TNA 'Impact' results and live blog for Nov. 15: The Turning Point fallout show

TNA returns to Spike TV tonight (Nov. 8, 2012) with its latest episode of Impact Wrestling, featuring all the fallout from the Turning Point pay-per-view that took place this past Sunday night. We've got complete results and a live blog right here.

TNA Impact Wrestling comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Nov. 15, 2012) from the Impact Wrestling Zone in Orlando, Florida, featuring the fallout show from the Turning Point pay-per-view (PPV) that took place this past Sunday night.

On tonight's show, AJ Styles will speak out after getting pinned in his triple threat match leading to his being banished from title contention until Bound for Glory 2013.

Also announced is a Knockout's battle royal to determine the next number one contender to that title. Participants include ODB, Gail Kim, Mickie James, Madison Rayne and Miss Tessmacher.

It all goes down tonight starting at 8 p.m. ET on Spike TV so remember to check back right here to follow along with the live blog as it all goes down.



Nolan in.

Recap of Turning Point.

Broadcast is live via tape.

James Storm is here.

Storm said he has had a long road this year, but he did it. Storm says that he wants to thank a few people. He thanks his fans, his friends and family, and those who said that he couldn't make it. He is coming for the TNA title very soon.

Bobby Roode enters.

Roode has two beers and he would like to propose a toast to Storm. He says that Storm didn't beat him on Sunday, so he again benefited from Roode's hard work. Roode toasts the fans, who will suffer through watching Storm fail once again. Roode toasts Storm's family, especially his daughter, who will need to console him after his loss.

He knocks Storm's bottle out of his hand, then Storm starts slugging Roode. Roode escapes out and Storm insists he comes back for an ass-kicking. Roode says that he needs to put his title shot on the line if he wants a piece of him. Storm declines, but Roode tells Storm to have his daughter give him a call when she turns 18. Storm flips and accepts the challenge.


AJ Styles will address his future tonight.

Hulk Hogan says that it is all up to Styles to make his future, so we'll see tonight.


Aces and 8s talking to Doc in their clubhouse.

Doc pleads his case that he wasn't embarrassing the club, but they have him hand in his jacket.

Devon throws a dart to pick their victim for the night.


X Division Championship: Rob Van Dam (c) vs. Kid Kash

Kid Kash attacks RVD as soon as he hits the ring. The two exchange strikes in the middle of the ring. Grappling exchange leads to RVD grabbing a leg scissors takedown for a nearfall.

The two exchanging holds still and RVD lands a head kick. The two once again exchange holds, but Kash brings it to the outside with a headscissors.

Kash standing in the ring and he jumps to the outside to hit a springboard hurricanrana.

Inside, he earns a nearfall.

Kash rakes the eyes of RVD. RVD sends Kash into the corner, but Kash sits up top. RVD goes for a monkey flip, but Kash comes down with a crossbody. Kash again goes up top, but springboard moonsault does not convert. RVD gets the springboard sidekick. Rolling Thunder hits for a nearfall.

RVD unloading the strikes and tries a step-over kick, but Kash takes the back with a choke. RVD sends him into the corner and hits a wheel kick. RVD sends Kash into the corner and hits a monkey flip. RVD goes up for the Frog Splash.

RVD retains.


Eric Young talking to ODB, chatting about his hunting expeditions.

EY says he will be beating Jessie tonight and ODB says she will be earning a shot at the TNA Knockouts Championship tonight.

The two share a sloppy kiss.


Kurt Angle with Wes Brisco and Garrett Bischoff.

Angle needs a tag partner to wrestle Aces and 8s. They plead their cases. Angle decides on Bischoff.


Jessie vs. Eric Young

EY tries to lock up with the ref to start. Jessie knocks EY down and hits a backbreaker for a nearfall.

Jessie with elbows to the shoulder of EY. Jessie sends EY off the ropes and turns it into a powerslam. Jessie flexing and posing for his girlfriend, then hits a leg drop on EY for a nearfall.

Jessie unloading strikes to the head of the downed EY. He chokes EY on the second rope. Jab by Jessie. Elbow in the corner smashes EY. Jessie again using the second rope choke. Jessie gets a dropkick that knocks EY down. Punches by Jessie in the corner. EY is sent into the corner, but he Ric Flair flips to the apron. Shoulder block by EY. Jessie turns the tide and gets the abdominal stretch. EY starts hulking out, then takes off the pants. EY with a clothesline.

Tara gets in the ring, but ODB comes in with a spear. EY with a powerslam and going up for an elbow drop, but he is focused on the two women brawling outside. EY is sent off the apron into the barricade. Tara uses this to cheap shot ODB and puts EY in the ring.

Jessie hits his Stunner and takes the victory.


Recap of Joseph Park vs. Doc.


Joseph Park in Hulk Hogan's office.

He wants another chance at Aces and 8s. Hogan isn't allowing it, saying that Park is beaten and that Aces and 8s is taking out the roster week after week. Hogan says Park isn't trained to do this.

Park says he will go enroll in wrestling school this week and he'll be back.


TNA Television Championship: Samoa Joe (c) vs. Magnus

Aces and 8s puts the bat to the knee of Magnus. Doc uses the hammer on both knees and the group is assaulting Magnus.

Bully Ray comes to chase out the group as the medics attend to Magnus.


Back from the break and recapping the Magnus injury.


Recap of Jeff Hardy vs. Austin Aries from Turning Point on Sunday.


Austin Aries is in the building.

Interviewer asks him how Aries is feeling, to which Aries takes umbrage, showing his battle scars. He tells the interviewer he is not done with Jeff Hardy, then he goes into the trailer for a massage.

There, he sees Hardy.

Aries says that he stepped his game up and made Hardy put up the hardest fight of his life, so he needs the massage more than Hardy.

They then do a slow-mo closeup with a stupid Hardy voiceover.

TNA, guys.


Kurt Angle and Garrett Bischoff vs. Devon and ???

The TNA stars charge at the gang to start.

Angle starting with Devon. Angle in complete control, working Devon in the corner. He tries a belly-to-belly, but his knees can barely help lift Devon. Devon turns the tide.

??? brought in. He pummels Angle in the corner and starts beating him down. Angle attacks the knee and brings Garrett in.

Garrett with the armlock. He is using his speed here, attacking the leg and arm of ???.

Bischoff tags out to Angle. Angle working the arm wrench again. It turns into a side headlock and Angle is sent into the ropes. Devon lands a punch to the back of the head of Angle.

Devon brought in and stomping on Angle. He hits an elbow drop for a nearfall.

Devon working on the neck of Angle in the corner, unloading with strikes. He hits his corkscrew shoulder block and then brings in ???.

??? keeping Angle grounded. Stomps and power offense. ??? with a snapmare and locks in the front headlock on Angle. Angle with strikes to the torso, but ??? clubs him to the mat. Angle ducks under a clothesline attempt and hits a German suplex. Angle hits one on Devon and sends him outside with a clothesline.

Other members of Aces and 8s come out to take out Garrett.

Angle gets the missile dropkick on ???. The ref is focused on Aces and 8s outside and the group gets Angle. Doc tries to come in with a hammer, but the group is chased off by Wes Brisco.

Angle gets the lowblow and rollup for the win.


Tara and Jessie going to visit Brooke Hogan.

She is spending a bit of quality time with Bully Ray on the couch.

Tara is upset that she just found out about this Knockouts battle royal. Brooke apologizes, but she tells Tara to be ready for anything as champ. Tara suggests she lock her door for more privacy.


TNA Knockouts Battle Royal

Madison Rayne, Mickie James, and Gail Kim are introduced before the break.

We are back and they didn't introduce anyone during the break.

ODB and Miss Tessmacher are introduced.

Miss Tessmacher and ODB double-team Gail Kim.

Mickie James working on Madison Rayne, choking her in the corner with her boot.

Gail Kim is fighting back, able to get Miss Tessmacher and ODB off her back.

ODB remains seated in the corner, but she goes after Gail Kim.

Miss Tessmacher hits a monkey flip on Gail Kim. She goes up top to rub her crotch in Gail Kim's face, but Madison Rayne comes to push her, eliminating Miss Tessmacher.

ODB and Mickie James with a double Thesz press on Gail Kim and Madison Rayne. Gail Kim and Madison Rayne are both slammed repeatedly into ODB's iron lady part. Madison is sent to the apron, but she turns around to fight off Mickie James. She gets booze spit in her face, falling to the floor.

ODB on the top and goes for a crossbody, but Gail ducks and she lands on Mickie James. Gail throws ODB up and over.

Gail using all of this throw Mickie around the ring. Mickie turns it around and is able to put Gail on the apron. Gail clubs her back, but Mickie James gets a Chick Kick to send Gail to the floor.

Mickie James wins.


James Storm backstage.

He is ready to shut Bobby Roode up once and for all.

AJ Styles walks by and they stare down. Storm asks if he can help him, but the two part ways.


Aces and 8s back in their clubhouse.

Doc has been kicked out of the group.

He opens the be presented with his Aces and 8s jacket.

Trolling Nonstop Action.


AJ Styles here.

Styles recaps the events that has caused him to lose his title shot until Bound for Glory 2013. Styles says that this is a rough year. He was accused of banging Dixie Carter and fathering a baby with a crackhead. Styles says the worst part is the people who doubted him all this time. Styles said he had a shot at the title, but he lost it. He says at least the holidays are coming up.


Kazarian says that AJ "ain't nothing but a hound dog, CRYING all the time." Daniels says that everything Styles has said has been accurate. Daniels says that Styles needs to look in the mirror for the source of the problems. Daniels says that Styles is a broken, flawed man. Daniels tells him to keep singing his sad songs to these hobos and vagrants in the Impact Zone, but he wants to remind him that he is nothing but a complete failure.

Styles says that he has beaten Christopher Daniels a lot more than he has beaten AJ Styles. Styles challenges him one last time to find out who the real better man is.

Kazarian says that Daniels has no reason to wrestle Styles. He calls him stale and says they are still the "real" WTTCOTW. Daniels cuts Kaz off, telling him that he is ready to do this match one last time.

The two face-off and jaw at each other.


Aries prefaces his Open Fight Night challenge, hinting that he will take on a big name.


Angle meets up with Bruce Pritchard, Al Snow, and D'Lo Brown.

Angle says he wants Wes Brisco to get a Gut Check shot.

All are against it, except for D'Lo.

Suspicious, eh?


Bobby Roode vs. James Storm

Brawl starts immediately after intros. Storm putting Roode down with strikes. Storm mounts him in the corner and gets a most of the ten punches. Roode goes for the inverted atomic drop, but Storm gets out and lands a clothesline. Storm is sent to the outside by Roode, who uses this time to expose the turnbuckle.

Back inside and both men try to slam each other into the steel, but Roode uses it to get an armbreaker. He wraps the arm of Storm around the pole.

Roode in control as we break.

We are back and Roode hits a knee drop for a nearfall.

Roode slams the left arm of Storm into the mat. Roode with an armbreaker over the top rope on Storm. He gets back inside, but Storm fights back with shots to the torso. Roode pulls his hair to bring him down to the mat. Roode stomping on the head of Storm. Roode working the arm with a key lock, but Storm fighting back. Roode sends him into the corner hard to stop that. Key lock in again. Storm fights out with the side suplex. Storm tries a rollup pin, but Storm instead gets the forearm shots. Inverted atomic drop and neckbreaker by Storm. He goes for a splash in the corner, but he floats over to the apron. Enzuigiri from Cowboy. He goes up top, but Roode crotches him on the top. Roode going for the superplex, but Storm headbutting him down. Storm hits a powerbomb off a sunset flip for a nearfall.

Roode hits a spinebuster, almost getting the pin.

Roode gets in the Crossface. Storm crawling over to the ropes and gets the rope break. Roode goes for a hammerlock slam, but Storm gets Closing Time.

Last Call for alcohol, Bobby Roode.

Roode throws the referee in front of Storm, then throws Storm into the exposed turnbuckle. Rollup and a handful of tights from Roode.

Roode is your new number one contender.

Roode celebrating and Storm infuriated as we fade to black.


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