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Bros B4 Elbows - Episode 20.0 CM Punk-O-Rama

It's a podcast pipe bomb as the crew talks the best in the world, Battleground and more. Grab an ice cream bar and give 'er a listen!

Bros B4 Elbows Podcast: The Movie Episode

For episode 18.0, Bros B4 Elbows hits Hollywood for their summer blockbuster episode. Inspired by the dramatic works of Jimmy the King and Rip Thomas, the duo engage in a No Holds Barred debate of...

WW-IF (Volume 4): The Whole Dam Straight Edge Show

The latest edition of WW-IF goes back in time to re-book the WWECW promotion with CM Punk playing a pivotal role in its future and development.


The Price of Fame: A Letter to C.M. Punk

This Cagesider, like millions of fans, just wants one thing from The Best in the World. And it's not a return to wrestling.


John Cena, His Character and His Feuds

A Cagesider argues that the problem with Cena isn't that he wins all of his feuds - it's that he never changes as a result of them.

The night John Cena turned heel

One fan argues that John Cena actually turned heel at WWE "Extreme Rules" last night (May 4, 2014) in New Jersey.


Historically Significant Disasters of Wrestling. #12 The Cena/Laurinatis Feud

Good day to you all and welcome to the twelfth article of this series! Today we examine WWE's 2013 remedy for insomnia... The recipe for a good feud in any wrestling promotion boils down to...


Averting the Historical Disasters of Wrestling #1: Re-booking the December to Dismember PPV and Thereafter

That's right. This article is all about getting cagesiders to vote on an alternative to the disaster that I have discussed before on this series of articles! For all those who play RPG's...


Historically Significant Disasters of Wrestling. #10 Royal Rumble 2014

Yes it's the tenth article of this series! Today we look at a event which saw Rey Mysterio become Public Enemy Number 1 As we all bask in the aftermath of what was possibly the best...


The Art of Heeling in Today's WWE

Jim Ross posed a number of tweets over the last 24 hours bemoaning the lack of great heels in the WWE. In said tweets, Ross complains about how many heels these days do not want to or are not...

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