TNA Impact results and live blog for March 21: Bully Ray's con revealed

Tonight's episode features Hulk Hogan and the TNA Roster responding to the Aces & 8s attack, Bobby Roode & Austin Aries vs. Chavo Guerrero & Hernandez, Kenny King vs. Zema Ion & Sonjay Dutt, plus, Knockouts action, Bully Ray's gameplan revealed and Joseph Park vs. Matt Morgan. Be sure to participate in our live blog & open thread, right here at 8/7c.

Tonight (Mar. 21), TNA Impact will be on SpikeTV with a taped episode from their recent trip to Chicago, IL and the Sears Centre Arena. This episode from the windy city will feature some sort of con game-plan reveal, as a statement teasing as much was recently released from the Aces & Eights: "Our President Bully Ray will be on IMPACT and tell the whole nine months story on how he pulled off the greatest con in history! We're talking about a step-by-step video look at Bully's genius, for those who questioned the Aces and 8s plan!"

Tonight, Hogan and the TNA Roster will respond to the Aces & 8s attack from last week, the World Tag Team Champions Bobby Roode & Austin Aries will defend their title against former champions Chavo Guerrero & Hernandez, the X Division Champion Kenny King will defend his title against Zema Ion & the returning Sonjay Dutt. Then, Joseph Park will battle Matt Morgan. In Knockouts action: After what happened at Lockdown involving Gail Kim, informs us that, "Knockouts referee Taryn Terrell has been put on probation! Knockouts executive Brooke Hogan will be on IMPACT to make a ruling on Taryn's future in TNA!"

In case you missed any of this the action last weekend, you can check out all the details at, or right here at Cageside Seats in our Impact Live Blog from Mar. 14. Additional places to visit include our Lockdown PPV Results and Live Blog from Mar. 10, our PPV Coverage Section and our TNA IMPACT Wrestling Section.

Remember to check back right here at 8 p.m. ET tonight to follow along with the live blog as it all goes down.



C. J. Bradford at the helm for some IMPACT-ful times TONIGHT, Cagesiders!

Video of Bully Ray bragging about his secret plan.

It actually looks really impressive when it's laid out in one bit.

Out comes Hulk Hogan on his bad wheel to start the show!

Hulk lets his maniacs know that he's been to hell and back, but he's never had the wool pulled over his eyes like Aces & 8s have. They fooled him, his family, Sting, and the rest of the roster.

Now that Aces & 8s have massacred the TNA roster last week, Hogan realized this is a war of survival.

Hogan getting quite the pop in the Windy City.

He goes on to say that these four men are the leaders of this locker room. And they are...

Samoa Joe!


Kurt Angle!

and Jeff Hardy!

Hogan thanks these men, and the rest of the warriors in the back. But these four in particular need to take the World Heavyweight Championship back for TNA.

Hogan asks Hardy if he's ready for a rematch.

Hardy informs him that "The Creatures" need the belt back. He goes on to say that these four men should have a Four Way Match to determine the #1 Contender.

Hogan loves that idea!

And it's official! That match will be tonight!


Video of Bully explaining Plan A. He says that he was supposed to win the Bound For Glory, so Aces & 8s attacked the contestants to create chaos. He made sure that every sign pointed at James Storm. All he had to do is win at No Surrender. He defeated Storm when Bobby Roode interfered.

Bully almost won the whole thing, but Hardy proved to be a tougher opponent than he though.

So he moved onto Plan B.

By Zeus, this was actually thought through! I am....stunned.

Brilliantly done.


Austin Aries & Bobby Roode vs. Chavo Guerrero & Hernandez for the Tag Team Championship

Chavo and Roode starting things off. Chavo flipping around the ring before going to work on Roode's arms. Roode reverses, then Chavo reverses again.

Roode's right hand ends the madness.

Off the ropes Chavo goes and lands the head scissors take down. He sends Roode into the face's corner before landing a series of body blows.

Tag to Hernandez, who hits the splash.

Only gets two.

Roode sends Hernandez into the heel's corner and tags in Aries. Aries distracts the ref while Roode chokes out Hernandez.

Aries with the chops in the corner.

Tag back to Roode, who goes to work with a stomp to the midsection.

Back to Aries, and they go for the double team suplex. Hernandez reverses and hits the suplex on them both.

Chavo gets the tag, and his drop kicks send Roode out of the ring.

We come back form commercial with Aries tossing Chavo out of the ring. Roode is right there to slam his head into the steel steps. Off the top ropes Aries goes with the double axe handle.

Chavo is rolled back into the ring.

But he kicks out at two.

Again with the cover, and again Chavo kicks out.

Aries with the headlock. Chavo fights out, but quickly eats a knee to the gut.

Tag to Roode, who goes for the quick cover.

Only gets two.

Roode with the head lock. Chavo manages to fight out and send Roode into the corner. To the top rope he goes, and down he comes with a DDT.

Both men crawling to their corners.

Aries gets the hot tag! Hernandez gets the hot tag! Everyone gets a hot tag!

Hernandez with the axe handles to drop Aries. Roode comes flying in, and he gets dropped.

Up in the air Aries goes, and down he comes crashing to the mat.

Hernadez leaves the ring and walks up the ramp. Down he comes...

And a huge suicide dive through the ropes!

He sets Aries up on his back.

Roode is right there to break it up.

Off the ropes Roode goes...

But Herdedez sends him flying with a should block!

Aries off the rope rope...

But Hernadez catches him!

Aries don't care! He sends him flying through the ropes!

Chavo is right there to hit the Three Amigos.

Up to the tope rope he goes...

And here is Kazarian to distract the refs while Christopher Daniels pushes Chavo off the turnbuckle.

Aries is there with the rollup and the three count!

Their celebration is short lived and Daniels and Kaz attack the champions.


Video package for X Division, introducing a weight limit and all title defenses are Three Ways.

Kenny King backstage, welcoming two dudes to challenge for his title.

He shills for Five Hour Energy.

Gotta pay those bills somehow.


Kenny King vs Zema Ion vs. Sonja Dutt for the X Division Championship

I'm going to try my best, Cagesiders, to keep up. Apologies if there are any gaps.

Bell rings and Ion ties up Dutt.

King there with a should block.

Dutt is thrown into the corner. King bounces off him and into Ion. Dutt sends them both flying out of the ring.

Dutt gets too close to the ropes and is thrown into the barricade by King and Ion.

Front flip by King right into Ion. He bounces Ion's head off the apron.

Into the ring we go. Ion kicks out at two.

Whip from post to post, followed by a splash. Dutt jumps on the apron, but eats a right hand.

King chokes out Ion with the boot. He follows it with a tight suplex and series of rights. King slams Ions head into the mat.

Dutt climbs on the apron, but King drops his neck into the rope.

King flies to the corner, but Ion gets the shoulder up. Spinning heel kick by King drops Ion.

Dutt off the top rope to drop King. Again he goes to the top rope, but King sends him flying to the floor.

Ion gets a few rights in, but King drops him with a kick to the head.

Ion is able to hit a tornado DDT.

Dutt comes flying into the ring with a hurricanrana.

King and Ion out of the ring. Dutt goes flying off the tope rope with a moonsault.

Almost botched that, but nice recovery.

Dutt rolls Ion into the ring. He makes his way to the top rope.

Moonsault stomp!

King comes flying off the top rope to slam Dutt's head into the mat.

That is good for the three count, and King retains!


Backstage with Brooke Hogan refusing to talk about Bully or her father. She is here to do Knockout business.


Video of Bully explaining Plan B after Hardy won the BFG Series.

So he used Joseph Park as bait to lure Hulk and Sting in.

Bully was going to be the hero who stepped up and "save" TNA from Aces & 8s. He shook Hogan's hand and became Sting's best friend.

And he "lost" to his brother, Devon.

And he wooed Brooke, knowing Hulk would hate it.

Which would make Brooke want him more.



In Hogan's office while Sting walks in. Sting wants a piece of Bully.

Hogan don't care. Things haven't changed from last week, or even ten years ago.

When things get crazy, Sting should just shut up and hang out in the rafters.


Hogan kicks Sting out, and Sting throws a hissy fit on his way out.


Recap of Gail Kim and Taryn Tarrell's feud.


Taryn down to the ring. She says she knows she is on probation. She is supposed to control the chaos. But when Kim attacked her, Taryn had to retaliate.

Kim out to the ring to respond. Kim is glad Taryn learned her lesson, like the rest of the Knockouts.

Because Kim is the greatest female wrestler that ever lived.

So Kim is going to call out Brooke to do what should have happened a long time ago.

Fire Taryn.

And out comes Brooke!

Brooke has thought long and hard about this decision. Brooke has to be fair and terminate Taryn as Knockout ref.

Kim is very happy.

Brooke has another bit of good news.

Taryn is being signed as a member of the Knockouts roster!

And Taryn celebrates with a huge spear to Kim!

Kim and Taryn run into the back.

But here is Bully to sneak up on his wife!

Brooke is berating him.

Bully holds up his left hand.

Bully: "Till death do us part."

Brooke (as she walks up the ramp): "I hate you!"

Bully: "I love you honey."


Video of Bully celebrating his soldiers.

Devon and Garrett came to Hogan and Sting to help, but Hogan brushed them off like they were nothing.

Even Wes Brisco, whose father and uncle helped trained Hogan, didn't get any respect.

Mr. Anderson, who was attacked by Aces & 8s, never received any help from Hogan.

Taz, one of Hogan's best friend, was used as leverage.

D'Lo was their inside connection.

Wes won Gut Check against...Garrett.

Once Angle was used to get Wes and Garrett on the roster, Aces & 8s laid him out.

The final piece was simple; Bully needed to get his title shot.

And that was just a matter of time.


Matt Morgan vs. Joseph Park

Morgan sends Park into the corner and laughs. Park advances again, and again he gets tossed.

A wild right by Park, but Morgan sidesteps.

Morgan offers a free shot. Park cowers in the corner in fear.

Morgan pushes Park. Park finally pushes back and puts up his dukes.

Morgan drops Park with a body blow. He kicks Park in the face before delivering a stiff forearm.

Again Park crawls to the corner. Morgan is right there with the shoulder.

Whip into the post. Park bounces off, and Morgan is right there with a clothesline to the back of the head.

Park again crawls to the corner. Morgan tries to follow, but Park rolls out of the way. He tries to fire off some offense.

Morgan drops him with a discuss clothesline.

Park crawls to the bottom rope. Morgan is right there, raking the face. Park's tied up in the ropes. Morgan ties to rip Park's arms right off.

Morgan is calling for his shot...

He goes for the big boot, but Park moves out of the way! Morgan is tied up in the ropes!

And Park shakes the top rope!

Park with the lefts and rights! Off the ropes he goes...

And a shoulder block drops Morgan!

To the second rope Park goes! He goes for the Closing Argument...

But Morgan moves out of the way.

Park staggers to his feet...

And eats a Carbon Footprint.

Matt Morgan gets the three count.


Recap of AJ Styles return last week.


Out comes AJ to explain his actions. Tenay asks him what is going on, why he attacked Storm, what about the rumours of drug abuse?

Taz on the mic, to interrupt. He says that he was talking to Bully, and he has a vest to offer. AJ would be a prospect, but he could work his way up.

Taz says AJ should get rid of the moped, and get a real bike.


Storm says that AJ can be the new AJ with his cool jacket and hood. But the old AJ would tell him to his face what he thought.

But Storm is still the same old cowboy.

AJ can stand there and think about sucker punching him. But when AJ thinks about it, Storm will knock his teeth down his throat.

The pair stare down.

AJ backs out of the ring and up the ramp.

Storm: "What are you leaving for? Everyone wants to know why, AJ!"


Video of Bully pulling his plan together. Hogan suspended Bully, which only drove Brooke deeper into his arms.

So Bully used Sting to get Hogan's blessing.

Bully could have revealed himself at the wedding, but Taz needed to make a name for himself.

So Bully took a few good shots to make it look real. Because if Bully got his ass kicked in front of Hogan, he would finally earn Hogan's trust.

Even though Bully was injured, Brooke spent all her time to convince Hogan to give him a title shot.

And Bully played to Hogan's biggest weakness; his ego.

For nine months, Bully played everyone.

Bully eventually got his title shot against Hardy. And now no one will take his World Heavyweight Championship.


Samoa Joe vs. Magnus vs. Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Hardy

Joe and Angle go at it, while Magnus stomps a mudhole in Hardy.

Kurt eats turnbuckle while Hardy eats boots and uppercuts.

Hardy lets the rights fly against Magnus.

Magnus sends Hardy right into a Joe clothesline. Joe follows up by sending Magnus out of the ring.

Angle is whipped and splashed into the corner by Joe. Chop to the back is followed by a dropping of the knee.

Joe only gets two.

Hardy and Magnus battling outside the ring. Magnus goes face first into the barricade.

Joe sends Angle flying over the top rope.

Now Magnus and Hardy double teaming Angle.

And here comes Joe with a suicide dive, knocking everyone out.

We come back from commercial with Joe and Angle double teaming Magnus. Off the ropes Angles goes, right into an atomic drop by Joe.

Magnus tries to get the cover, but Joe breaks it up.

Magnus with the shoulder block on Joe. Angle back to his feet to deliver a right hand.

Off the ropes Angle goes, but Magnus sends him flying.

Off the top rope Hardy goes, but Magnus catches him and slams him to the mat.

Elbow drops from Magnus.

Only gets a two count.

Magnus with the head lock to keep Hardy grounded. Hardy finally makes it to his feet. He tries to get away, but Magnus grabs a fistful of hair and Hardy is dropped.

Joe and Angle fighting on the outside. Angle rakes the eyes to drop Joe.

Magnus with a running elbow drop on Hardy. He kicks Joe and Angle off the apron before stomping out Hardy.

Joe climbing into the ring, but Magnus is right there to slow him down.

Off the ropes Magnus goes, but eats an elbow by Joe.

Headbutts from Joe. He runs the ropes...

But Magnus hits the Mag Daddy Driver.

Magnus runs Hardy into the corner. Whip from post to post. He tries to follow, but Hardy with the takedown. Hardy hits the inverted atomic drop before delivering a pair of Twist-O's on Angle and Joe.

Magnus charges, but he eats a Twist-O. To the top rope Hardy goes...

Angle tries to push him off, but Hardy fights it. Magnus is able to send Hardy flying from his perch.

Angle with a pair of German Suplexes on Magnus and Joe. He gets the Ankle Lock on Joe.

Joe manages to kick out, sending Angle into Magnus.

Hardy out of no where with the Swanton on Joe! Hardy gets the three count!

Jeff Hardy is the Number One Contender!

Joe shakes Hardy's hand and gives him the thumbs up.

Hardy celebrates on the turnbuckles.

Fade to black.


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