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Non-WWE schedule of WM 30 weekend events

Over the next 4 days, there will be 10 independent wrestling shows from the likes of ROH, DGUSA, Evolve, etc., 2 NJPW iPPVs, 2 major conventions, 3 evenings with Jim Ross, 2 Colt Cabana comedy...

Kassius Ohno releases statement on WWE release

Kassius Ohno, also known as Chris Hero, was recently released by WWE for reasons that have yet to be made clear. Now, the man himself has released a statement on the matter.

Barbed Wire City: Was another ECW film necessary?


In this review of Barbed Wire City: The Unauthorized Story Of Extreme Championship Wrestling, we answer the question of whether another ECW documentary was really necessary, as the company's...

Lance Archer & Davey Boy Smith Jr. - new NWA World Tag Team Champions


Current IWGP Tag Team Champions, K.E.S. (Killer Elite Squad): Lance Archer (aka Lance Hoyt) & Davey Boy Smith Jr. (aka David Hart Smith) added the NWA World Tag Team titles to their collection of belts last night when they defeated Ryan Genesis & Scott Summers in Houston, TX. They are the biggest name tag team to hold the belts in the six years since TNA severed their business relationship with the NWA in May 2007. So the NWA vs. New Japan Pro Wrestling feud is certainly to the former organisation's benefit, even though the score is now 1-1.

This week in WrestleMania: All the event details

Want to know what's happening this "WrestleMania" week, Cagesiders? Check out this calendar of events covering not only WWE, but TNA, NJPW, CMLL, ROH, Dragon Gate USA, EVOLVE, CHIKARA, Pro...

The Indie Corner: Wrestling Is Growing

You might laugh at the proliferation of "Wrestling Is" promotions, but they could very well be the future of Chikara and wrestling in general.

PWG 'DDT4' Results: El Generico's Goodbye

Results from PWG's annual 'DDT4' and El Generico's last event as an independent wrestler.

WWE signs indie stars: Who is up next?

The recent signing of El Generico has sparked speculation as to who WWE will snatch up next. Come join in the speculation, as we review seven wrestlers WWE may sign next.

Farewell, El Generico

The indie scene's best wrestler has finally been picked up by WWE. He deserves the money, but he leaves a larger than ordinary void.

Report: WWE signs EL GENERICO from the indies

Multiple sources have confirmed to PWPonderings that indie wrestling god from CHIKARA and PWG fame, and one of the best professional wrestlers in the world, has been signed by WWE.


The Top 10 News Stories of 2012 on CSS

2012 was another tumultuous year in the wrestling business; full of new stars, big name returns, important business moves, firings, lawsuits, drug test failures, suspensions, sex tapes, heart...

Five Indie Wrestlers You Need to Watch in '13

Want to get the heads up on who to watch in the coming year? Here are five wrestlers who are set to cause major rubbernecking in '13.

The 5 Indie Wrestlers You Should've Watched in '12

The year is almost over, so here are the five wrestlers you should be catching up on, if you haven't already been.

PWG and Striking While the Iron Is Hot

Adam Cole is the latest example of PWG being ahead of the curve when it comes to the future stars of the indies.

When Right and Wrong Aren't Clear in Chikara

Chikara's Cibernetico had a lot of big developments, but none was bigger than when student chose one difficult moral high ground over the one his teacher has been holding in the wake of a divisive...

Which 'Cibernetico' team will implode first?


The Cibernetico Rises: Tim Donst and Eddie Kingston won't be able to get along, but did anyone stop to think Kevin Steen might not be able to coexist with the Young Bucks?

Will the Last Guy Standing in NWA Turn Out Lights?

The NWA World Championship has changed hands more by title vacancy than by pinfall in the ring lately. I think it's high time the governing body pulls the plug on itself.

Has Ring of Honor gotten its mojo back?

ROH had been floundering creatively for awhile under Jim Cornette. Have two shows under a new booker given the company the spark it needs to get back on the ground running?

Indie Classics: High Flying 4 Way

This week on Indie Classics I'll be presenting a high flying affair that occurred in Chikara. One of the best matches involving high flyers in the US since the cruiserweight division was the best...

TNA Impact: Abuse of term "Independent Contractor"

TNA "Impact Wrestling" recently barred its talent from appearing on independent shows that tape for DVD. This would be well within their rights to do if they didn't insist on calling their talent...

Indie Classics: Do Fixer vs. Blood Generation

With the cSs greatest match ever tournament underway there have been a lot of complaints that there are too many WWE matches in the tournament and Independent and Japanese wrestling companies...

The Indie Corner: Stay Awesome, Adam


Adam Cole has led a charmed existence in 2012. Since bursting onto the scene in Combat Zone Wrestling in 2009, Cole has taken every promotion he's been allowed to shine in by storm. He got limited...

The Indie Corner: Why Is WSU Inducting Dixie Carter into Their Hall of Fame?


Women's Superstars Uncensored is arguably the premiere women's wrestling promotion in the United States right now. While SHIMMER Women's Athletes has more of a name cache, WSU runs more shows with...

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