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WrestleMania: 100 Greatest Matches, Part 1


What a long, strange trip it will be. Join Scott Christ for part one of a week-long series looking back on (his picks for) the 100 greatest matches in WrestleMania history.

Wellington's WABAC #8: What is Dead May Never Die

Halloween 1996 - when Paul Bearer was managing Mick Foley, probably because he thought Undertaker's purple gloves were ridiculous. The WABAC visits 'In Your House 11'...

WWE names the top 10 Hell in a Cell matches

There haven't been that many, but WWE.com took the time to rank the top 10 Hell in a Cell matches anyway. This should be an interesting list, and I know you're going to be shocked at who came in at...

Wellington's WABAC #7: That's Gotta be Diesel

The WABAC travels to the fall of 1996 - a magical time of Savio Vega, Marc Mero, the original Sony Playstation and, of course, Big Daddy Cool.

Wellington's WABAC #6: E-SEE-DUB

In this edition, Wellington plays some Mind Games as he digs into 'In Your House 10' from September 22, 1996 in Philadelphia, PA, featuring Mark Henry's debut and Shawn Michaels vs. Mankind.

Custom WWE championship title side plate designs for classic stars

WWE.com has an awesome article up on its front page now showcasing potential side plates that would be used for classic WWE superstars if they were still around today to win the current incarnation of the WWE championship, which changes side plates depending on whose holding the title at any given time. Randy Orton's hasn't exactly been well received, but the classic looks showcased in the WWE.com article are all awesome, including the Mankind plate you see above. Click here to go see the rest.

Triple H wins his first WWF championship

It was on this date in WWF history that Triple H won his first world title by defeating Mick Foley on "Monday Night Raw."

WWE names 25 greatest SummerSlam matches

What were the best matches in WWE history to ever take place at SummerSlam? Thankfully, WWE.com is here to let us know!

Undertaker vs. Mankind at King of the Ring 1998

On this date in WWF history it was confirmed that Mankind (Mick Foley) can not, in fact, fly, and his bones break no different than any other human. All thanks to confirmation from Undertaker...

Triple H becomes the King of the Ring

Triple H won the 1997 King of the Ring tournament on this date in WWF history, one year after he was originally supposed to.

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