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After a long eight months of doubt and melancholy, CHIKARA has been resurrected. Come find out the details for yourself.


Come join the CSS Indie Corner as we provide an overview of the wild and wonderful world that is CHIKARA and let you know why you should be following our Indie Promotion of the Month.

Cageside Seats Indie of the Month: CHIKARA


Change is coming to the CSS Indie Corner and the beginning of that change is the new Indie Promotion of the Month feature. Come join us for the wild ride that is CHIKARA, our inaugural Indie...

Video: Sara Del Rey and Saturyne take on The Batiri in CHIKARA's latest Podcast-A-Go-Go


The newest Podcast-A-Go-Go from CHIKARA is available here. Featuring clips of their latest iPPV, Chikarasaurus Rex: How to Hatch a Dinosaur, it's 10 minutes of jam-packed action.

Chikarasaurus Rex results and live match coverage TONIGHT (June 2) from Philadelphia


CHIKARA's second ever iPPV goes off tonight at 7pm ET. Join us for live Chikarasaurus Rex action!

Video: Gekido's 17 snaps Mike Quackenbush's arm in this week's CHIKARA Podcast-A-Go-Go


Mike Quackenbush might be the Master of 1000 Holds but what good is that against someone who knows 17 long-lost submissions?

Under the Radar: The latest news from the independent wrestling scene


Ring of Honor, EVOLVE and Combat Zone Wrestling all have shows this weekend. If you think it's hard to keep up, have no fear, Under the Radar is here!

Video: Campeonato de Parejas action from Canada on this week's CHIKARA Podcast-A-Go-Go


The latest CHIKARA Podcast-A-Go-Go is ready for viewing. And if you're a fan of tag team action, this week should be a treat.

Ring of Honor (ROH) and CHIKARA join forces tomorrow (April 28) for Synergy in Chicago, IL


Co-promotion? Ring of Honor and CHIKARA got it on lock tomorrow night in Chicago. Find out all the details here.

Cageside Catch Up for week ending April 22, 2012: London, Lockdown and haircuts


Missed a story in the past week? Use the Cageside Catch Up to fill yourself in!

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