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Latest TNA rumors: no backup TV deal in place

TNA's future looks very bleak, as there seems to be no interest in Impact within the American TV industry, partially due to losing mainstream stars like Hulk Hogan, and is outright lying to its...

TNA attempting to steal top Ring Of Honor talent

The war for the number two spot behind WWE in the American wrestling market is heating up as TNA looks to take revenge on ROH for encroaching on their turf by attempting to steal their top talent....

TNA Impact preview for May 15, 2014

MVP's turn means TNA has at least two corrupt people in charge of Impact Wrestling. Can FIGHTING CHAMPION Eric Young survive? We'll find out, while Willow acts crazy, Bully Ray goes vigilante, some...

TNA Impact preview for May 8, 2014

What's next for Eric Young, FIGHTING CHAMP? We'll find out, along with a tag title ladder match, the long awaited Angle/EC3 showdown and Knockouts gimmick action. I also hear that there's a...

TNA Impact preview for May 1, 2014

Sacrifice fallout! Who will the fighting champ face? Willow vs. James Storm! What will Bully Ray do to get back at Dixie Carter? That last one has us worried, but not too worried. Knux and company...

TNA Impact preview for Apr. 24, 2014

Last call to get excited for this Sunday's PPV. We're buzzed for MVP vs. Austin Aries and the reunion of one of the greatest tag teams in TNA history, but less thrilled with watered down Monster's...

TNA Impact preview for Apr. 17, 2014

A bearded underdog is champ and recently turned tough guy got slapped by a female authority figure. Can Impact differentiate itself from the competition and come into its own? See what they're...

TNA Impact preview for Apr. 10, 2014

Live with a ten man gauntlet to determine the #1 contender! The tag belts on the line in Bro-Mans vs. Wolves! Some Knockouts action! And...the return of Dixie Carter. Join as we break down the not...

Latest rumours about Jeff Jarrett's new promotion

There's tons of gossip going round about the new wrestling promotion that Jeff Jarrett and Toby Keith are currently trying to set up including a potential TV deal with CMT, Kurt Angle being hired...

TNA Impact preview for Mar. 20, 2014

Head of Wrestling Operations MVP has booked a rematch between Magnus & Joe for the World title, and made a fourway for the tag belts. He's been so busy, he probably won't have time to read our...

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