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Crazy WWE fan's lawsuit against Natalya

In perhaps the strangest lawsuit ever filed against a wrestler, Natalya was recently accused by a WWE fan of being an evil dominatrix guilty of domestic and sexual abuse. Thankfully, the suit was...


Sexism and Suplexes: A Look at WWE Divas Booking

Another hot topic this week has been the women, or Divas, of WWE. Some say good times are ahead, some have been burned too many times by bad or embarrassing stories. This fanpost looks at how it's...

AJ Lee Soars While the Bella Twins Race to Bottom

In four minutes of airtime on this past Monday's Raw, the very best and the very worst of WWE's Divas division was on display.

Bella Twins - More former WWE Divas to return?

The Bella Twins return on Raw is due to a concerted effort by WWE to attract back all the Divas that quit the company in the recent past by offering them better contracts than they had previously,...

Ex WWE Diva Amy Weber releases naked photos to TMZ


Only because her laptop was stolen that contained pictures from an unreleased nude photo shoot for Playboy! It's nothing about your career falling on hard times, then?

Kelly Kelly, gone due to WWE's restrictive PG era?


A main reason Kelly Kelly left WWE was due to the company putting the kibosh on any outside projects that she wanted to do that were overtly sexual. They also weren't happy with her selling...

Vickie Guerrero's daughter Shaul wants out of WWE

Shaul Guerrero, the daughter of Eddie and Vickie Guerrero, who wrestles in FCW as Raquel Diaz, has asked to be released from her WWE contract. Due to her immense potential and the recent exodus of...

TNA Knockout Champion Miss Tessmacher speaks on her journey as a pro wrestler


Miss Tessmacher is set to defend her TNA Knockouts Championship against Madison Rayne tonight at Hardcore Justice. Before she does, check out this interview which chronicles her career.


Video: TNA Knockouts Champ Gail Kim on Women's Wrestling Impact, Roode-Storm

Check out this interview with Gail Kim on TNA, WWE, and more.

Video: Larry from The Three Stooges disses WWE Divas on Conan, CM Punk responds


Two weeks ago, The Three Stooges were guests on WWE Raw. Now, it seems a rivalry is brewing between Larry and a certain Straight Edge Superstar.

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