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Miss Elizabeth debuts, Raw on fire

Miss Elizabeth debuts, Rodman heads down under, and Booker T: 5-time!, 5-time!, 5-time!, 5-time!, 5-time! WCW Champion. Plus the RAW! The RAW! The RAW is on fire! We don't need no water, let the...

Odds of Scott Steiner having a birthday? 141 2/3

Rey Mysterio is a lawn dart, The Rock and Ric Flair meet for the first time ever, and it's a happy birthday for a famed math professor. Plus, a tribute to Captain Lou. All on this day in Pro...

Mike Adamle, PG rating, TNA gonna TNA


Wendi Richter and Molly Holly strike gold, TNA crowns co-champions, TNA gets Pacman, and the wrestling world loses the father of Japanese strong style. Plus a Young Buck has a happy birthday today!...

RIP Gordon Solie

The birth (and rebirth) of a championship, the birth of SmackDown PPVs, the birth of HEAT, and the birth of two former champions. Plus, the wrestling world says goodbye to a longtime voice.

Dusty and Flair in a cage, Fully Loaded 1998

Dusty wins in a cage, Chris Benoit wins under the wire, D-Lo wins two belts, and happy birthday Roderick Strong!

Jim Cornette debuts, CM Punk returns, Fully Loaded


Mysterio wins--and loses--the WWE title (to guess who?), the end of an era, and hell freezes over. Plus rich people suing over a hand gesture settle out of court.

Big debuts, bad wrestling, and a death tournament


A sensational debut, Kurt Angle's historic win, the worst wrestling show of 2005, and happy birthday Torrie Wilson!

War to Settle the Score


A FULLY LOADED day in wrestling history includes a war to settle a score, some glory days, and a television staple hitting a major milestone.

Vince McMahon wins (always), and so does WCW


McMahon beats the feds, WCW beats the WWF (thanks to a WWF guy), Faarooq in blue, and a four-foot cruiserweight champion. Plus five title changes in one day and plenty of birthdays. Today, we have...

Records, robberies, and British Invasions


Rock's record win, Magnum TA gets robbed, and the British Invasion win the tag team titles. Too bad the organization they belong to don't approve.

This title change and that title change


Title changes. All these title changes! Plus, women's wrestling promotion Shine Wrestling is born.

It's just so, so bad


MINUS. FIVE. STARS. The worst pay-per-view and match of 2009 both happened on this day. Step inside if you dare.

The Brain Busters vs. Demolition ... nuff said


Chris Sabin and Kane cash in, GagneWinsLOL, FlairWinsLOL, Lance Storm: Canadian Heavyweight Champion, and the wrestling world loses a tag team great.

The night CM Punk won the title and left with it


Two of the most important days in wrestling history. And the Great Khali. Plus two former TNA Knockouts have birthdays.

Throw a Bash for fallen Brothers


WCW goes to the beach, ECW goes west, TNA goes down a road to victory, and the wrestling world loses a trio of legends.

The hug that flushed $$$, another failure, Spirit!


A shocking WWE debut, the WBF shuts down, the Spirit Squad get dominated, and Samoa Joe is the tag team champions. Plus two controversial wrestling legends have a happy birthday.

A bad show, a good show, and ECW


WCW puts on a historically bad show, title changes a plenty, and happy birthday to two ECW personalities who were born on the same exact day.

A double dose of WWE controversy


WWE gets a double shot of controversy, Dennis Rodman's first match, Kevin Sullivan's last match, and happy birthday X-Pac!

Happy birthday Brock, and Sami, and Hurricane


TNT is dynamite, Bruno and Tunney say goodbye, and HoganWinsLOL. Plus... birthdays!

And Sting gets a title, and Savage gets a title


Happy 7-11 Day! Get your Slurpees then enjoy some history, including Sting winning his last world title on free TV and Randy Savage winning his world title in a tag match. Plus, Matt Hardy? You're...

LA MELEE, TNA gets X'd up, Hardy goes hardcore


The price of freedom is high, TNA gets X'd, and there's a melee in Los Angeles. Plus Jeff Hardy gets gold with some unlikely help.

Don't turn a work into a shoot like these guys did


Today, we're focusing on one event, and if we're looking at only one event, you know it has to be a big one. It was. It's that one time when Vince Russo turned a work into a shoot.

Option C, Mysterio as champion, Nash's quad


Austin Aries cashes in on Option C, Rey Mysterio wins gold for the first time, and Kevin Nash tears his quad. No joke.

The formation of the nWo


That awkward moment when you realize that one of wrestling's greatest stables was formed 18 years ago. Feel old yet?

Goldberg wins the title, King gets canned


Kenny King gets fired, the Great American Bash is born, Goldberg gets his biggest win, and the best show of 1997 is not from WCW. Or from America.

Happy birthday, Murica!


Lex Luger's big slam, the first War Games, the wrestling world says goodbye to two key 80's figures in the WWF, and the Philadelphia Screwjob. Happy birthday, America!

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