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Know Your Indies: A Look at Beyond Wrestling

They're subversive. They're cooperative. They're out for respect. They're Beyond Wrestling. They're next in the "Know Your Indies" series.

This week in WrestleMania: All the event details

Want to know what's happening this "WrestleMania" week, Cagesiders? Check out this calendar of events covering not only WWE, but TNA, NJPW, CMLL, ROH, Dragon Gate USA, EVOLVE, CHIKARA, Pro...


Chris Hero shoot interview review: Candid opinions on CM Punk, Mike Quackenbush and others (Pt. 1)

Smart Mark Video released a four disc Chris Hero shoot interview, taped before his signing with WWE. Hours of candid opinions from Kassius Ohno and we've got the review right here.

Bruno Sammartino to be in New Jersey over WrestleMania weekend


Four week ago, news leaked that Bruno Sammartino had once again turned down an induction into the WWE Hall Of Fame in 2013. In a somewhat surprising turn of events, Sammartino will actually be in...

On This Date in WWE History: Eddie Guerrero destroys the Muta Scale at Judgment Day 2004


The Muta Scale? Bah! In 2004, Eddie Guerrero created his own scale in a bloody affair at WWE Judgment Day.

Under the Radar: The latest news from the independent wrestling scene


Ring of Honor, EVOLVE and Combat Zone Wrestling all have shows this weekend. If you think it's hard to keep up, have no fear, Under the Radar is here!

Ring of Honor (ROH) planning to switch internet pay-per-view providers


Ring of Honor has been streaming their internet pay-per-views through GoFightLive for a while now. But after several technical issues, they are looking to sever ties with the company.

Video: This week's CHIKARA Podcast-A-Go-Go highlights Grand Championship match from High Noon


After 10 years, CHIKARA finally crowned a singles champion. The match went down at High Noon and was between Mike Quackenbush and Eddie Kingston.

Chris Hero signs with WWE, expected to debut in developmental soon


A big star from the independent scene has finally signed with the WWE. Chris Hero has inked a deal with Vince McMahon.

Philadelphia's ECW Arena likely to hold its final wrestling event on Jan. 14


The ECW Arena gave birth to a wrestling revolution. But it appears as if its time has almost come.

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