TNA 'Turning Point' results and reactions from last night (Nov. 11): I'm mad as hell and I'm not gonna take it anymore!

TNA Turning Point came to us live on pay-per-view last night (Nov. 11). Who would climb to the top of the ladder between Jeff Hardy and Austin Aries? Who would get a shot at the man who climbed that ladder? All that and more can be found here!

TNA Turning Point was live on pay-per-view (PPV) last night (Nov. 11) from the Impact Wrestling Zone at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. The main event of the evening featured TNA World Heavyweight Champion Jeff Hardy taking on Austin Aries in a Hardy specialty, the ladder match.

Elsewhere, a few members of Aces and 8s were in action, while Bobby Roode, James Storm, and AJ Styles squared off to earn a TNA title shot.

Let's go right into the reactions:

  • People said this show was pretty good, and I can see where they're coming from. There wasn't anything to really make this the awful showing that we've come to expect from TNA. However, a movie can feature beautiful cinematography and special effects, yet still have a completely atrocious story. You can eloquently write about a bowel movement with some of the most descriptive, vivid imagery known to man, but you are still writing about a bowel movement. This is what I equate TNA to. They do some things really well (match quality), but manage to bring everything down with moronic booking. With that moronic booking, it is hard to care about anything the company does and it makes it easier to see the negative, than to search for that needle in the haystack that is the positive. If this makes me a bad wrestling fan, so be it. But, let's not act like TNA is doing better than WWE. In fact, it is hard to do worse than the WWE lately, but TNA still somehow manages to do it.
  • Anyway, Austin Aries and Jeff Hardy had a good match in the main event. It was your typical Hardy ladder match, with some polish added here and there. While not a classic by any means, Aries and Hardy did some absurd stuff which warrants some recognition. Aries took a Twist of Fate from the top of the ladder. He also took one on an unstable ladder which was laid across the corner of the ring. Hardy took some brutal falls when the ladder tipped over. Hardy ended up coming away with the belt in the end. It was certainly a memorable match, but nothing that will stick as an all-time classic in TNA history.
  • The co-main event featured Kurt Angle taking on Devon. Kurt Angle can barely walk and seeing him get in the ring is depressing to watch. The man gives his all and still has some very good moments. However, these come with other capable workers, and Devon is not one of them. This match had the feel of an empty arena match. While the two went through the ins and outs, it just wasn't interesting. Angle was about to pin Devon, but Aces and 8s came out to cause a distraction. Devon tried to take advantage of this, but Angle rolled through for an Ankle Lock that caused Devon to submit.
  • James Storm, Bobby Roode, and AJ Styles provided one of the best matches of the night. Storm hit Roode with a Backstabber and leveled Styles with the Last Call Superkick to take home the victory. Styles was the one who was pinned, so we won't see Styles in the title picture for another year. While I am hesitant to say that Storm and Hardy will provide an interesting feud, there is a chance for success there. We shall see.
  • The artists formerly known as, "The World Tag Team Champions of the World" couldn't get the job done against Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez. This bothers me, as I cannot find anything redeeming about Chavo Guerrero or Hernandez. They aren't completely intolerable in the ring, but they are pretty mundane. This was your standard fare between the two teams, really. If you're into it, you'll dig it.
  • DOC vs. Joseph Park... well, it was what we thought it was. Park went into Abyss mode after seeing his blood, but DOC got the Chokeslam for the win. I really want no part of Abyss ever again. I'd rather see Park intentionally do well at wrestling badly, than to try so hard as Abyss, yet still suck.
  • RVD put on a decent match with Joey Ryan. Both men are solid in-ring, but what does it really matter? RVD won, but he ate a Carbon Footprint from Morgan on his way backstage post-match.
  • ODB and Eric Young defeated Tara and Jesse. While it wasn't your clinical wrestling masterpiece, it was a fun comedic match. The WWE can take a few notes from TNA in this way. ODB and Eric Young won and proceeded to poke each other's tonsils post-match.
  • Magnus and Samoa Joe put on my other favorite match of the night. The only gripe I had was too many finishers being kicked out of, but nevertheless, Joe won with his Coquina Clutch. These two have a great feud going, but given the effort TNA puts into it meaning something, it doesn't really get the looks it deserves.

TNA's match quality is not bad. It is a lot better than some of what the WWE presents, actually. However, the stories surrounding them are what make you emotionally invested.

Because of this, Turning Point earns a "C-" from me.

How did you Cagesiders grade it?

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