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David Benoit's pro wrestling debut cancelled

The wrestling debut of David Benoit, the son of Chris Benoit, scheduled for the July 18th Hart Legacy Wrestling show in Calgary has been cancelled after Chris Jericho intervened, upset that Smith...

Rhodes injured; who's to blame on cage botch?

Following a disastrous-looking moonsault from the top of a steel cage, Cody lets the world know about an injury via Twitter. But is it the body part we assumed? Plus, the latest on backstage heat...

Yes, that was Emma in the crowd on tonight's Raw


If you blinked (or were using the AJ Lee/Tamina Snuka vs Funkadactyls match as a bathroom break) you missed her, but tonight, the #Emma-lution was televised. Stay tuned to see if this is the first women's call-up from NXT since Summer Rae. Photo courtesy of her former trainer Lance Storm's twitter.

Rumor Roundup for Monday, October 21

Triple H/Big Show pushed back to Survivor Series, hang up in signing Goldberg, WWE Network target date, and more!

Historical Wrestler Wrankings: Wroyal Wrumble

Who is the greatest Rumbler of all time? Find out now!

Why was Bam Bam so under appreciated?

Bigelow's greatness extended to his character work, he was everything you wanted in a monster heel, the stuff your mom's nightmares are made of, every movement he made & syllable he uttered gave...

Jerry Jarrett chimes in on Jerry Lawler's return


Jerry Jarrett, Jerry "The King" Lawler's wrestling business partner in Memphis for two decades, interestingly has been one of the few insiders to publicly criticise the CM Punk and Paul Heyman fake...

Lance Storm gives a lesson on pin falls

If you're a fan of psychology in pro wrestling and the basic fundamentals of the business, Lance Storm's commentary on pin falls and why workers of today are getting it wrong is well worth your time.


Wrestler Wrankings: 2012-2013 Season, Week 13

Harley Race, Terry Funk, Blackjack Mulligan, Bobo Brazil, Ric Flair, Ricky Steamboat, "Superfly" Snuka, Greg Valentine, Roddy Piper, Wahoo McDaniel, Sgt. Slaughter, "Dirty" Dick Slater, Magnum...

Ring of Honor TV spoilers for June 29, 2012: A new World TV Champion is crowned


Ring of Honor once again descended upon Baltimore for TV tapings. Check out this first-hand account from one of our readers.

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