TNA Impact Results and Live Blog for March 14: Lockdown fallout show

TNA's Lockdown pay-per-view (PPV) event this past Sunday (March 10) came to us live from the Alamodome in San Antonio, TX. Tonight we get the fallout show, so be sure to participate in our live blog & open thread, right here at 8/7c.

Tonight (Mar. 14) TNA's IMPACT Wrestling will be LIVE on SpikeTV as they return to Chicago, IL and the Sears Centre Arena, which was home to Bound For Glory 2008. This might prove to be a hot crowd since at that time the area set the highest TNA attendance record.

This huge live episode from the windy city will feature the aftermath of the Lockdown event, as well as the return of AJ Styles!

The question's TNA has left everyone pondering include:

In case you missed any of the the action last weekend, you can check out all the details at, or right here at Cageside Seats in our TNA Live Blog from Mar. 07 or our Lockdown PPV Live Blog from Mar. 10 or browse every piece of coverage on Lockdown in our PPV Coverage section, and for everything on TNA in general, right here.

Remember to check back right here at 8 p.m. ET tonight to follow along with the live blog as it all goes down.



C. J. Bradford at the helm for some IMPACT-ful times TONIGHT, Cagesiders!

Recap of Bully Ray turning and winning the title from Jeff Hardy at Lockdown.

We are live in Chi-town!

Austin Aries & Bobby Roode vs. Chavo Guerrero & Hernandez

NOPE! Aces & 8s are here to beat down Chavo and Hernandez!

God this got painful early.

At least Aries and Roode are in the back and safe from this sink hole.

Devon tells the fine fans of Chicago to sit down and shut up so he can introduce the NEW TNA World Heavyweight Champion, Bully Ray.

Here comes the man of the hour, belt over his shoulder, down to the ring. He's welcomed by the group with his very own leather jacket.

I do want to know when they will start selling those. Just for shiggigles.

Bully: "Do you know who I am? I'm Bully Ray! I am the President of the Aces & 8s! And I am the TNA World Heavyweight Champion!"

He goes on to say that used Sting, screwed Brooke, and made a fool out of Hulk Hogan.

And he made a fool out of everyone of us.

For nine months, we bought into it. For nine months, they pulled the wool over our eyes.

Bully tells his brother that he was so proud when he saw the gang climb over the cage, hand him a hammer, and drill Hardy with the hammer.

Bully explains that there was a change in the plan. When Wes and Garrett came over the top of the cage, Bully was supposed to escape.

But Hogan gave him a piece of advice before the match: "Do something memorable."

So Aces & 8s did something that the nWo couldn't do in forever.

Bully is begging Hogan to come down and fire them all, but he knows that won't happen.

"Because when you ride with the Aces & 8s, you never ride alone."


Backstage Sting is flipping out. He's pissed off! He's screaming! He's pacing! He's throwing water bottles! He's yelling at interns!


Gail Kim & Tara vs. Mickie James & Velvet Sky

Kim and Sky starting things off. Sky goes for the headlock, but she's thrown into the ropes. Kim is waiting with a shoulder block.

Sky is quickly to her feet and lands a trio of arm drags. She then almost drags to Kim to the wrong corner before doubling back to make the tag to James.

They land a double team drop kick before James sends Kim into the corner. She lands a couple of rights. Tara tries to break things up, but she's quickly knocked off apron.

James hits an enziguri.

Only good for two.

We come back from commercial with the heels beating down James.

Tara has James in the Tarantula in the ropes! Terrell finally breaks the hold.

Tara bickers at Terrell while Kim attacks James.

Tara goes for the cover.

Only good for two.

Tag to Kim, and a double team slingshot suplex from the heels!

Only gets a two count.

Kim with a boot to the throat before Tarell breaks it up. Kim argues with Terrell before going back to James.

She took too long, though! A beautiful hurricanrana from James

Double clothesline! Both women down! They are crawling...

Sky gets the hot tag! Tara gets the hot tag! Everyone gets the hot tag!

Sky gets her shine with a clothesline - clothesline - back elbow - side russian leg sweep.

She goes for the cover.

Kim rushes in to make the save

Kim and Terrell bickering in the ring...

And Kim sends Terrell to the mat! You can't touch a ref like that, Kim!

An Tarell strikes back!

Off the top rope comes James!

Tara with the Widows Peak!

Sky with the In Yo' Face!

That gets the three count and the faces are your winners.


Recap of the opening segment

Backstage in Aces & 8s secret clubhouse. Bully is saying Hogan doesn't have the balls to fire them. But if he does, he wants to propose a toast to baddest motherfu*****s, the Aces & 8s.

Bully calls his wife, who sends him right to voicemail!


Backstage someone is asking Hogan about Aces & 8s and Brooke.

Hogan: "Not now."


Robbie E vs. Rob Terry

Robbie E rolls out of the ring before the match can begin. He says that his loss at Lockdown was a fluke.

Tonight Terry won't be so lucky

Robbie with a few punches, but Terry shrugs them off.

He sends E flying across the ring. He then lifts E up for the pancake.

E crawls into the corner, which just sets himself up for the splash.

Terry hits the delayed power slam before hitting the Freakbuster.

Terry than dances.


Sting walks into Hogan's office, but we cut away before either say anything.


In Aces & 8s secret clubhouse, and Bully is pissed that the merch stand has no Aces & 8s gear.

He says whoever's page of the program he opens up to is who they will attack tonight.

And we don't know who it is! Surprises!


Sting tells Hogan they need to talk.

Hogan is mad! He throws his crutches to prove this.

He tells Sting that he knew Bully was the bad guy the whole time. And now Bully has the championship. And he's daughter is married to him.

Sting says Hogan shouldn't fire Bully, but let him fight!

Sting: "Do it for us."

Hogan says that there is no us! He tells Sting to get out of his office, he doesn't want to see him right now.

Hogan: "You make me sick."


Recap of the AJ Styles Saga.


Backstage with Sting when Aries and Roode pop up talking about the "skuttlebutt" between the boys. Aries says that the Stinger should have listened to everyone's warnings about Bully. Roode says Stinger is the reason why Aces & 8s were running wild and why they can't defend the belts tonight.

Sting has had enough! He is tired of talking, and tonight he wants to fight.

Aries says that's fine, Roode will fight him any day of the we...

It seems Roode has disappeared.

Sting puts his finger on Aries head.

Sting: "I'm fighting you"

He walks away.

Aries: "Bobby?!"


Here's the Phenomenal AJ STYLES! one is coming out.

Nevermind! Here comes Daniels and Kazaraian in full Legion of Doom face paint!

A "You Suck" chant rings out.

Kaz says that this is not the first time AJ has disappointed all his fans.

But tonight Kaz and Daniels are bringing back Throwback Thursday!

And they are bringing back the second best tag team in history.

Daniels calls "those warriors" fake tough guys, like AJ and all of the fans in Chicago.

But they are the real deal!

Daniels gives a mock grunt before shaking his butt.

SORRY! About your DAMN luck!

Damnit Storm!

Storm is not happy about these two making fun of his friend AJ Styles and the memory of a great tag team.

Those guys were a little bit bigger, a little bit taller, and a lot more over than Daniels and Kaz will ever be.

Storm asks who wants to have the crap kicked out of him right now.

Storm drags Daniels into the ring and we got a match!

James Storm vs. Christopher Daniels

Whip from post to post, followed by back body drop from Storm. He hits Daniels with a right to the face.

Daniels charges, but runs right into Kaz.

Another right from Storm. He runs the ropes...

But Kaz tripes him up.

Daniels stomps of Storms back before lifting him up for the high knees. He goes for the rear hold.

Storm tries to fight him off with a seres of elbows, but Daniels drops him to the mat. He hits the springboard moonsault.

Only good for two.

Hard rights from Daniels

Storm fights back with a few rights of his own.

Storm picks up his shine. He goes for Eye of the Storm.

Daniels squirms free. To the top rope he goes!

He tries the BME, but Storm rolls out of the way.

Closing Time from Storm! He's distracted by Kaz before he can capitalize.

Daniels tries to attack, but Storm evades.

Backbreaker from Storm, and stacks up Daniels for the three count.

And here comes Kaz for the double team!

And here comes AJ Styles for the save!

Huge right hand sends Kaz flying out of the ring!

Bad Influence bail and run away.

And AJ decks Storm with a short clothesline!

AJ don't care!


Backstage Kurt Angle is walking down the hall when Aces & 8s jumps him.



Joseph Park in the ring, looking dapper.

He says that it's been a pretty wild few months for him. He picked up his first win -- or "W" -- in the UK, and even got a PPV victory.

In his life, his proudest moments are:

1. Graduating Law School at the top of his class.

2. Making partner at Park, Park & Park

3. Standing in an Impact Wrestling ring in Chicago

Mmmm cheap pop.

He stood in line to be at all the Cubs games

Crowd: "BOOOOO!"

HA! White Sox fans.

He stood in line to be at all the Blackhawks games

Crowd: "Yayyyyy!"

Better reaction.

Before Park can continue, here comes Matt Morgan to interrupt!

And he gets a "Let's go Morgan" chant!

Matt tells Hogan all he does is make mistakes. And none have been bigger than the walking choke, Park. The fact that this clown has a contract is an "abortion to the sport of wrestling."


So Matt is going to start eliminating Hogan's mistakes.

Starting with Park.

So unless Park wants his teeth shoved down his throat, Matt tells him to exit the ring.

Park reluctantly starts to oblige.

Matt tells him to leave this dumb of Chicago and never come back!

Got to make the crowd turn somehow.

Park tells him that in Chicago, we don't back down from a fight!

So it looks like we got ourselves a fight!

Park tries to take off his suit coat while Matt watches, amused.

Matt says we do things on his time and starts to leave the ring.

PSYCH! He comes flying at Park and gives him the Carbon Footprint.

Matt: "And my time, is next week."


Back in Aces & 8s clubhouse. Bully looks at the camera...

What? No. You cannot look at the [explicit] camera! You can't just...


Bully tells Hogan that until he gets an answer from Hogan, he is going to destroy the show.


Recap of Brooke Hogan flipping out.


Austin Aries vs. Sting

Both men lock up, with Sting pushing Aries into the corner.

Ref breaks them up. Aries gives Sting a shove. Sting shoves Aries to the mat.

Aries with the ol' head lock, sidelock, takedown, spin on the back, jump and pose on the ropes maneuver.

Sting steps forwaards, but eats a kick to the gut.

Aries with the side head lock. Sting tries dump him over the ropes, but ends up gently placing him in the corner to pose.

Sting don't care! He delivers a punt to the gut.

He goes for the Stinger Splash!

But no one is home. Roode pulls Aries outside for a breather.

Aries comes back inside to a series of rights and an atomic drop. Stringer ventured too far to the ropes, though, and Roode pulls him to the outside.

Sting lays out Roode, and lands a Stinger Splash against the barricade.

Off the top rope goes Aries!

And right into Roode.

Sting sends Aries into the barricade.

We come back from commercial with Sting dominating Aries. A clothesline sends the tag team champion over the top rope. Roode is pissed.

And the ref sends him to the back!

Sting chilling, straddling the ropes.

And Aries blasts it, shaking the painted one's "Stingers"

Sting rolls outside, but Aries is right there with a suicide dive. Back into the ring we go!

Aries gets a two count.

Aries drops the elbow.

Again, only gets a two count.

Aries throwing lefts and rights before launching himself with a second rope drop kick.

Again, only a two count.

A stomp to the face is followed by a kick to the back.

Which is followed by a two count.

Hard rights by Aries. Sting shrugs them off, so Aries kicks his legs from out under him.

Aries going to work on the leg.

Goes for a cover, only gets two.

Sting to his feet! He sends Aries off the ropes.

Goes for the dropkick, but no one is home!

Aries goes for the Scorpion Deathlock, but doesn't know how to do it!

So he asks Sting!

Sting kicks him off at gets his shine with a series of chops and a clothesline.

Sting attempts the Scorpion Deathlock, but Aries crawls to the ropes.

To the top rope we go!

And hits a beautiful drop kick!

Sting no sells it, but Aries is too busy celebrating to notice.

Sting lifts Aries high into the air, and drops him right to the mat. Aries uses the corner to make it to his feet. Sting goes for the Stinger Splash!

And he misses. Sting's left hanging in the corner.

And eats a beautiful dropkick to the face.

And a Stinger Splash by Aries!

He goes for Brain Buster!

But Sting reverses into a Scorpion Deathdrop.

Aries uses the corner to crawl up...

And eats a Stinger Splash!

Sting has the Scorpion Deathlock!

And here comes Aces & 8s to lay him out.

Aries rolls out of the ring, and I envy the man.

And here comes Hogan!

He says that firing Bully would be the coward's way out.

Because every dog has his day.

Because live by the sword, die by the sword.

Hogan is giving every man and woman the power to fight Aces & 8s.

And here comes everyone!

It's a brawl!


Because we haven't seen this over the past eight months.

Hey, look at this! Aces & 8s actually won this brawl.

Good for them.

Bully is taking a chain to people's backs to finish things off. He leaves the rings and steps towards Hogan.

He tells Hogan his calvary just got killed by Aces & 8s.

Bully: "What are you going to do, Dad?"

Fade to black.


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