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The Rock says steroids don't work! Oh really?

Outside of experimenting with steroids as a young college footballer, The Rock denied more recent PED usage to The Hollywood Reporter. He may very well be clean, but it's hard to buy that he...

WWE makes controversial changes to Wellness Policy

In July, WWE quietly changed its Wellness Policy to allow Therapeutic Use Exceptions for banned substances and introduced a redemption program that would enable performers who have violated the...

Bruno Sammartino a shill for WWE's Wellness Policy

Once an outspoken critic of drug abuse within WWE, Bruno Sammartino has now become a broken old record about how virtuous their Talent Wellness Program is, playing the lone heroic voice that...

The Rock unfairly criticised for WWE snub on Leno?

The latest complaints the backstage heat magnet Dwayne Johnson has drawn is that he failed to plug WWE in his recent appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. However, The Rock was likely told...

Irv Muchnick: "Bruno’s bad call on WWE Hall of Fame shows Vince is right – everyone has a price"


Fellow blogger Irv Muchnick has written a controversial op-ed piece for SLAM! Wrestling on Bruno Sammartino's decision to finally be inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame this year. My personal feelings closely match Muchnick's. Though I don't begrudge Bruno the well deserved honour or the money that was the condition of his acceptance, he made a grave error by stumping for the company's Wellness Policy in the media, at a time when The Rock's and Triple H's physiques look more than a bit fishy. That scepticism is only enhanced when you know the background of his trainer as well as Irv does: "[Paul] Levesque built his own squeaky-clean physique with the assistance of a personal trainer named Dave Palumbo. Levesque hired Palumbo after his release from prison for selling fake human growth hormone. A well-known steroid guru, Palumbo designs test-beating steroid cycles."

Bruno Sammartino: How much will he get for HoF?

Apparently, Bruno Sammartino drove a very hard bargain in return for legitimising the WWE Hall of Fame with his presence this year - he's believed to be getting a main event level "WrestleMania"...

The Rock: a walking WWE Wellness Policy exemption?


The Rock's current musclebound physique makes him look like a neon signed WWE Wellness Policy exemption. Which makes Bruno Sammartino look naïve for buying Triple H's impassioned plea that the...

Debate 3: shame on you Linda McMahon supporters!


Linda McMahon earned a draw in her third debate, thanks to a partisan crowd that threw Chris Murphy off his game. As a wrestling fan though, I was ashamed that Linda's supporters booed Murphy for...

WWE removing any controversial online material

Dave Meltzer broke the news that WWE had been on a tear recently removing a huge number of videos from the Internet due to them being of copyrighted material. It soon turned out though that this...

Former WWE star Tammy Sytch arrested for domestic violence 3 times this week

Just two months after going into WWE sponsored rehab, Tammy Sytch, aka Sunny, her mugshot is plastered all over TMZ for the world to see, after being arrested for domestic violence three times on...

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