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WWE Smackdown preview for Apr. 11, 2014

Getting you ready for a return to the fantasy world of pro wrestling, as our post-WrestleMania programs continue to build with Daniel Bryan, Cesaro, The Shield and more. Plus our usual Friday silliness and ranting.

WrestleMania 30 match preview: Tag Title 4Way

Rybaxel and The Real Americans helped Kane take out The Shield, so they got a tag title shot. Someone realized they were paying El Torito a bunch of money, so Los Matadores got a tag title shot. Can The Usos fend all three to retain their titles?

WWE Raw preview for Mar. 17, 2014

All the fallout from last week's occupation and the booking of Daniel Bryan's big night at WrestleMania 30. How do you follow up a moment like that? We've got some ideas, and a plea to reward the strong recent work of Randall K. Orton.

WWE Smackdown preview for Mar. 7, 2014

Yes, we know. Big Show is back. But we need to know - broads or birds? Let us know while we get you caught up on everything that has gone into, and everything we'd like to see out of, this week's edition on SyFy at 8PM Eastern time.

WWE Raw preview for Mar. 3, 2014

So much drama in the 773...The Shield vs The Wyatts II! Heel vs Heel for the WWE WHC? Paul Heyman addresses The Undertaker! Will Triple H respond to Daniel Bryan? And there's one other thing I know I'm forgetting...

WWE Smackdown preview for Feb. 28, 2014

All eyes will be on Batista in tonight - can he bring the audience over to his side, or at least appease them by playing a character that's supposed to be booed? We care, really we do. But we really just want to see the return of a certain mascot.

WWE Raw preview for Feb. 24, 2014

Hulk Hogan ushers in a new era, The Network is here, and CM Punk is not. We get you ready for tonight, partially by trying to tie together a big loose end that might make things involving The Wyatts, Daniel Bryan and even Boo-tista more interesting.

WWE EC match preview: Jack Swagger vs Big E

The Real American defeated three other men to earn the right to challenge for the Intercontinental champion. But considering what that belt has done for Big E and the other guys who've held it lately, should he want it?

WWE Smackdown preview for Feb. 21, 2014

After Monday night's climactic brawl between The Shield, The Wyatts and all six men who'll battle for the belt inside the Elimination Chamber, what could the blue brand possibly offer up tonight? Who knows, but we still find plenty to gab about.

Preview: WWE Raw for February 17, 2014

Randy Orton's gauntlet ends in Celtic territory, a crucial time for the tag division and WWE is doing a little whitewashing of Black History Month. But everybody still wants to talk about CM Punk. We'll cover all those topics in this preview.

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