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WrestleMania 30 and why it doesn't have to suck

WrestleMania 30, scheduled for April 6, 2014, in New Orleans, might look like it sucks right now but upon deeper inspection there's a lot to like about how WWE has set up its storylines. This may...

Which title means more: WWE or world heavyweight?

Which title means more to you: the WWE championship or the world heavyweight championship?


2013 WWE Survivor Series Predictions: Will This Year Suck?

via smarkoutmoment.com This Sunday is WWE's annual pay per view, Survivor Series. This classic event dates back to 1987 and has been one of WWE's yearly major events. Despite WWE's lack on...

Bryan wins WWE title, but on a fast count from ref

Daniel Bryan did, in fact, win the WWE championship at tonight's (Sun., Sept. 15, 2013) "Night of Champions" pay-per-view in Detroit, pinning Randy Orton. But the referee who presided over the fall...

Custom WWE championship title side plate designs for classic stars

WWE.com has an awesome article up on its front page now showcasing potential side plates that would be used for classic WWE superstars if they were still around today to win the current incarnation of the WWE championship, which changes side plates depending on whose holding the title at any given time. Randy Orton's hasn't exactly been well received, but the classic looks showcased in the WWE.com article are all awesome, including the Mankind plate you see above. Click here to go see the rest.

Orton's custom WWE title with RKO side plates

Well, folks, here it is: Randy Orton's custom made WWE championship title with RKO side plates.

SS Preview: Cena vs. Bryan, Triple H referees


The biggest match of Daniel Bryan's life against WWE champion John Cena is sadly overshadowed by the McMahon family power struggle and Randy Orton's ever present MitB briefcase. The spotlight will...

Yoenis Cespedes won the Home Run Derby tonight and celebrated with the WWE championship


Way to go, champ. If you want actual baseball coverage of Cespedes and his Oakland Athletics, get it at SBN over at AthleticsNation.com.

WWE 'Extreme Rules' Preview: John Cena vs. Ryback


Will Ryback be able to kick the ass of a one legged man in a contest where the whole aim is to be the last man standing on your feet to finally fulfil his several month long quest to procure the...

Wrestlers who should've been champ, but never were

A list of a Cagesider's top three wrestlers whom he thinks should have won each respective title listed, and reasoning behind each pick to spark a community discussion.

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