TNA Lockdown 2013: Predictions & Preview

TNA Wrestling Promotional Poster for LOCKDOWN 2013 -

How will this latest pay-per-view (PPV) event play out? We've got staff predictions for each and every match on the TNA "Lethal Lockdown 2013" card for TONIGHT's (Sun., Mar. 10) battles, right here!

TNA's ninth annual Lethal Lockdown 2013 event is back tonight (Sun., Mar. 10), for the first time ever live from the Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas. The event is airing at 8 ET/5 PT live on pay-per-view (PPV) and online around the world at

Tonight's show features all your favorite TNA icons and knockouts; including Jeff Hardy, Bully Ray, Hulk Hogan, Sting-The Icon, Team TNA, Kurt Angle, Wes Brisco, Aces & 8s, Knockouts & Tag Team action, the Robbies, and of course the Lethal Lockdown Steel Cage Match!

Luckily for you Cagesiders, our CSS staff of learned-wrestling-blowhards is faithfully here for you, yet again, in order to help you all figure out just how this latest PPV event is gonna play out. We've got our CSS Staffer predictions for each and every match on the TNA Lethal Lockdown 2013 card coming up next!


TNA Lethal Lockdown 2013 Match Card:
  • WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP: STEEL CAGE MATCH - Bully Ray (challenger) vs. Jeff Hardy (champion)
  • LETHAL LOCKDOWN: STEEL CAGE MATCH - Aces & Eights (Devon, Mr. Anderson, D.O.C, Garett and Knox) vs. Team TNA (Sting, Magnus, Samoa Joe, James Storm and Eric Young)
  • STEEL CAGE MATCH - Wes Brisco vs. Kurt Angle
  • TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP - Daniels & Kazarian vs. Bobby Roode & Austin Aries vs. Hernandez & Chavo Guerrero
  • KNOCKOUTS CHAMPIONSHIP - Gail Kim vs. Velvet Sky
  • X DIVISION CHAMPIONSHIP - Zema Ion vs. Kenny King vs. Christian York
  • Joey Ryan vs. Joseph Park
  • Robbie E vs. Robbie T




    Bully Ray (challenger) vs. Jeff Hardy (champion)

    J. M. Williams: There have been a few interesting moments brewing in the storyline between Brooke, Bully and good old Daddy Hulk, the manner in which Bully finds himself in this match makes me believe he will be taking the win over Hardy now that Hardy is around for awhile longer, something is definitely going on with him, as the Impact World Turns we will find out more, maybe even his involvement with some sort of gang or something. Prediction: Bully

    Hulk Holland: Bully Ray because he's working with the Hulkster and you can't be in a Hulk program without a belt. Besides, Hardy's run is stale and he's eventually going heel anyway. Prediction: Bully Ray

    Keith Harris: All evidence points to Bully Ray finally winning the TNA World Heavyweight Championship that he so richly deserves. With Jeff Hardy now safely tied down to a long term contract and the elimination of monthly live pay-per-views, the incentives to keep the title on him have greatly diminished. He'll still be the company's top house show draw and merchandise seller with or without the belt. Meanwhile, TNA needs to shoot a big angle at Lockdown to put over the quarterly PPV concept and prove that from now on all such shows will be can't miss affairs. So it's the perfect time to pull the trigger on Bully Ray's heel turn by having him defeat Hardy for the strap with Aces & 8s help in a storyline that so far has gone at a snail's pace. Plus it's a development that would make perfect sense, as Ray unfairly got the title shot through nepotism, thanks to his wife Brooke Hogan successfully lobbying her father Hulk to make her hubby the number one contender. It would make for a deliciously scummy betrayal! Prediction: Bully Ray

    Sean Rueter: If they didn't take the belt off of him before the England trip, why do it now? The "because, TNA" joke is tempting, but I don't think even they do something that nonsensical. I figure there will be some shenanigans - maybe Brooke turns here - but I expect Hardy will retain. Prediction: Jeff Hardy

    Rex Ivanovic: Hardy is the only guy who can move the needle for TNA and they didn't even bother to take the title off of him for an international tour he wasn't allowed to go on. No reason to think they are going to have him drop the title here. Prediction: Hardy

    Eric B. Stephen: It feels about time for Hardy's five-month reign as champ to come to an end, and like it or not, Hulk Hogan's son-in-law Bully Ray seems like the guy to do it. I predict that we'll see Bully Ray walking out of the cage as champion at the end of the night.. Prediction: Bully



    Aces & Eights (Devon, Mr. Anderson, D.O.C, Garett and Knox) vs. Team TNA (Sting, Magnus, Samoa Joe, James Storm and Eric Young)

    J. M. Williams: As much as I am a fan of the faces in this picture and am so anxious for the gang that shall remain nameless to just go the hell away, I fear that just isn't going to happen tonight. Prediction: Aces & 8s

    Hulk Holland: Team TNA because I can't in good conscience pick any team headed by Devon and Mr. Anderson. Prediction: Team TNA

    Keith Harris: This match could go either way, depending upon how much heat they want to get on Aces & 8s. Presuming my prediction in the main event is correct; the heel gang could lose here and be none the worse for it. However, the nWo mentality of Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff suggests that they may favour putting the bad guys over super strong on this show. Given that the TNA team has an obvious weak link in Eric Young, I think the latter will happen and that it'll be a very bad night for the company against their invaders. Prediction: Aces & Eights

    Sean Rueter: If D-Lo is the Vice President, who's in charge? Will we discover who the gang's leader is? Why should we buy the Aces and Eights as any kind of a threat? Will this angle continue for months regardless of the outcome of this match? The only question I'm sure of the answer to is "Do I care?" Prediction: Team TNA

    Rex Ivanovic: Eric Young and his wonderful beard are going to lead TNA to victory. Prediction: Team TNA

    Eric B. Stephen: With their leader finally revealed, we now seem to have the full picture of Aces and Eights. Still, I don't think they'll be able to overcome the combined individual talents present on team TNA. Team TNA wins this one. Prediction: Team TNA



    Wes Brisco vs. Kurt Angle

    J. M. Williams: Wes Brisco is definitely in a ripe position right now backstage and in the ring to be shoved good and hard in this match, I think tonight is going to be the night for Angle to pass the torch. What I did there, did you see it? Prediction: Wes Brisco

    Hulk Holland: Kurt Angle because, well, I wish I had an awesome reason, but the Olympic gold medalist isn't going down to Wes Brisco. It's true, it's damn true. Prediction: Kurt Angle

    Keith Harris: It's well known that Angle is good friends with Wes' father Gerald Brisco from his days in WWE. For good reason too, as Brisco was the only road agent that had the guts to point out Angle's Olympic freestyle wrestling gold medal in the heavyweight weight class when Triple H suggested in the year 2000 at a backstage meeting that Angle was too small and thus wouldn't be credible in the role of WWF champion. So Angle may be willing to lose to Jerry's son in order to return that favour. However, Wes hasn't shown enough potential in his TNA appearances so far to justify giving him that honour. So I predict that Angle carries Wes to easily the best match of his short career and makes him look like a million bucks in defeat. Prediction: Wes Brisco

    Sean Rueter: I sincerely hope that Angle's mentoring of Brisco and Bischoff extends to behind the scenes, and that a longtime favorite of mine who is now hard to watch will do the job for someone who I don't see much in, but who at least has a chance for a future in the business. Prediction: Wes Brisco

    Rex Ivanovic: Aging and broken down superstar or underwhleming member of a poor excuse for an invading group. I'll take the aging superstar. Prediction: Kurt Angle

    Eric B. Stephen: The young Brisco is in over his head here, trapped inside that steel cage with an angry Olympic gold medalist and his former mentor. I expect that there may be some Aces and Eights shenanigans during this match, but I think Angle will get his revenge. Prediction: Angle



    Daniels & Kazarian vs. Bobby Roode & Austin Aries vs. Hernandez & Chavo Guerrero

    J. M. Williams: Cualquiera que siga estas predicciones personal posts sabe por ahora que tengo un amor por los chicos con orgullo café aquí y aunque yo podría vivir si no se toman el W aquí, apuesto a que incluso Dixie es lo suficientemente brillante como para saber que necesita pasar por el lugar primero de la promoción en San Antonio. Predicción: ¡Chavo y Hernandez!

    Hulk Holland: Aries & Bobby Roode because they have a good thing going and there's no point in breaking that up. Then again, this is TNA so you never know but one thing is for sure it ain't gonna be Chavo and Hernandez. Prediction: Aries & Roode

    Keith Harris: Normally, I'd say that TNA would be absolutely boneheaded to take the titles off Aries & Roode here, who only won the titles on Impact five weeks ago and are arguably the best tandem in the division. Bad Influence certainly gives them a run for their money in that regard, but they've already had two runs with the championship last year. However, with the event being held in San Antonio and Chavo Guerrero being pushed hard in the local market to tempt Hispanic fans to buy tickets for Lockdown, it would make sense to give the babyfaces the hometown win and that's what I think TNA will do. Aries & Roode can always get the belts back on TV soon enough. Prediction: Chavo & Guerrero

    Sean Rueter: Credit to the champs and Daniels & Kaz, this match is almost enough to get me to want to buy this PPV. Hey, they're almost enough to get me to watch Impact every week (I usually skip through the playlist to get to things they're a part of). Did you notice I don't have reasons for most of these picks? Prediction: Aries & Roode

    Rex Ivanovic: I wouldn't mind Aries/Roode or Daniels/Kazarian taking the win here, but it's TNA so it will probably end up being Guerrero and Hernandez. Prediction: Guerrero & Hernandez

    Eric B. Stephen: Both Aries and Roode could make strong cases that they are deserving of the TNA World Title shot, and I think that raw talent will overcome their lack of chemistry, allowing them to remain champions at the end of this match. Aries and Roode retain. Prediction: Aries & Roode



    Gail Kim vs. Velvet Sky

    J. M. Williams: There is no way Gail Kim is taking out my Velvet, she may be feisty, and she may know how to work a match, but there is now way she knows how to work a crowd the way Velvet does, the lovely Knockout Champ will be retaining for a good while longer, or I riot. Prediction: Velvet Sky

    Hulk Holland: Velvet Sky because um, Gail Kim as champ? No. Prediction: Velvet Sky

    Keith Harris: This will likely be the backdrop to further the simmering tension between Gail Kim and the clueless referee Taryn Tarrell. Sky is also only officially two weeks into her title reign, so expect Tarrell to make another decision that costs Kim the Knockouts belt. Prediction: Velvet Sky

    Sean Rueter: Here's where I'm gonna pull the "because, TNA" card...because, title change! Prediction: Gail Kim

    Rex Ivanovic: Sky just became the champion, so she is most likely going to retain. It's a shame though because Kim deserves it. Prediction: Velvet Sky

    Eric B. Stephen: I think that Velvet Sky is at the beginning of what will likely be a long reign as Knockouts champion, and that Gail Kim will be nothing more than a speed bump on that path. Sky wins it. Prediction: Sky



    Zema Ion vs. Kenny King vs. Christian York

    J. M. Williams: Honestly, I am really not invested in this match, I feel confident in stating it will be King however, a.) because I have a gut feeling. b.) All the other guys on staff picked him and they are smart when it comes to such things. c.) Zema and York are both not in any position to hold grab the belt tonight. Prediction: King

    Hulk Holland: Kenny King because he just got the belt and nether York nor Ion are a big enough name to rip it from him so quickly. It would be too much of a lateral move. Prediction: Kenny King

    Keith Harris: Given that King only won the title from Rob Van Dam a week ago on Impact, one wonders why they didn't wait until the big show itself to do the switch. That championship transition had been built up for several months and would have a lot more interest had it happened here than this bout thrown together at the last minute. King retaining here is the only logical decision, as he'd be buried by dropping the strap so soon after winning it. Prediction: King

    Sean Rueter: After King's long, slow, painful (to fans who had to watch a bunch of RVD matches, anyway) climb to the top, the better freakin' let him run with the ball for a while. Prediction: Kenny King

    Rex Ivanovic: If King doesn't retain here then there might not be hope for TNA. Prediction: King

    Eric B. Stephen: King has barely been champion for a week now and I don't see his title reign ending so briefly. I think he will win this match, in what will be the first of many title defenses. Prediction: King


    Joey Ryan vs. Joseph Park

    J. M. Williams: And this is one of those matches where I have to say, this. Yeah, that about sums it up. Prediction: Coin toss says... Park

    Hulk Holland: Joseph Park because it's the payoff from that program we had to sit through the past couple of months. Prediction: Joseph Park

    Keith Harris: Ryan is so far down the TNA pecking order that even the inexperienced Park will have no trouble vanquishing him. Another no-brainer pick Prediction: Park

    Sean Rueter: Is there a reason these two are fighting? All props go to Park, who bored me to tears in his (alleged) previous character, for making the mark lawyer gimmick work. Prediction: Joseph Park

    Rex Ivanovic: Joey Ryan hasn't been on TV in a while and Joseph Park is an amazing character (that's no baby back rib). Prediction: Joseph Park

    Eric B. Stephen: I predict that Park will take the next step towards his wrestling dream by defeating the sleazy Joey Ryan here. Prediction: Park:


    Robbie E vs. Robbie T

    J. M. Williams: Interestingly enough, until they took their show on the road to the UK, I was completely unimpressed with these two, they were my bathroom break (I actually like watching the Knockouts Division, what?) But since their storyline's developed during the UK episodes, I am now on board with Team Robbie T. Prediction: Big Robbie T (That is the big hot Welsh one, right? 'Cause that's who I pick.)

    Hulk Holland: Robbie E. because E comes before T in the alphabet. Good enough for me. Prediction: Robbie E

    Keith Harris: Though Hulk Hogan talks the talk about how the business has changed and that fans today wants more athletic guys on top, we all know that he's still a mark for men with 24 inch pythons like himself that would never have been found packing groceries in his heyday. So the bigger British bro will have his hand raised in victory here. Prediction: Robbie T

    Sean Rueter: Dang, there are a lot of matches on this card! Are these undercard ones going to do the heavy lifting to allow for short main events, or is there going to be so much schmozery going on toward the end that these guys get glossed over? Oh, this match...Hogan likes Rob Terry, right? . Prediction: Robbie T

    Rex Ivanovic: Robbie T just turned face so its a safe bet he will take the win here. Prediction: Robbie T

    Eric B. Stephen: In the battle of the Robbie's, I see big Robbie T defeating his former tag partner to set his own singles career into full swing on a positive note. Prediction: Robbie T


    Those are our picks and predictions, Cagesiders. What are yours? You know what to do, join us in the comments below and let us know what you think...

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