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Latest WrestleMania 30 Promotional Poster


Now 100% Punk-free. Courtesy of indemand.com, which also has a list of the cable and satellite companies that will be offering the show on pay-per-view (PPV).

YES Movement gains two new members


If merchandise can be seen as the signs of a push...the push continues. I'm still partial to my long-sleeved goat face, but the arm raising emoticons are kind of cute. Get yours at WWE Shop.

Warrior announces who will induct him into WWE HoF


via his Twitter. Thanks to Cagesider John Reilly for the find, and read his fan post for another choice Warrior tweet to his followers about the announcement, and their vocabularies.

WWE Stock hits all-time high


of $31.90 per share at around 2PM this afternoon, before settling back down to close another strong week at $29.64. This comes after Chief Financial Officer George Barrios speculated yesterday that a new television rights deal would be in place by early May and touted over 10 million downloads of the WWE App as a sign of the potential of The Network. Sources: Bloomberg Businessweek and Google Finance.

Oh hai Renee!


As I'm sure is the case with most of you, we at the Cageside Seats offices love Renee Young for her brains, talent and winning personality. But if WWE wants to publish tasteful pictures of her lounging around her hotel room and occasionally casting a 'come hither' glance in our direction, we'll check them out. Respectful-like, of course.

Daniel Bryan watched NXT ArRIVAL, thought the same thing most of us did


Being a WWE Superstar is busy work, so it's understandable that our boy D-Bry didn't get a chance to catch WWE NXT ArRIVAL on The Network until last night. It's also understandable that he loved Sami Zayn and Cesaro's show opening match, because it was the $#!+. Relive it with cSs coverage of the show (live blog, reactions, video playlist) and remember to check out tonight's episode at 9PM Eastern. Then come back tomorrow for the always hopping Cageside recap and your comments!

WWE now worth over $2 billion


A few days ago, we broke the news that Vince McMahon was back to being a billionaire thanks to the recent upswing in WWE's stock price. Well, with further increases in the last couple of days, the stock has reached a record high of $27.10 per share, meaning that the company's market capitalisation broke the $2 billion mark for the first time ever today. This bubble almost certainly most last, but it's still a pretty significant accomplishment nonetheless while it lasts.

Bad News Postponed


Apparently, in earlier versions of this week's Monday Night Raw script, Bad News Barrett was supposed to break the bad news to the Chicago fans that CM Punk wasn't there. I guess WWE eventually decided that they wanted their viewers to come to that conclusion on their own after the show was over.

If JR were a betting man...


in response to a question posed on his Twitter.

First look at WWE NXT ArRIVAL set


from the Twitter of WWE's Chief Brand Officer. Bonus pic of her husband surveying the construction of the pre-show set where Kevin Nash will make jokes about vanilla midgets.

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