TNA 'Lockdown 2013' Preview: Team TNA vs. Aces & Eights: Lethal Lockdown

Will this finally be the end of Aces and Eights running wild on Impact or will this just be the start of their reign of terror?

Lethal Lockdown:

Team TNA (Sting, Magnus, Samoa Joe, James Storm and Eric Young) vs. Aces & Eights (Devon, Mr. Anderson, Mike Knox, DOC and Garett Bischoff)

The gang known as Aces & Eights continues to increase in numbers, but is still looking for a signature victory. The Icon Sting has assembled a team to drive them from TNA once and for all, in one of the most vicious match concepts being utilized in pro wrestling today.

The Road to Lockdown

Last summer, Sting was basking in the glow of what he called one of the proudest moments of his career - being named the first inductee into the TNA Hall of Fame. He was attacked in the ring by masked men. This coincided with Hulk Hogan receiving mysterious envelopes with pictures of the "dead man's hand", aces and eights playing cards.

From there the gang would grow, wielding their influence to various degrees of success up and down the TNA roster. They took out Hogan and Sting, injured then TNA Heavyweight champ Austin Aries, accepted payment from Roode and Aries to interfere with the title scene. They revealed Devon and former WWE wrestlers Luke Gallows (now known as DOC for Director of Chaos) and Mike Knox to be apart of their ranks and recruited Mr Anderson, Taz and D-Lo Brown. Wes Brisco and Garett Bischoff joined the group, believing their chances of making it big to be better with the insurgent stable than with the establishment of TNA.

Many of the team that The Icon has assembled have had their run-ins with the gang. The man himself was attacked with a ball-peen hammer. Magnus' knees were the target of DOC's hammer and Devon's bat. Samoa Joe lost his Television title to Devon.

Lethal Lockdown is a match concept similar to WCW's WarGames: a ring is enclosed in a steel structure. Team members enter at intervals, and once all have entered, a roof with weapons attached is lowered. Pinfalls and submissions both count. TNA calls the match the most violent in all of pro wrestling.

A fitting way to end Aces & Eights, or perhaps officially mark the start of their reign over TNA.

What's at Stake?

Aces & Eights won a best two out of three series on this past Thursday's Impact to earn the "man advantage" in the match - they will be one-up on Team TNA by virtue of being the first team to enter at each interval. The record of Lockdown teams with this advantage isn't great (2 - 7); will the brotherhood of the gang make a difference?

Devon in particular has been critical of Sting's crew for not being a closely knit bunch. With the "higher power" of Aces & Eights still unknown, does the Sergeant at Arms have inside information or is he just playing head games?

Where the gang of Aces & Eights or the collection of individuals on Team TNA head from here is uncertain. But in a match like this, it's a safe bet that they'll be worse for wear.

Cageside Seats will be here to dig through the rubble and let you know who comes out the other side of Lethal Lockdown!

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