He welcomes the "Creatures" to the show. Last week he tested himself against Kurt Angle, Magnus, and Samoa Joe, and now he's the #1 Contender!

But tonight is Open Fight Night!

"Blah! Blah! Blah! Blah!"

Out comes Aces & 8s to interrupt Mr. Hardy.

Bully tells everyone in the arena to sit down and shut their mouth. He is sick and tired of hearing Hardy's voice. He asks if anyone knows who they are.

Bully: "We. Are. The Aces & 8s."

No [explicit], Sherlock.

Bully is wondering if Jeff wants to call him out. It wouldn't be for the title, and Bully is afraid of something happening in front of all the moronic creatures.

Mr Anderson wonders if Hardy is getting another second chance, and then is in disbelief.

Just kidding! Hardy gets all the chances!

As long as Hardy isn't burning down buildings or "selling mercy," Hardy keeps getting chances.

But Hardy is nothing but a disappointment.

Anderson insists that Hardy lost fair and square, and...

Hardy has had enough! He attacks Anderson, knocking him off the apron.

That was stupid.

Aces & 8s swarm. They are quick to lay him out, then hold him up. Bully has got the chain!

But here comes the TNA roster to make the save! Angle, Young, Joe, and Magnus all send Aces & 8s from the ring.

And Hardy tells Anderson he's calling him out!


Recap of Dirty Heels retaining, and Bad Influence attacking them after the match.

Chavo and Hernandez backstage. Chavo is pissed they lost last week, and promises it will not happen again.

Chavo: "It's Open Fight Night, son!"

Out comes Chavo & Hernandez to the ring. Chavo tells the audience they were robbed of the championships.

So tonight is about payback.

And this will by for the #1 Contender to the Tag Team Championships!

Bad Influence is being called out!

Here comes Christopher Daniels & Kazarian to answer the call!

Chavo & Hernandez vs. Bad Influence

Kaz and Chavo starting things off. Kaz backs Chavo into the corner with a series of punches.

Chavo comes back with a pair of arm drags. Quick tag to Hernandez is followed by a double team body slam and a big splash by Hernandez.

Only good for a two count.

Kaz makes it to his corner to tag in Daniels. He comes flying into the ring...

Only to be met by a bear hug.

Tag to Chavo, who flies off the rope for a shoulder block.

Daniels is begging for a moments rest, but Chavo does not let up.

Daniels is able to gain control with a whip from post to post. He tries to follows, but Chavo sends him up and over onto the steel steps.

Kaz sends Chavo out of the ring. Back comes Daniels, and they lay the double team on Hernandez.

Everyone in the ring now! Chavo and Hernandez find themselves thrown through the ropes.

But here they come roaring back with a pair of suicide dives!

Chavo tries to hit the Three Amigos, but it's broken up. Daniels is the legal man, but Kaz is right there to rake Chavo's eyes.

We come back from commercial with Kaz kicking Chavo and mocking his dance. Tag to Daniels, who hopes over the rope to drop the knee.

Only gets two.

Daniels goes to work on Chavo's shoulder with a top wrist lock. Chavo is able to fight back with a few body blows.

Off the ropes goes Chavo...

Right into a hurricanrana!

Daniels is sent into his corner and tags in Kaz. He gets laid out by Chavo quick.

Hernandez gets the hot tag! The bodies goes flying! Big splash on Daniels! Kaz is sent into the corner. He picks up Kaz for the Canadian -- Mexican? -- Backbreaker Drop.

And Chavo places Daniels on his shoulder as well!

Down goes Bad Influence!

Somehow Daniels kicks out at two.

Double team on Hernandez, and Bad Influence is finally able to drop the big man. Daniels goes for the cover.

Kaz is holding the leg, but the ref sees it. Ref starts the count.

Hernandez knocks both down with a double clothesline.

Bad Influence is able to fight back and drop Hernandez again. Daniels goes for the pinfall attempt.

But his foot is on the rope. Ref stops the count.

Daniels complains to the ref, but is getting nothing.

He runs the ropes...

Right into a sitdown powerbomb.

Tag to Chavo, who makes his way to the top rope...

But he's sent flying off the perch by Kaz!

Roll up by Daniels!

Only good for two.

Herandez sens Kaz flying into the barricade.

Daniels goes for Angel's Wings!

Chavo is able to escape! To the top rope he goes...

And he hits the Frog Splash! That gets the three count, and Chavo & Hernandez are your #1 Contenders!


Backstage with outside the Knockouts locker room. Terrell comes out, holding her ring gear to cover her "Knockouts." She knows who she is calling out tonight.

Can't wait!


Recap of Brooke Hogan firing Terrell as a ref, and hiring her as a Knockout, and Terrell attacking Gail Kim.

Out comes Terrell, looking lovely I might add.

Little too much makeup for a fight, though.

Terrell is calling out the woman who insulted, attacked, and got her fired.

Gail Kim!

And here comes Kim to the ring!

Looking lovely as well, I might add.

Kim says that Terrell made a rookie mistake. Does Terrell actually think she can call out the greatest female wrestler who ever lived?

Does she want to be embarrassed?

But there is a woman who wants to call Terrell out!


Out comes Tara -- ! -- and Jessie Godderz -- !! -- to the ring.

But Kim is quick to lay out Terrell, and the two on one beatdown commences!

But here comes Velvet Sky to make the save! She sends Kim and Tara flying out of the ring!

Kim crawling up the ramp, and she is not pleased.


Backstage with Sky and Terrell. Sky says that Terrell has been through a lot, and she had to have her friends back.

Suddenly Terrell runs off! Kim and Tara were walking down the hallway, and Terrell launches an offensive attack.

Sky rushes to pull her off, and the pairs finally separate.


Video calling for participants for Gut Check.

We meet the two contestants for next week Gut Check.

Adam Pearce and Magno!

It should be noted Magno is rocking the Luchador mask.


Sting walking around backstage before he's stopped by security.

He starts screaming.

He should invest in a new hearing aid.


Recap of Aces & 8s attack on Hardy.

In Hogan's office with him and Hardy. Hulk is telling Hardy he's booked for the rematch on April 11. Hulk is adamant that Hardy will be the man who will lead TNA back to glory.

Hulk also apologizes for locking him in a cage, only to be attacked by Aces & 8s.

Hardy says it's all good. He lives in the present, not the past.

Hulk tells Hardy that the #1 Contender will pick the stipulation for the championship match.

Sting's music rings, and Hulk limps out of the office.


Sting to the ring!

Glad he didn't need his walker.

Sting says that Bully "swerved" him and Hulk.

Let Joseph Park keep that gimmick, mmkay?

Sting needs to fix this problem, so...

He's calling out Hulk!

Hulk makes his way out of the ring. Sting is going to apologizing to Hulk. And if Hulk does not accept, things will get nuclear.

Um, that's not how apologies work.

Hulk says he should have listened to his gut about Bully. But everyone, including Sting, was in his ear. Everyone told him to trust Bully, and he didn't listen to his gut.

And now TNA is in danger!

Sting says that it was Hulk's decision. That instead of pointing his finger at guys like him, Sting tells Hulk that he needs to own up to his decision.

Hulk says that he did pick Bully, that he walked his daughter down the aisle. He is the General Manager, and he made the final decision. So right now, as the General Manager, he's going to make another final decision.

Hulk: "Get the hell out of my ring, brother!"

Sting: "Make me."

Out comes security to keep the two men apart. Hulk rips the shirt -- of course! -- and the pair are almost at blows!

Sting is finally escorted away from the ring and he heads to the back.


Backstage Matt Morgan watches Sting exit the arena.

Morgan: "Another. Hogan. Mistake."

Sting pauses before finally leaving.


Recap of the Sage of AJ Styles.

It's like the silent film version of the Namek Saga.


Out comes James Storm. He says that two weeks ago AJ made his return, but it was not the return Storm was looking for. Last week he tried to talk to AJ, but AJ just walked out.

So tonight, he is calling out AJ Styles!

No one is coming out.

Taz: "Maybe he's at the bar?"

And AJ is standing in the audience!

Oh man they are straight ripping the gimmick.

Storm says that he understands adversity. He lost a huge match, and had to take some time off. But he picked himself up, and that is what AJ needs to do.

Storm tells AJ that there are two options. They can drink a beer together.

Or they can fight.

Either way, Storm is good.

But here comes Aces & 8s to lay out Storm!

AJ just walks away while Stor gets the crapped kicked out of him by DOC, Wes, and Gerrett.

Out comes Young to make the save!

It fails.

But here comes Angle to help!

And he sends all three fleeing with a few well placed rights.

Angle tells the trio that he's not done with them.

We got three men on both sides.

So lets have a six-man tag team match!

James Storm, Eric Young, & Kurt Angle vs. DOC, Garrett Bischoff, & Wes Brisco

Storm and Gerrett starting things off. They circle before Storm unleashes the rights. Gerrett is sent off the ropes, and Storm rides him down.

Head first into the turnbuckle goes Gerrett. Post to post whip is reversed, but Storm bounces off and drops Gerrett.

Tag to Young. Double team elbow.

Only gets the two count.

Young throwing the rights. He runs the ropes.

And Garrett hits the clothesline.

And gives a nice F-U to the fans.

Into the heel corner Young goes. Tag to Wes, who continues to let the punches fly. Post to post whip...

But Young flips over the top of the turnbuckle!

He lands a flying forearm.

Only good for two.

Tag to Angle, who lands the rights in the corner. Wes drops down, and Angle starts to stomp a mudhole. Aces & 8s complain to the ref.

And Young with some heelish cheap shots there.

Tag to Young, who continues to let the punches fly. Stomps Wes down in a neutral corner. He hits the body slam before dropping the elbow.

Only gets two.

Young is sent off the ropes, but Garrett is there with a knee to the back. Young knocks him off the apron.

But turns right into a big forearm from Wes.

Only good for two.

Tag to Garrett, who slams Young's head into the turnbuckle.

We come back from commercial with Young trapped in a Wes headlock. He shakes Wes off...

And Storm gets the hot tag! He's laying everyone out!

But he ventured too close to the corner, and DOC conked him good.

Tag to DOC. He lands a few blows before sending Storm into the ropes.

Garrett is right there to land an extra right.

Duble underhook suplex from DOC.

Only gets two.

Tag to Garrett. Storm is able to fight back with a few rights.

But Garrett drops him with a shoulder block.

Garrett letting the blows fly to the downed Storm.

Tag to Wes. They whip Storm into the corner. Garrett then whips him into a Wes clothesline.

Storm tries to crawl away, but Wes is there to hit the suplex.

Only good for two.

Wes with the headlock. Storm is able to make it to his feet. He tries to break the hold with a few body shots.

But Wes slams his dome into the mat.

Tag to DOC. He lands the lefts-rights to the body. Storm drops to his knees. He uses the corner to get to his feet.

DOC charges, but eats shoulder. He charges again, but eats boots. Storm comes flying out of the corner, off the ropes, and hits the cross body.

Both men are down! Both men are crawling!

Wes gets the hot tag! Angle gets the hot tag! Everyone gets the hot tag!

Angle is laying everyone out with clotheslines and suplexes!

Angle Slam on Wes!

The straps are off!

And D-Lo Brown is there to interrupt.

Wes tries to attack the turned around Angle, but he gets put into the Ankle Lock.

But Garrett is the legal man! He rolls up Angle, and that gets the three count.


In Aces & 8s super secret clubhouse. Bully gives a toast to DOC, Wes, and Garrett. Devon adds D-Lo to the list.

Bully agrees. No one walks alone.

Bully tells Anderson that he cannot believe Hardy would call out Anderson.

Anderson don't care! He flips out! He says Hardy won't make it to the 11th! Anderson is swinging the hammer! He sends beer flying! He's gone insane!

Dude needs to relax some!


We get some hype of One Night Only: X-Travaganze

Next week we'll be getting a three way #1 Contendership Match for the X Division Championship.

In two weeks we'll be seeing the Tag Team Championship and the TNA World Heavyweight Championship on the line.


Recap of Jeff Hardy vs. Bully Ray at Lockdown

Recap of Aces & 8s jumping Hardy earlier tonight


Jeff Hardy vs. Mr. Anderson

Hardy starts the match with a quick kick and a flurry of punches. Anderson is able to over power him and land a few rights of his own.

Whip from post to post by Anderson. He tries to follow, but Hardy is able to stop his momentum and get his feet up. Headscissors takedown by Hardy sends Anderson flying out of the ring.

Hardy is quick to follow. He slams Anderson's head into the announcers desk, and then into the apron. He then fires up the crowd a bit.

Anderson is able to slam Hardy into the steel steps to regain momentum. He chokes Hardy out of the ropes.

Hardy slow to get up. Anderson charges...

And a backbody drop sends Anderson into the ring.

We come back from commercial with Anderson trying to work Hardy's arm. Hardy is able to get to his feet and throw a few blows. He whips Anderson into the corner. He tries to follow, but meets Anderson's boot. Anderson lands an arm breaker.

Only good for a two count.

Anderson lands a stomp and goes back to work on Hardy's injured arm. Hardy again makes it back to his feet, and this time an arm drag sends Anderson off.

The pair exchange rights. They both are stumbling. Hardy gains the advantage. His whip is reversed, but he counters with a flying forearm.

Hardy drops the legs on Anderson's lower region.

To the top rope Hardy goes...

And he lands the big splash!

Only gets two.

Anderson with a rolling fireman's carry.

Only good for two.

Anderson charges, but he meets Hardy's elbow.

Hardy goes for a moonsault!

But eats mat.

Only gets two.

Anderson goes for the cover again.

Again only a two count.

Again he covers.

And again only two.

Out comes a member of Aces & 8s to sneak in a hammer to Anderson.

But Hardy hits the Twist-O-Fate!

He picks up the hammer, and the ref finally notices.

Hardy don't care! He smacks Anderson with a hammer! He smacks the Aces & 8s member with the hammer.

He gets a chair and sets up Anderson on the ropes.

And launches himself off the chair to land the flying leg drop!

Hardy going to get supplies. He gets a table! He gets a ladder!

Anderson tries to fight back with a suplex, but Hardy reverses into a Twist-O.

Anderson is set up on the table. To the top of the ladder Hardy goes...

But Bully comes in to make the save! He pulls Anderson off, flips the table, and walks off.

Hardy gets the mic from his perch. He knows the stipulation for the championship match.

No rules. No disqualification. Tables. Ladders. Chairs.

Full! Metal! Mayhem!

Fade to black on Hardy and Bully stare down.


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