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Linda McMahon's cash helps the GOP forgive her

Daniela Altimari of the Hartford Courant has reported that Linda McMahon is still active politically in her home state, donating generously to the Republican Party and even advising local GOP...

WWE responds to Tammy Sytch's allegations

WWE has issued a statement to Cageside Seats in response to Tammy Sytch's allegations that she had been treated badly by WWE's former talent rehabilitation assistance program. We're told that in...

Video: Tammy Sytch alleges WWE rehab mistreatment

In a new shoot interview for Kayfabe Commentaries, Tammy Sytch claims WWE lost interest in giving her the best rehab treatment money could buy once Linda McMahon lost her U.S. Senate election....

Linda McMahon hands out bounced checks and condoms


Linda McMahon is still getting bad publicity in her home state of Connecticut, due to complaints of bounced checks to her New Haven canvassers. The ringleader claims he received condoms in his pay...

Linda McMahon already attempting babyface turn


Taking a page from the old pro wrestling playbook, Linda did a softball interview with 'Bloomberg Businessweek' earlier today, to start the long hard road in turning herself from hated heel to...

Will Linda McMahon take the go away heat hint?


Everyone wants Linda McMahon to pack her political ball up and go home, the Connecticut Democrats, her Republican colleagues, the voters, the local media, and even her husband Vince. But Linda...

Linda McMahon vs. Chris Murphy election day blog


Last-minute accusations of dirty tricks, Chris Murphy closes with a powerful speech, while Linda McMahon focuses on grass roots efforts to get her voters out in droves tomorrow. We will update this...

Game over for Linda McMahon, as fatigue sets in?

A ringing endorsement of Chris Murphy by Barack Obama, while Linda McMahon annoys the general public with new ads that have nothing new to say, should be the final nails in her second $50 million...


Linda McMahon attacks Chris Murphy on female pay

The latest attack by Linda McMahon against her opponent Chris Murphy is that he's anti-woman because he pays the men on his political staff 50% more than women. Yes, this coming from the wrestling...


Republicans upset at Linda McMahon advertisement

Linda McMahon has risked alienating her conservative supporters by airing an advertisement encouraging Barack Obama voters to cross the aisle and vote for an independent thinker. Republicans Rob...

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