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More on Michael Hayes's WWE leave of absence


Dave Meltzer claims that Michael Hayes was prohibited from drinking, especially in public, while traveling on WWE business, after he got drunk at the official WrestleMania 24 after party and used a...

WWE suspends Michael Hayes over Rosa Mendes drinks

According to former WWE creative team member Court Bauer, senior road agent Michael Hayes has been suspended by WWE for being spotted drinking with Rosa Mendes in a bar, despite her problems with...

CM Punk - sending WWE viewers the NHL's way?

A ridiculous theory, but one that holds water in the crazy cult like environment of the WWE creative team headed by Vince McMahon, which is obsessed with the power of social media and needs to...

Horror of working for the McMahons intensifying?

The surprise resignation of WWE's new head writer David Kreizman this week suggests that the horror of working for the McMahon family is sadly intensifying due to the pressure of weak ratings.

WWE to hard sell Triple H's concussion angle

The Triple H concussion angle started on the May 20th episode of Raw is scheduled to be a long term storyline where his wife, father-in-law and perhaps even his kids plead for him to retire due to...

Stephanie McMahon tweets in favour of gay marriage

Though we at Cageside Seats have been highly sceptical about the integrity of WWE's anti-bullying initiatives like Be A Star, Stephanie McMahon went a long way to dispel our concerns today by using...

Brian Gerwirtz: downfall due to working at home

The downfall of Brian Gerwirtz has more to do with working from home for a year, opening himself up to being buried by his rivals, than Raw's ratings falling to a 15-year low, which was just the...

Kelly Kelly, gone due to WWE's restrictive PG era?


A main reason Kelly Kelly left WWE was due to the company putting the kibosh on any outside projects that she wanted to do that were overtly sexual. They also weren't happy with her selling...

Does Stephanie McMahon still hate Paul Heyman after all these years?


One thing from the 1,000th episode of Monday Night Raw that hasn't been dissected in great detail here yet is the sheer relish with which Stephanie McMahon venomously buried Paul Heyman on the show.

WWE's Raw move to three hours causing widespread unhappiness


The reaction to WWE Monday Night Raw's planned move to three hours has been almost universally panned by their fans who fear the worst. Inside WWE the response has not been much different. Though...

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