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Why Bully Ray leaving TNA is a bad sign

Losing Bully Ray, the company's most powerful advocate, is a morale killer for those unfortunate souls left in TNA. Moreover, it may be a sign that Bully did not have absolute confidence that TNA...

TNA report: Still playing the waiting game


Although TNA is still going out of its way to pretend that it's business as usual, there are some ominous signs as they wait for TV execs to determine their destiny.

TNA: Did Dixie going through a table draw ratings?

A whopping 28,000 extra viewers tuned into TNA Impact this week to see the blow-off of the company's biggest feud of the year, Bully Ray vs. Dixie Carter.

Vince Russo: "Spike TV knew I was working for TNA"

Vince Russo doesn't want to be unfairly scapegoated for the potential demise of another wrestling company and is continuing to throw TNA under the bus to attempt to clear his name.

Russo buries Spike TV as a bad partner for TNA

Vince Russo claims that Spike TV never correctly promoted TNA during their time on the network and he hopes that a Prince Charming comes riding in on his white horse and will save TNA from the evil...

Latest TNA rumors: No backup TV deal in place

TNA's future looks very bleak, as there seems to be no interest in Impact within the American TV industry, partially due to losing mainstream stars like Hulk Hogan, and is outright lying to its...

Vince Russo outs himself as a TNA consultant

Today, Vince Russo unwittingly outed himself as a creative consultant for TNA by accidentally CC'ing a dirt sheet writer into a private email between him and TNA announcers Mike Tenay and Taz...

Bully Ray would jump back to WWE in a heartbeat

Whilst promoting TNA's Impact TV tapings in New York City this week, Bully Ray, when put on the spot, admitted he'd go back to WWE in a heartbeat if Vince McMahon ever snapped his fingers.

TNA attempting to steal top Ring Of Honor talent

The war for the number two spot behind WWE in the American wrestling market is heating up as TNA looks to take revenge on ROH for encroaching on their turf by attempting to steal their top talent....

Latest rumours about Jeff Jarrett's new promotion

There's tons of gossip going round about the new wrestling promotion that Jeff Jarrett and Toby Keith are currently trying to set up including a potential TV deal with CMT, Kurt Angle being hired...

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