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WWE cutting NXT's budget, firings coming soon

Sadly NXT won't escape WWE's cuts with production savings already being implemented and developmental firings coming soon. At least Wall Street seems to be happy with the news. That's all that...

Triple H vs. Kevin Dunn: Who's Best for Business?

Is WWE director Kevin Dunn intentionally sabotaging Triple H, the NXT brand and their former wrestlers? Evidence is mounting up.

Thoughts on the leaked script for WWE Raw

There's a script for last Monday's show floating around, and it is chock full of juicy discussion points. The mention of CM Punk, how John Cena's promo looks different from what we got on air, and...

HHH officially in charge of WWE Creative


It's statement releasing day in Stamford, as the company confirms that his wife's promotion means The Game is running the booking and writing game.

More on Michael Hayes's WWE leave of absence


Dave Meltzer claims that Michael Hayes was prohibited from drinking, especially in public, while traveling on WWE business, after he got drunk at the official WrestleMania 24 after party and used a...

The many highs and lows of Jim Ross's WWE career

With Jim Ross recently being forced into retirement by WWE management, it's a fitting time to chronicle the many highs and lows of Good Ol JR's checkered WWE career and his love hate relationship...

Jim Cornette on sabbatical from ROH after outburst


That's a polite way of saying that he was sent home for disciplinary reasons. Yet again Corny's lack of anger control has cost him another good job, when he threatened ROH's business manager with...

Brian Gerwirtz: downfall due to working at home

The downfall of Brian Gerwirtz has more to do with working from home for a year, opening himself up to being buried by his rivals, than Raw's ratings falling to a 15-year low, which was just the...

Jim Ross praises Jim Cornette and Jesse Ventura on WWE.com


It's not every day that you see two of Vince McMahon's enemies lavished with praise on WWE.com, but mark your calendars, as that once in a blue moon occurrence just happened. Jim Ross, known as a...

Randy Orton's suspension due to testing positive for the steroid Dianabol


As we reported last week, Randy Orton was suspended for sixty days after his second official Wellness policy violation, but details weren't available at the time about the nature of his infraction,...

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