TNA Lockdown results and live match coverage TONIGHT (March 10) from San Antonio

We've got full results and live match coverage of the entire TNA Lockdown pay-per-view tonight (March 10, 2013) live from the Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas. Tonight's event features Jeff Hardy vs. Bully Ray for the heavyweight title and much more.

TNA is all set to pop off with its Lockdown event TONIGHT (Sun., March 10, 2013), from the Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas, at 8 p.m. ET, live on pay-per-view (PPV). will provide LIVE blow-by-blow, match-by-match coverage of Lockdown below, beginning with the first match of the evening and right on through to the main event.

Tonight's show will feature Jeff Hardy defending his heavyweight championship against both Bully Ray, Sting leading Team TNA against the Aces and 8s in a Lethal Lockdown match and much, much more.

So kick your shoes off, relax, and enjoy all the action with your favorite pro wrestling website. And remember to keep refreshing!

Full results and match coverage below.



Jeff Hardy vs. Bully Ray
Team TNA defeated Aces and 8s
Wes Brisco defeated Kurt Angle
Bobby Roode & Austin Aries defeated Bad Influence and Chavo Guerrero & Hernandez
Velvet Sky defeated Gail Kim
Kenny King defeated Zema Ion and Christian York
Joseph Park defeated Joey Ryan
Robbie T defeated Robbie E



Rex here. See you tonight, folks.


X-Division Championship: Kenny King (c) vs Christian York vs Zema Ion

My comments on the match got lost when I updated the post for some reason.

It was a fun but sloppy match that saw King retain.

King wins by pinfall and retains as X Division Champion.


Joseph Park vs Joey Ryan

Ryan calls Park a mark and notes that he has the size advantage in his pants.

Ryan tries to whip Park but is unable to.

He rakes the eyes of Park and heads to the outside but Park follows him out and drags him back in.

Park hits a hip toss and follows up with some punches.

Ryan is able to counter with a big boot.

He goes for a crossbody but it has no effect on the big man.

Ryan tries for a bunch of roll ups but fails.

Ryan hits a missile dropkick for the nearfall.

After a huge splash by Park in the corner, Ryan tries for another roll up but Park counters and gets a pin for himself.

Joseph Park wins by pinfall.


TNA Knockout Championship: Velvet Sky (c) vs Gail Kim

Kim with early control in this match.

Big knee in the corner from Kim.

Kim with a big drop and she goes for the pin but uses the ropes for leverage and the ref catches her.

Kim working a chin lock on but Sky hits a big counter.

Sky with some clotheslines and the hits a bulldog. After a backbreaker she goes for the pin but only gets a two count.

Sky catches Kim leg as she goes for kick but Kim takes hold of the ref to prevent Sky from slamming her.

Kim hits an Eat Defeat but only gets a tw ocount.

She is not pleased with the ref (Taryn Terrell) and starts shoving her all the way to the corner. Kim slaps the ref!!!

After the slap Kim is taunting the ref to disqualify her. The ref hits Kim with a spear and starts bashing her head into the mat. Sky uses this time to recover and hits an In Your Face for the win.

Velvet Sky wins and retains as Knockouts Champion.


Robbie E vs Robbie T

Bell rings and Robbie E tries to call for a timeout. He wants to talk it out.

Robbie E gives Robbie T a big hug! T isn't enthusiastic about it like E is and throws him off.

E starts stretching in the corner.

E tries for the side headlock but he is too short so it doesn't affect T who tosses him easily.

E goes for the single leg takedown but can't move T an inch and gets hit with a gutwrench slam.

E goes for a move off the ropes but gets countered by T easily.

E goes for some chops but T is barely phased by them.

The offense that E is using is just continually ineffective and it is quite hilarious. He finally is able to get something to work with a sleeper hold.

T is able to shock it off and hits a series of slams on E with the finisher being a huge spinebuster for the win.

Robbie T wins by pinfall.


World Tag Team Titles: Aries/Roode vs Daniels/Kazarian vs Guerrero/Hernandez

Daniels and Guerrero starting things off.

Daniels takes the early control but Chavo is able to hit a back body drop.

Chavo tags in Hernandez and they work some tag team moves on Daniels.

Everyone gets into the ring now and the sequence ends with Chavo tripping Aries into headbutting Roode in the crotch.

The ring clears and the reset the action.

Hernandez with some powerslams and then tags in Chavo who hits a drop kick for the nearfall. Aries broke up the pin attempt.

Daniels is able to get a tag in to Kazarian who gets worked over by Hernandez. Another nearfall that Roode breaks up.

Kazarian finally gets the momentum and works some offense on Hernandez.

Kazarian gets the tag into Daniels who works in a few punches and elbow drops before tagging Kazarian back in.

They try to work a tag team move but Hernandez ends up suplexing them both.

Hernandez gets the tag into Guerrero who goes for three amigos but Aries interferes before he can hit the third one.

Kazarian takes back control and works over Chavo in the corner before tagging in Daniels.

Daniels with a springboard elbow drop. After some more offense from Daniels, Chavo fights his way out and Roode gets a blind tag into Aries.

Roode and Aries working some quick tags and double team moves as they keep Chavo isolated in the corner.

Aries with a springboard drop kick to the back of Chavo's head.

Chavo finally gets a hot tag into Hernandez who starts to clean house and hits a huge drop on Aries.

Hhernandez hits a double back breaker on Aries and Daniels. Hernandez goes for the pin on Aries but Hebner thought someone else was the legal man so Hernandez only got a two count.

Everything degenerates into complete anarchy that ends with Roode and Aries teaming up on Kazarian.

Daniels gets a blind tag in and begins to trade punches with Roode.

Hernandez with a springboard double clothesline from the outside.

Daniels goes for a crossbody but gets caught by Hernandez into a sit out powerslam.

Aries hits a hurricarana on Hernandez that tosses him to the outside.

Chavo thinks he is the legal man now and hits the frog splash on Daniels but Roode is the legal man.

Roode goes for the pin on Daniels and Aries holds off Chavo for the win.

Austin Aries and Bobby Roode win by pinfall and retain as Tag Team Champions.


Jeremy Borash talking to Taryn Terrell in the back and Gail Kim just destroys her.


Aces and 8's chilling in the back as they kill time while the cage gets set up.


Kurt Angle vs Wes Brisco

Angle opens up with a German Suplex.

Brisco is able to work Angle into the corner and repeatedly spears him.

Brisco goes straight to climbing the cage but Angle isn't far behind. Angle follows up with some punches and spears of his own in the corner.

Brisco counters and starts to ground and pound Angle. He then rips Angle's shirt off and begins to choke him with it.

Brisco with a flap jack for the nearfall and follows up with a chin lock.

Angle is able to fight his way out and hits a belly to belly suplex before ramming Brisco into the cage repeatedly.

Angle with the triple german suplex. Make that four! Five!

Angle climbs to the top rope and goes for a frog splash but Brisco dodges and follows up with a roll up for a two count.

Angle Slam and both men are down.

Brisco tries to crawl out of the cage door but Angle drags him back in with the Angle lock.

Brisco counters and launches Angle into the cage.

Brisco gets to the top of the cage and Angle finally follows up. They are battling on the top rope now and Angle hits a german suplex.

The reg gets accidently knocked out by Angle. Angle puts on the Angle lock and Brisco is tapping out but the ref is still down.

Angle hits an Angle Slam, flips the double bird, and strolls out of the cage door.

The ref is still down as Aces and 8's come out and toss Angle back in while pulling Brisco out of the cage.

The ref recovers and see Brisco out of the cages and declares him the winner.

Wes Briscoe wins by cage escape.


Team TNA vs Aces and 8's

Anderson and Magnus start things off.

They just keep shoving each other back and forth.

Anderson starts punching Magnus in the corner but takes too long to celebrate and Magnus takes control.

Magnus with a flying knee but ends up eating a knee of his own.

Anderson working a sleeper hold on Magnus who fights out with elbows.

Double clothesline on each other as Knox enters the match.

Knox whips Magnus back and forth between the corners.

Sidewalk slam by Knox with a elbow drop by Anderson to follow up.

Samoa Joe makes his way to the ring.

Joe cleans house with some clotheslines.

Anderson eats an atomic drop from Joe and then a big boot from Magnus.

Joe and Magnus continue to work over Aces and 8's as Nepotism Garrett Bischoff enters the ring.

Garret taunting the fans but Magnus and Joe hits some double team moves on them.

Aces and 8's finally regain control but Eric Young enters the match now!

Young with a huge dropkick and then cleans house!

TNA working the heels over in the corners now.

Bischoff counters and starts raking Young's face across the cage. Somoa Joe makes the save.

Devon to the match.

The addition of Devon shifts control back to Aces amd 8's.

Devon makes Magnus his main target with punches in the corner.

TNA is all down in the ring as Storm hits the ring.

Storm cleans house and once again the momentum shifts.

Storm with a superkick on Knox!

Just like before in this match. TNA takes control with their fresh wrestler and now DOC hits the ring and clears house to give the momentum back to Aces and 8's.

Aces and 8's downs all of TNA and then Sting hits the ring. He brought two trash cans full of weapons with him to the cage door.

Sting takes his bat in with him and cleans house. He then brings the weapons into the cage.

TNA just destroys all of the heels with the weapons.

This has just turned into a beat down. Aces and 8's has gotten zero offense in since Sting hit the ring.

Young almost accidently hits Young with the bat and Aces and 8's finally starts to get control.

Aces and 8's with the weapons now and all of TNA has been laid out in the ring.

It doesn't last for long as Storm and Magnus recover and clean house.

Garrett Bischoff is all that is left standing and tries to climb out the cage.

Storm and Magnus follow him. Knox and DOC follow them up.

All five are on the cage and Joe comes over and cause a giant slam of all involved! Hard to describe it but it was fun to watch.

Joe with a submission attempt but it gets broken up.

Young lays out Knox and Sting tells him to go up top. EY on the top rope but Sting tells him to go up to the top of the cage.

Eric Young with an elbow drop from the top of the cage for the win!!!!

Team TNA wins by pinfall.


TNA World Heavyweight Championship: Jeff Hardy (c) vs Bully Ray

Lock up in the center of the ring that ends with Ray locking in a side headlock.

Whip and shoulder block to Hardy. He follows it up with some slams and a backbreaker.

Another lock up that end with Ray tossing Hardy into the corner.

Hardy finally gets some offense with two armdrags and a splash in the corner.

Hardy with a springboard splash for a nearfall.

Hardy then tries to get out of the ring but Ray is able to follow him up and slams Hardy's knee into the cage.

Ray hits a boot to the head on the top rope and Hardy falls onto the rope crotch first.

Hardy tries to crawl out of the cage but Ray quickly drags him back into the ring and slaps in a chin lock.

Ray with a bear hug and he is determined to keep Hardy grounded and when he finally lets go, he hits Hardy with a huge back body drop.

Hardy takes control and now Wes Brisco and Garrett Bischoff climb into the cage.

Hardy and Ray are now teaming up against the Aces and 8's members. They clear them out of the cage and end what was possibly the lamest run in of all time.

Hardy and Ray start trading punches in the center of the ring.

Hardy tries to scale the cage but Ray follows up and they start trading chops o nthe top rope.

Ray knocks Hardy off the top rope and lands a splash for the two count.

Hardy ends up hitting a Twist of Fate but it doesn't keep Ray down as Hardy tries to scale the cage again.

Ray meets Hardy up top and hits a powerbomb from the top! Only gets a two count though.

Both men are down in the ring as the Hogans come down to the ring.

Hulk botches walking with crutches.

Hulk tries to cheer Bully on as the rest of Aces and 8's hits the ring.

Bully hands Hardy a chain but behind his back Devon tosses Bully a hammer. Bully nails Hardy with a hammer!

Ray celebrates with Devon before pinning Hardy for the win as Hulk just keeps saying no and Brooke cries.

Bully Ray wins by pinfall and becomes the new TNA World Heavyweight Champion.

Bully Ray starts telling Brooke she means nothing to him and starts taunting Hulk while Hulk just keeps saying Bully is a dead man.

Bully on the mic now.

"Hey Devon, let that stupid bitch cry!"

"Hulk I used you! Brooke I screwed you!"

Trash is descending into the ring now and Aces and 8's just loves it.

"Most of all I fooled all of you!"

"I'm Bully Ray and I am the President of Aces and 8's and I am the TNA World Heavyweight Champion!"


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