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WWE Smackdown preview for May 9, 2014

Three singles matches are on the docket for The Shield as we try to break out of the doldrums WWE has had us all week. Plus, The Exotic Express gives us a new reason to want to see an old favorite,...

Extreme Rules match preview: Cesaro/RVD/Swagger

Cesaro became a Paul Heyman guy, angering his former manager and tag partner. Then everybody got mixed up with an ECW original, costing them all in the Intercontinental title tournament, and...

WWE Smackdown preview for May 2, 2014

Dean Ambrose defends his US title for the first time in a long time, while we try to figure out what John Cena and Ric Flair were talking about on Monday night. Plus, an idea for refreshing the...

Two new matches added to WWE Extreme Rules 2014

Last night's Raw rounded out the card with little people on the pre-show and a triple threat spinning out of the Intercontinental contender tournament.

WWE Smackdown preview for Apr. 25, 2014

The Real American powers explode! And a bunch of stuff with The Shield apparently, since the other main babyfaces won't be there. Plus, the WWE's embarassing history with little people in this...

WWE.com issues predictions for WrestleMania 31

Because it's never too early to start some rumors for next year. Read their guesses, vote on the most likely one and give us yours!

WWE Smackdown preview for Apr. 11, 2014

Getting you ready for a return to the fantasy world of pro wrestling, as our post-WrestleMania programs continue to build with Daniel Bryan, Cesaro, The Shield and more. Plus our usual Friday...

WrestleMania 30 match preview: Tag Title 4Way

Rybaxel and The Real Americans helped Kane take out The Shield, so they got a tag title shot. Someone realized they were paying El Torito a bunch of money, so Los Matadores got a tag title shot....

WWE Raw preview for Mar. 17, 2014

All the fallout from last week's occupation and the booking of Daniel Bryan's big night at WrestleMania 30. How do you follow up a moment like that? We've got some ideas, and a plea to reward the...

WWE Smackdown preview for Mar. 7, 2014

Yes, we know. Big Show is back. But we need to know - broads or birds? Let us know while we get you caught up on everything that has gone into, and everything we'd like to see out of, this week's...

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