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'Leaked' satellite feed includes Cole, King and JBL mocking CM Punk chants


And the longer this video stays out there, the more it seems like the latest test balloon from WWE regarding the CM Punk situation. Like with The Shield's promos Geno wrote about earlier, the "candid" discussion between Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler and JBL from before last night's Raw hit the air features the three dismissing the chants as not being too enthusiastic and generally short-lived.

Hi, My Name Is: Jerry 'The King' Lawler

This series seeks to evaluate the WWE roster through the lens of the fan. What do you love and what do you loathe about each wrestler? Up next: Hail to The King, baby.

The many highs and lows of Jim Ross's WWE career

With Jim Ross recently being forced into retirement by WWE management, it's a fitting time to chronicle the many highs and lows of Good Ol JR's checkered WWE career and his love hate relationship...

OTTR Podcast: Episode 29 - WrestleMania X-Seven

Each episode features Mike & Rex discussing the latest news & goings-on of note. The latest episode is ready for your listening pleasure! This week's episode features talk of WWF 'WrestleMania...

Rumor Roundup for Wednesday, August 28

AJ Lee draws praise, International star WWE is interested in, Lawler sings on for another match, TNA news, and more!

Rumor Roundup for Tuesday, August 27

WWE looking inward to replace superstars lost to injury, Lawler returning to the ring, TNA contract situations, and more!

Rumor Roundup for Friday, July 26

Alberto Del Rio dealing with an injury, push for WWE to develop an African-American superstar, Stacy Keibler's status with WWE, and more!

Rumor Roundup for Thursday, July 25

New contender for the World Heavyweight Title at SummerSlam? Note on Orton's injury, King does something stupid, and more!

Notes from today's Quinton Jackson conference call

Today, TNA, Bellator and Spike TV, represented by Dixie Carter, Bjorn Rebney and Kevin Kay, respectively, held a joint press conference with Quinton "Rampage" Jackson talking about their plans for...


Some good, wet & goofy stuff from WWE's facebook

Rather than inundate you with a variety of images and links to a few small news blurbs or stories of interest from WWE's facebook wall today, it seemed like the right call to share them all in one...

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