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The Power of a Wrestling Return

The latest return by the master of the surprise return, Chris Jericho, inspired everyone's favorite Cageside Seats uncle to look at the phenomenon of the wrestling return.

DEAL WITH IT: A look back at Batista's return

It started out comedically bad as a face that we didn't need or want, and ended with WWE losing one of its best heels. A look back at how The Animal turned it around to save his return to pro...

WWE delivers Game of Thrones-style gut punch

Triple H pulled a Tywin Lannister move, with Seth Rollins starring as Roose Bolton, Roman Reigns as Robb Stark, and Dean Ambrose as Catelyn Stark. And apart from that silliness, the bottom line is...


Triple H: finally doing what's best for business?

Is it time to reassess Triple H's selfish reputation after he's lost clean on three straight pay-per-views to rising stars, successfully created the WWE Performance Center and turned NXT into a...

Wrestler Wrankings™: 2014-15 Season, Week 8

While The Champ is away, the mid card will seek Payback!

Bros B4 Elbows Podcast: The SUPERKICK Episode

Bros B4 Elbows is back for its sweet 16 episode. After talks of dance, romance, and laser tag, the show elbow drops its way into the world of wrestling to talk Monday Night Raw, WWE Payback and...

Wrestler Wrankings™: 2014-15 Season, Week 7

I may have spoken too soon, but the Wyatt Family didn't.

WWE Smackdown preview for May 16, 2014

Half the roster left for Scotland, leaving us with John Cena's response to Bray Wyatt. Get caught up and see what else we might expect. And if you're expecting our usual Friday silliness, we're...

Punk is the answer to problem of Bryan injury

Will it ever happen? Almost certainly not. But the injury to Bryan points out how important a piece The Best in the World was for WWE Creative. Here's how they could use him to save their current...

Batista signs on to Kickboxer remake


The Animal is signed up to get his head kicked by someone other than Daniel Bryan and The Shield. Does it mean more time off from WWE, or is it an indicator of his dissatisfaction with how his deal...

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