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CM Punk returns to TV on Talking Dead next week


It was announced on last night's (March 9, 2014) episode of Talking Dead on AMC that CM Punk would be on the show next week. This would mark his first public appearance since leaving WWE. Chris Hardwick, the show's host, referred to him as "Phil Brooks, aka CM Punk". Take that as you will, though Hardwick would later say he believes Punk requested as much. The above photo, by the way, is a screenshot of his last appearance on the show. (HT: @Gingrmahal)

Bad News Postponed


Apparently, in earlier versions of this week's Monday Night Raw script, Bad News Barrett was supposed to break the bad news to the Chicago fans that CM Punk wasn't there. I guess WWE eventually decided that they wanted their viewers to come to that conclusion on their own after the show was over.

If JR were a betting man...


in response to a question posed on his Twitter.

CM Punk and AJ Lee spotted together recently at Chicago airport


Well, it at least helps Colt Cabana know that he's still alive.

Colt Cabana denies that he's been talking about or to CM Punk


The former Scotty Goldman took to his Twitter in response to reports from around the interweb that the friend of Punk had told an Indian fan that "CM Punk walking away from WWE is not a work. Punk has been pissed off for a while and he probably won't be at WrestleMania."

Brazzers wants CM Punk to do porn


So here's a thing and there's nothing else to say about it.

Best. Sign. Ever.


The dude who managed to smuggle this masterpiece in past security at Raw in Omaha wins the internet tonight. Congrats! In case you can't quite read it, it says: "My other CM Punk sign got confiscated." Brilliant.

JTG swings for the fences in game of the internet


He does have a point - anybody know if Lita practices the Dark Arts?

UFC Champ Ronda Rousey on CM Punk: 'He's So Sexy'


(Source via LayzieTheSavage) CM Punk may be leaving the WWE, but he'll likely have more time to train his MMA game with his biggest fangirl, UFC champion Ronda Rousey. Don't get jealous, AJ Lee.

So who gets first crack at Randy Orton, WWE World Heavyweight Champion?


Above is a photo of a poll WWE is currently running on its website today asking who should be next in line for a shot at Randy Orton's WWE world heavyweight championship. Of the names listed (with Bray Wyatt and Roman Reigns being big surprises as far as inclusion goes), CM Punk is currently leading with 48-percent of the vote as of this writing (around 21,000 votes cast). That's compared to 27-percent for Daniel Bryan. Click here to go cast your vote.

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