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Hey Look! 2013 Money in the Bank winner Damien Sandow


selling Old Spice in YouTube videos! That cash-in against John Cena did wonders for him. At least he's getting on camera somewhere...

30 Second Fury: Attitude Adjustment


There was a time when the "Attitude Adjustment" was called the "F-U" and was a way to make fun of Brock Lesnar. Ah, the good old days, huh?

The King of King promises to crown the Champion of Champions at TLC


Boy, WWE is really pushing this one champion bit hard. It's getting to that point where it's hard not to wonder if the powers that be actually have it in them to push this point so hard and still go with the swerve finish in the John Cena vs. Randy Orton match at TLC on Dec. 15 in Houston. If this push continues, I might actually start to believe it. Anyone else turning just a bit?

Video: WWE TLC 2013 All Access Pass


Here's your "All Access Pass" to the upcoming WWE TLC pay-per-view (PPV) that will air on Sun., Dec. 15, 2013, from the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas. It's basically one big long preview of the John Cena vs. Randy Orton Tables, Ladders, and Chairs WWE/World title match. Enjoy!

John Cena's School of Flopping from ESPN SportsNation


Cue the "Cena doesn't know anything about selling!" jokes. But hey! Free jorts!

Via ESPN SportsNation on YouTube.

The Champ Will Be There


John Cena is guest-hosting ESPN Sportsnation today and tomorrow. He'll join Marcellus Wiley as he tags in for regular cohost Max Kellerman. The show airs at 3PM Eastern on ESPN2.

Video: John Cena endorses Antonio Cesaro in Germany at WWE house show


Not sure how long it will last but in the above video, shot at a WWE house show in Munich, Germany, World Heavyweight Champion John Cena put over Antonio Cesaro, endorsing him in a big, big way. Cena called him a future champion before handing him the belt. He even called him "Claudio"!

30 seconds of Big Show hitting the WMD


And now for a break from all this SummerSlam madness, here's 30 seconds of Big Show hitting the WMD on various wrestlers. For my money, David Otunga takes the cake here but you could argue John Cena is right up there.

If you haven't been watching Total Divas, here's what you're missing


Daniel Bryan is a nice guy, John Cena chops wood really well, and the Bella Twins are smokin' hot. Just another day in the life.

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