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WWE cutting NXT's budget, firings coming soon

Sadly NXT won't escape WWE's cuts with production savings already being implemented and developmental firings coming soon. At least Wall Street seems to be happy with the news. That's all that...

WWE Network blamed for cuts, more coming

Within the company, today's roster cuts are being blamed on the continued lack of success of the WWE Network. Things are so bad that administrative cuts in pretty much every department are expected...

NXT recap & reactions: Middle of the road (yeah)

The women's title tourney kicks off with two matches, and there's plenty of signs of a return to the kind of booking that made NXT great last year. But there's still a lot of main show undercarders...

NXT recap & reactions: Vacation from our problems

A changing of the guard in the women's division. And while the ladies are still the highlight of the show, a good use of guest stars in the main event made this week feel like a step in the right...

NXT recap and reactions: An angry depression

That's how William Regal describes the mood of the man challenging for Adrian Neville's belt, and also how I felt after watching Brodus Clay, Great Khali and the rest of the middling fare on this...

NXT recap and reactions: Ease my worried mind?

Bo tries to 'Occupy NXT' and gets a match with Justin Gabriel as a reward. Bayley was on twice, but once was in a comedy bit with CJ Parker and The Great Khali. I'm worried about NXT, y'all.

NXT results, open thread: Experience hype

Reactions later, but here's a place to get quick results - and more importantly, to hang with your fellow Cagesiders during the latest airing of NXT in its regular 9PM Eastern time slot on WWE...

WrestleMania 30 match preview: Andre Battle Royal

A mighty fine trophy, and the honor of being the first man to win what may become a new 'Mania tradition in honor of a Hall of Fame legend, will go to one of thirty men - once 29 others have been...

Rumor Roundup for Friday, Feb. 21

Today's rumors: WWE Network programming to go head to head with TNA, recent picture of Undertaker shows him to be in good shape, developmental news, and more!

Slapstick Saturday: Somebody call my lawyer!

Brodus Clay is finally getting to walk in Ernest "The Cat" Miller's shoes, now that Xavier Woods has come along to steal his gimmick, complete with Funkadactyls and "Somebody Call My Momma" theme...

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