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The Power of a Wrestling Return

The latest return by the master of the surprise return, Chris Jericho, inspired everyone's favorite Cageside Seats uncle to look at the phenomenon of the wrestling return.


The Power of a Wrestling Women's Division

This Cagesider looks at the state of women's wrestling in WWE and asks why so many in the company (including wrestlers) and fans are okay with the status quo. What can we all do to make a...

Wrestler Wrankings™: 2013-14 Season, Week 18

The King is dead (injured). As it comes to an abrupt end, let's reflect on Sheamus' reign of dominance. Plus, the weekly scoreboard for the purest form of sport!

Wrestler Wrankings -- 2012-13 Season Wrap Up

The great season of 2012-13 professional wrestling season has finally come to end. See who took the ultimate prize in sport as well as a full listing of the year's Wrestler Wrankings.


Ten Hottest Women in Wrestling

Ten of the hottest women in wrestling. Does this list come close to yours? Is it ordered properly? Come compare.

WWE 'Saturday Morning Slam' reactions for Dec. 22

It started off as a Miz-erable Christmas on 'Saturday Morning Slam,' went into some high-flying reindeer style action, made us chuckle and laugh along with Santino and even gave some of us a little...

Wrestler Wrankings™: 2012-13 Season, Week 38

John Cena may not hold a title, but that's not preventing him from racking up the hardware. Find out more in this week's edition of Wrestler Wrankings!

Jim Cornette on sabbatical from ROH after outburst


That's a polite way of saying that he was sent home for disciplinary reasons. Yet again Corny's lack of anger control has cost him another good job, when he threatened ROH's business manager with...

Wrestler Wrankings™: 2012-2013 Season, Week 28

Vince McMahon is still "The Master". Check out the latest edition of the Wrestler Wrankings -- your weekly breakdown and scoring for the world's purest form of sport, for week 28 of the 2012-2013...

Wrestler Wrankings™: 2012-2013 Season, Week 26

For the past six months, Wrestler Wrankings has scored the in-ring action of the sport of professional wrestling. At the halfway mark to the conclusion of the WWE season at 'WrestleMania 29', we...

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